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Under the cut are my thoughts and speculations related to the “Extended Ron Moore” cut of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: UNFINISHED BUSINESS (“UBEX” in fandom shorthand), the Ron Moore/Michael O'Halloran commentary track on UBEX, and the rest of the deleted scene materials included on the S3 DVDs.  Here there be spoilers, of course.

Thanks again, RDM & company. This DVD set is truefandom treasure.

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I just finished watching the extended cut of Battlestar Galactica's UNFINISHED BUSINESS on the season 3 DVD.   *eyes glaze over with joy*

Firstly, gods I LOVE THIS SHOW.  So much.

And second, what a marvelous valentine this piece is to fans, to Apollo/Starbuck shippers...what a powerful testament to the potent art of editing.  I actually think the shorter broadcast version packs a bigger punch in terms of editing.  Yet this longer cut gave me just about EVERYTHING, and more, that I'd heard was shot and taken out of the final cut.  It was intense, sad, romantic, sexy, brutal, funny.  Just fantastic...especially the ending.

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This is definitely a FOR SHIPPERS ONLY post, so I will put it down under.

The rest of you lovelies - move along, nothin' to see here. *g*
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What is it about this couple that gets to me, so far down and so deep?  Is it that the woman is a grown-up, a super-heroine, a world-class frak-up with a heart of gold, the best pilot in the 'verse, and utterly doomed?  Is it that the man - a hero himself, and a complex one at that - is so completely and utterly INTO HER that he cannot let go?  Is it knowing that it will be well-nigh impossible for them to just BE together?  Frisson over Happily Ever After? 

Hard to say.  All I know is - when I saw this BSG promo shot earlier, it all flooded back.  Something ran up my spine, straight into my Animal Brain.  And now, once again, I'm hooked.

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Good (Great) news: squeeing over new Battlestar Galactica promo photos...
Awesome.  Can we discuss BALTAR'S FRAKKING ROBE?!? lol

Bad news (though not a surprise to you on my flist): here's what I got when I tried to retreive my lost password on the skiffy forum today -
We're sorry but we don't have a username on file for you.  
Please click here
if you would like to become a member of SCIFI.COM.

What the frak do I do now???? This is especially odd since I've been logged in on both home and office for the last several weeks, even after the changeover, and it never gave me trouble. Can someone who IS LOGGED IN tell me if my membership even still exists? Can you check?
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This is a very "shippery" post. About Battlestar Galactica.

PS - Ah ha!  RDM has finally confirmed once and for all: it's spelled FRAKKING, people.  Not fracking.  Yeah, petty, I know.
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Oh what is a fangirl to do...Hulu just let me come inside their beta the midst of the frakking writers, I doubt anyone's getting residuals on this stuff...Yet if we fans flock to sites like Hulu, there'll be no way to DENY the profitability of online distribution...thereby strengthening the writers arguement...

*head explodes*

I give up. Below are two Hulu embeds for ya:

1. the Joss Whedon-directed episode of THE OFFICE from a few weeks ago, BRANCH WARS.

2. a BATTLESTAR ep from last season, one of my favorites: THE SON ALSO RISES. It introduces Master-of-The-Universe defense lawyer Romo Lamkin, and is saturated with a profound grief - as the characters mourn Starbuck's death - while the BSG cast and crew mourns what they assumed was Katee Sackhoff's termination. The Six interrogation scene still ranks as one of my all-time favorite BSG scenes. Key things to know: Lee Adama (forced to guard Romo) was in love with Starbuck. So was the guy who is drunk and standing on the viper. The ship's commander thought of her as a daughter. The blond chick in the prison cell is a cylon (robot). And Gauis Baltar, the dude who looks like Jesus? Well...1) He's in big trouble with the law, 2) the robot is in love with him.

What's a fangirl to do...when Content is queen?

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Can I take a break this morning to say that ALL my TV is pwning me right now.

I'm talking last week's 30 ROCK, GREY'S ANATOMY, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. This past weekend's TORCHWOOD (and really, all the eps for the past month); a profound (and profoundly BI) show. The season finales of CALIFORNICATION and TELL ME YOU LOVE ME.

BSG: RAZOR. You know how I feel.

And most especially this and last week's HEROES. Wow.

Almost totally makes up for complete abscence of DAILY SHOW, COLBERT REPORT...and the news that 30 ROCK has shut down, HEROES is probably ending for the season in 3 weeks...and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA season 4 is going dark this week till further notice.


Meanwhile, I am collecting a bunch of things for us to do if everything completely shuts down for months and months. Most of it will be movie-related. We're not there yet. Hopefully the Hollywood agents will broker a deal before things get super duper ugly.

How's everyone doing? Work pwnd ME last night, so no RAZOR screening for me...did anyone go?
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...can be found here.  Gods he's good.   But hey, we already new that, eh. Now if they could just get Mr. Callis to also type up his thoughts, I'd be in nirvana.
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Well, this is a very random post to say:

Big news for us WhedonHeads: Joss Whedon is auctioning off a dinner for five with him at Comicon, as a benefit for Equality Now. Very cool idea!

There's pretty bad news this week, albeit gossipy and not from the mouth of TPTB exactly, that those DEADWOOD TV movies may not happen.

And then there's proof of my suspicion from late last year: Katee Sackhoff is officially sick of playing Starbuck. I've been getting a vibe from both her and Jamie Bamber from the past year that they are both tired of their roles in BSG and itching to get on with their Acting Careers. I assume their managers and agents are squealing about film roles, TV movies, etc (and the higher commissions that come with those). Later on in life, these two actors are probably gonna realize the same thing that Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nathan Fillion, and, I believe, Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, and even Tricia Helfer seem to have better grips on...I don't think I need to explain any further. Le sigh.

Then again, they are both good actors when given the right roles. If they get the right roles. I suppose if it were me, even I would get bored with The Role Of A Lifetime, after several years.
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So SciFi Channel had a BSG pressday on set in Vancouver yesterday for over 30 online journos and bloggers.

News is trickling out today...and TV Squad has video of a cast Q&A session posted here and here.

ETA: OK apparently there aren't too many spoilers in the vids - but Aaron Douglas lets out a couple, especially in part 2, so watch out.
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Hoo boy am I tired.  Stayed up way, way too late Wednesday night, reading this live-blogging of the BSG event in Los Angeles at the Cinerama Dome, by a bunch of fans on the skiffy forum.  People are still adding to that thread today, there are a few teeny weeny (whited out) spoilers on there.  LawFairy made this separate mildly spoilery thread to keep the spoiler virgins safe.  VirgoSunLeoMoon came back to the K/L shipper thread and reported back, starting on page 4447.

I'm going to just keep updating the following list of links as I get more:
- IESB has posted video interviews from the red carpet
- Excellent IGN writeup (with our first glance at photos from inside the theater provided by SciFi)
- Nicely detailed, if a tad too snide, coverage by Moriarty and Hercules at Aint it Cool News
- More on the event from Pros: Kevin at TV Squad, Jace at Fans: dropdeadred, [personal profile] xwacky (Part 1, Part 2).  And even some Pro Fans: White Board Markers. Bootstrap Productions.
-[info]wisteria_ has some WireImage photos up
-[info]dryope just posted a ton more photos.
- IESB has a massive stack of pix up.  (Everyone looks awesome in the pictures, natch.)

Many thanks to my friends in fandom for all the info last night and this morning! Fandom rules!

I'm sure there will be more to say later in the week, updates to follow.  I may be able to get   Tee hee now I've got my hands on a (very low fi) audio recording of the entire panel.  Here's where I've posted the 3 MP3's for DL.

Everyone I spoke to said that NBC/SciFi most definitely had cameras there...why not drop them a line asking them to let us have all the footage for fandom please? Like, now (send to &  Raw footage is fine, oh great PTB - we'll handle the editing.  *G*
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Luckily, I may not need to find out this week, cuz there's plenty to keep me occupied (in addition to my f-list's endless parade of crack!poetry and other diversions). Heh.

[profile] roadrunnerdm has purchased Calabasas Magazine and gone through all the trouble of scanning and posting hires pages of the entire Bamber/Helfer foxy Noir layout.  You rock RR!  It would be so cool if Bamber had scenes with Helfer (and with Lawless!)...  * BSGRPF here I come *

Not only did we get a new Aaron Douglas vid this week, we also got an inty with the one and only Michael Rymer (YAY), and even SciFi's VP of Programming, Mark Stern.  Wow, I'm impressed.  And we are all just geeky enough, and just desperate enough, to run off to read these things!

Shooting on the 2 hour standalone starts next week! YAY!  *waves at everyone in VC*

COME ON SKIFFY! Post the darned Mark Sheppard and James Callis material you're hiding from us! 
Let's go!
(so much better than those lame trivia quizzes)
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- OK I am in:

"There's another show in a hour - and he'll be WET." 

UM - YEAH.  I'll watch that. 

Do we get any more Misses Rhimes, Beers and Noxon?
*wipes Daly/Diggs/Howell drool off face*

- The Who Knew? Department: Rosario Dawson is co-writing and "starring in" her own comic book.  What a great way to find good parts for smart lady actresses?

- Complete Madness now on DVD: Very cool news, a wild Jodorowsky triple header coming on DVD this month.  Includes an old fave of mine, the trippy and unique HOLY MOUNTAIN - it's WIIIIILLLLLLLLLDDDD BABEE. Check it.

- OK I'll try watching this one time: this Fox show actually sounds very cool (starts 5/22):
All over the world, aspiring filmmakers from 13-year-old YouTube amateurs and skateboarders with hand-held cameras to a 54-year-old black grandmother in Florida are vying for a slot as one of 16 filmmakers to be cast in Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett's "On the Lot," a reality series that Fox will launch in May toward the end of the "American Idol" season.

- Miscellaneous Cinematic Neato: the Nerve Blog ScreenGrab has a great list of best film remakes ever (with clips)...The Thing 1982. The Fly 1986. Body Snatchers 1978.  Departed 2006.  Etc.

- Completely unable to deal with the BSG Hiatus From Hell, part #352:  So bored that I am crushing on miscellaneous TV mancandy, reorganizing my CD collection, and digging through old vids on YouTube.  This (jokey? how jokey?) TV Guide inty with Sackhoff now feels more significant somehow.  And scary.

Time to go back and listen more carefully to Sackhoff's November 2006 Indy con visit (part 1, part 2, part 3; other version part 1, part 2).  And there is always time for another Bamber Con vid (this one's from Shore Leave in 2006).  He's thoughtful and articulate.  Even more interesting is when Bamber shows up with Mary McConnell (who enjoys making Bamber blush)

Come on, SciFi - be nice and post up those James Callis interviews you've got hiding in your editing room!

Le Sigh.  *goes to Netflix to rent entire season of La Femme Nikita*
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If you are ever in New York City:

Please go here and try their Olive Oil gelato.  A foodie's dream come true.  I ate it 2 days ago and am officially obsessed now.

If you are ever in Los Angeles:

Please go here and try...well...anything.  Amazing.  I miss it!

100% SQUEE: BSG cast at the Grand Slam, Burbank, CA, yesterday: Sackhoff/Bamber/Trucco/Vernon

...Notes I've collected from skiffy board fans over the past day or so:

- Bamber walked around all day with his shirt unbuttoned down to THERE and seemed very pleased with the resulting flustered fangirl reactions.

- While the 4 actors were onstage, a fan handed Sackhoff a gift bag. Bamber Sackhoff joked that it was probably a vibrator shaped like Apollo. Actually, it was a handknitted scarf. *this is almost too RPF meta for me to handle*

- Trucco was making Lee/Sam slashy jokes onstage.

- Bamber's fangirls "the Bamber Bunnies" handed him a tee shirt they'd had made, which they'd shipped around the world to have signed by bunnies in 7 or 8 different countries. He loved it. Sackhoff also loved it and said she wanted one too.

- Vernon & Sackhoff commented that the reason the writers keep the strong women characters so separated in the storylines, is to prevent all the men on the show from seeming too weak. And cuz all the ladies would do is talk about sex.  And you can't have that, can you?  *g*

...IESB has both photos and video interviews with all four actors.

...roadrunnerdm was there and has a nicely detailed "brain dump" (with a promise of more later in the week):

"What was the most absurd thing they've ever been asked to do on the show? Katee said it was sleeping with Apollo. Jamie said it was pretending as though Starbuck could beat him up."

"Somehow, (I don't recall now how it happened) Jamie turned this conversation into speculation about Apollo-shaped vibrators...a theme which reared it's head a few more times before the session was over."

"Who's the best kisser on the show...Lee or Sam? Katee said it's #6. {let the femmeslash fics fly!}"

...and, yeah, from the vid: I see what the Bunnies are talking about ;-)

Oh how they love, love, love to play with us. Thank the gods.

-- tons of fan pix posted on the skiffy board - short version here and if you want EVERYTHING (it's a lot!), start on Bunny thread around here.
roadrunnerdm says the con was videotaping the entire panel; hopefully we'll hear soon how to see all that.
-- more con reports from a very serious Katee fan, another BSG lover, and someone who Just Isn't That Into It, but enjoyed the breakfast.
-- has a few video snippets (including the Leebrator joke)
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There have recently been dug up by my shipper pals, two reports of Jamie Bamber at the 2007 I-Con at Stony Brook. What follows are bits and pieces that make me...very very happy *squee*

Also some of it makes me all thoughtful and speculative. Hmm.

And...JB has written a spec treatment for a S4 ep that he's pitching to RDM? Holy frak.

Come down under for all the details... )
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OK I love this show and its writers...but this is starting to piss me off:

Bamber explained that when it comes to upcoming plot twists or new storylines, the cast usually hears about them, "Around six or seven episodes before [we shoot them]. But so much of the time what we hear changes eventually." When I asked him for an example of such a change, he revealed, "Starbuck was the one who was going to take over the Pegasus originally. I pushed for it to be Apollo. I thought it would be a interesting dynamic to play, having the father and son separated and in charge of these two different ships."


I need to step away. I need to stop. Thinking. About how they cut Commander Starbuck off at the knees. And trapped her in Long Haired Domestic Life Hell Prison on New Caprica. GGGrrrrrrrrr.

*calming meditative pose*



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