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There have been several memes passing around lately to help get to know your lj friends a bit better. Most of you who are actually on my f-list, as opposed to random readers not signed into livejournal, are here from BSG fandom. Let's get to know each other!  I like this meme (via [profile] starpollo).

Answer any of these questions, all of them, two of them, whatever you fancy.  Comment here with your answers, and we can chat!

You can still participate even if you don't have an active livejournal account.  Comment as "anonymous" and leave an email address, I can ping you to chat.

I am going to put this post on my linksroll at the top of my LJ for a while, for easy reference.  I hope it might make my world a tiny bit FRIENDLIER.
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A meme from [profile] ctofine and [personal profile] brokenmnemonic...WTF, indeed.

1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten-fifteen results.


1.    Set Designer
2.    Fast Food Worker
3.    Director of Photography
4.    Costume Designer
5.    Multimedia Developer
6.    Butcher
7.    Plasterer
8.    Cook
9.    Chef
10.    Insulator
11.    Anthropologist
12.    Zookeeper
13.    Website Designer
14.    Hospital Service Worker
15.    Special Effects Technician

Errrrr...I'm obviously in the wrong field.

But...butcher? INSULATOR?

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The lovely [profile] amaleka_crone and [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl tagged me for some shiny friendly let's party...

For the first meme, SevenFacts, I hereby tag [profile] marie_adama, [profile] tschevy20, [profile] catn3d, [profile] stilettos81, [community profile] sui_generis, [profile] bitterlatinist, [personal profile] elly427 in the hope you will come out and play. 

AND, anyone else who wants to do it should go right ahead.
Yes I'm changing the rules. That's a quirk about me. 

The next meme is the MusicLetterMeme - which is great since I love music sharing. Thanks [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl for getting me in on this one. 

Just leave a comment below if you want in.  You don't have to be on my f-list to get in on this!
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Well, no one has responded to my Show Me Your Desk (and Pet) meme.  *SAD*  But [profile] spinkitty got me in on her Questions To Flist meme and I’m going for it!  Thanks spin.

Here are the rules friends – c’mon and play with me.

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like the music your listening to right now, something great you did or saw this week, a line from your fave song or poem or novel.  Or your favorite kind of sandwich or slogan or innocent yet suggestive quotes. Something random. Whatever you like but preferably amusing because I like to be amused.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

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While I'm working up to the QuestionsMeme, [profile] becisvolatile inspired me to start a new one: the ShowMeYourDeskMeme...

Here's my desk at home....complete with cat lounging against my slide scanner, tablet mouse for the netaddicted, video camera, external harddrive...and a LA FEMME NIKITA disk about to be screencapped for posterity.

Please share your desks if you dare!

PS - here's the cat again, doing one of her sexy beast centerfold poses:

Would anyone like to suggest a LOLCATS caption for this one?  *g*
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I couldn't resist taking this quiz...*scratches head*

You scored as Capt. Lee Adama (Apollo). You have spent your life trying to life up to and impress your Dad, shame he never seemed to notice. You are a stickler for the rules. But in matters of loyalty and honour you know when they have to be broken.


Capt. Lee Adama (Apollo)


CPO Galen Tyrol


Lt. Sharon Valerii (Boomer)


Dr Gaius Baltar


Tom Zarek


President Laura Roslin


Lt. Kara Thrace (Starbuck)


Commander William Adama


Col. Saul Tigh


Number 6


What New Battlestar Galactica character are you?
created with


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