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Now I'm certainly not a BW fanatic, by any means - but I've had it UP TO HERE with all the BW hating I've been reading on the interwebbys this week.  Between the dire predictions about its future based on LIFE and CHUCK's full season pickup orders, and these never-ending interpretations and reinterpretations of things Katee Sackhoff said at the Burbank con...enough already.

[ETA: note that KS herself has now stopped this part of the sideshow, thanks.]

The show isn't THAT BAD.  And Michelle Ryan isn't either.  It certainly is an acceptable (if lower form of) lady-kickass-spy show in the vein of LA FEMME NIKITA or ALIAS.  Notice that we have no other show of this ilk on air right now.  Therefore BW's very existence is impressive - as were its premiere ratings, please note.

I agree with I Am A TV Junkie and James Hibberd on this one - the pilot had great potential, and many factors were in place to make a fun show.  It's just not working on this network, with these showrunners/producers.  It's unstable.  It's a kitchen with too many cooks.

And let me finish with a question: what do you think might have happened to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA if it had originated on network instead of cable?
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NBC/Fox’s is up and running in beta now.  Has anyone tried it?  I signed up a while ago, but they haven’t invited me to try it… :-(   [Meanwhile my net access at home has been down for 4 days, and work’s been a terror, so I couldn’t have played with Hulu, or, yet even if I wanted to.] 

HEROES is apparently up there, so is BIONIC WOMAN, BUFFY, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, the film SIDEWAYS…but no sign of BSG or any other SciFi shows and now the BSG logo is appearing on their home page *joy*.

Below is an embed for an entire ep of THE OFFICE (courtesy the Hulu blog), which you can check out even if they haven’t invited you to be part of the kewlhuluklub just yet.  Best thing I see here is the timebar feature that allows you to choose a clip from within the ep, of any length, and grab that to embed.  Also interesting is WIRED’s review of the service, which points out that the more (short?) clips you watch in one sitting, the less ads you are forced to sit through.

For me, obviously the issue with the frame width not fitting this LJ layout is a bummer.  Also, the menu buttons aren't always responding to my mouse clicks.  That sucks.  But the streaming speed and especially THE VIDEO RESOLUTION, is pretty damned ROCKING.

Are we entertained?
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Still digging BIONIC WOMAN. Yup. Now we have Jamie hacking herself maybe? Ha. And apparently Katims is running the writers room now? Well that's GOT TO BE a good thing. Nice script, Eick.

About PRIVATE PRACTICE: I haven't watched last night's yet, but can I say this show brought me to tears for 2 weeks in a row?! 1.1 during the mall-emergency scene (finding out what happened to her son), and 1.2 during the baby swapping scene (oh mommies!)...if they pull this off again...whoa.

I'm still slightly gleeful about last Saturday's SNL muppets sketch. *g* Maya Rudolph makes an awesome Janice!

Gods I'm gonna miss MAD MEN, which ends next week...Last week's ep was just incredible. Peggy's new assignment...Joan doing Roger's makeup...Betty doing the laundry (!!!)...Peggy's date (today's subject line quotes that wonderful scene)...and THE BOX.

Can't stop typing without bringing you today's braindump...
  • Fandom gets to vote on the US DVD cover for TORCHWOOD S1 starting 10/15! Cool.
  • Seth Green is coming to GREY’S ANATOMY. Me likey.
  • Interesting factoid: did you know that “the median income of women age 21 to 30 in New York who are employed full time was 17 percent higher than that of comparable men”?
  • 101 Cookbooks turned me on to these great links: the person who runs the cookbook section of the NY Public Library has a blog, and there is a great new site selling works of art for $20.
  • Can we talk for a sec about how James McAvoy is looking on this Esquire cover? *long sigh*
  • HBO has decided to respond to fandom’s collective AARRRRGGGGHHH over what DEADWOOD actors Ian McShane and W. Earl Brown have said publicly RE the dismantling of the DEADWOOD sets and the unlikelyhood of the TV movies ever being made. BigscreenLittlescreen collects up all the important links for us. A misguided ray of hope, or spin control?
  • This sucks - but I have no doubt it is related to the WGA talks. Hopefully it will be worked out soon. Blargh.
  • I suppose some of you have heard about this Warner Brothers scandal. (Yes, SCANDAL.  If it's true, not out of context, and not a joke.)  I'm on the fence - Nikki Finke is a bit of a shit-stirrer.  Yet it is quite compelling if three separate producers pointed it out independently of each other, and if Robinov wasn't joking.  Frustrating news, with a bizarre upside that it's causing a lot of great discussion about the bigger issue: women and their place as filmmakers and audience.

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[community profile] sui_generis and [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl were having a great discussion here about BIONIC WOMAN and the meaning of Sarah’s line “somebody hacked me”...thought I’d call it out and add to it in a new post, for all to see.

Mo Ryan posted a vid clip here (the first clip) that is sort of my dream come true - a scene between Katee Sackhoff and Mark Sheppard - except...bwah, WRONG SHOW! *g*

Meanwhile a short rant about people dissing BW because the ratings went down for 1.2. 

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Firstly: last night's BIONIC WOMAN - they watch BSG in Idaho! W00t! Best line is from Katee of course: "I think someone hacked me..."

Secondly: a follow-up to my shameless SERENITY collectors DVD pimping...apparently sales are hot and Alan Tudyk is saying there's talk of A SEQUEL straight-to-dvd? *jumps off chair*
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Whitney you are a Goddess, what would I do without your news blips…such as...
  • I know many on my flist are getting excited about the new PJ Harvey album – well apparently you can preview the whole thing now on AOL.
  • Anyone who is excited about Wes Anderson’s new film THE DARJEELING LIMITED, which just opened last weekend to amazing attendance in New York City, should check out all the links Whitney found of clips and the short “prequel” Anderson made with Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman.
  • Whitney is so right: we should all be celebrating Banned Books Week, every week of the year. Dammit!
  • Ian McShane spoke to Cinematical about those fabled DEADWOOD films…and the news is superbly BAD, although my morning was made reading him say this:
"You feel cheated? Imagine how I feel!" McShane replied. "We all do. We all do. It was one of those one-off jobs that you do which has got an extraordinary creative brain behind it, and it kept getting better, and the actors were great. It was a fabulous place to be and work. It was a workshop cum theater cum film. It was an extraordinary time. But everything has to come to an end, babe."

And some utterly random goodness NOT via PopCandy:
  • NewTeeVee posts advice for the TV nets on how to further attract and keep your geek audiences in thrall to this year’s new shows. Really good ideas here – the movie studios should be listening too.
  • TVGuide talks about The Whedon Effect on this year’s new TV, and why NBC probably would never move BIONIC WOMAN to the Sci-Fi Channel (WARNING: you have to jump over some incredibly spoilery bits to scroll down to this stuff, especially if you’re staying unspoiled for FNL this Friday. Watch out!)...via Whedonesque.
  • The BLADE RUNNER: FINAL CUT media push has begun in earnest now, leading up to the December DVD release. This directors-cut-to-end-all-directors-cuts just screened at the NYFF and opens this Friday in theaters for a very limited (as in RUN-DON’T-WALK) run in NYC (The Zeigfeld! OMG) and LA.
  • Wired has a bunch of cool stuff this week: These two features about ROBOT CHICKEN, an interview with Ridley Scott and a nexus of all the cultural influences of BLADE RUNNER, and this incredibly disturbing yet sexy robot art. *wipes brow*
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Wednesday nights are going to burn holes in my DVR.  All the shows I watched this evening, including PRIVATE PRACTICE, deserve a bit more of my time.  A few of them are definitely going to drop off later in the season, just not sure yet which ones.  Next week PUSHING DAISIES starts up too, adding more to the frey.

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Are we ready? Are we excited?

OK, I know many of you have seen the pilot already. I don't have the Unbox or the On Demand, and I don't enjoy watching my shows as crappy little computer files on the (low-res) computer screen - so I'm still a n00b.

And I am looking forward to it.

Meanwhile - don't forget Katee Sackhoff is on Cort and Fatboy tonight to celebrate the premiere.
<3 <3 <3
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I am happy to say that I am now just 2 days away from my week-long Maine vacation.  Me and the family are heading up to Islesford, a tiny island off of Mt. Desert Island.  Can. Not. Wait. 

But I'll miss you kids, natch.

Before leaving, I'm aiming to drop a few more posts, so the time has come for me to do my Fall TV Grid. 

PS - Must give a shoutout to the latest iconartist I've found during my LJ travels: [profile] ch_photoshopped .  Go check out her amazing animated GIFs, they are walk on the beach icon is hers.  Cannot leave town without linking to this great new Katee Sackhoff scan - this one is from the latest SciFi Channel Magazine, apparently from RAZOR.  Thanks to dramaticgrl for scanning and [profile] canadiangirl_86  for sharing!  Oh Starbuck.  Sigh.  <3 <3 <3
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Wow, what a day for a TV fangirl.

First, Sci-Fi announces BSG "mini-sodes" and a return of FARSCAPE.

And now: Isaiah Washington will guest star on BIONIC WOMAN?

What's next? A LA FEMME NIKITA movie directed by Joss Whedon with guest appearances by Ian McShane and Jamie Bamber?

*head explodes a little*
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Tiny squee for Katee Sackhoff and BIONIC WOMAN...KS and Michelle Ryan got a TV Guide cover!

[via BionicWebsite]

Follow up

May. 23rd, 2007 05:50 pm
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A little more on a few previous posts...

SyFyPortal reports that it is Michael Hogan (YESSSSSSS! \o/) and Aaron Douglas who will be in BIONIC WOMAN this season.

The Fanlib discussion continues...and I am loving these pieces by Henry "Aca-Fan" Jenkins, and Cory "ProFic Writer" Doctorow, on the subject of fanfic.  *happiness*


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Katee Sackhoff was at the Vulkon Women of SciFi event this weekend, and wonderful skiffy boarder Damaris1 as posted a big bunch of pics and videos. You rock Damaris, nice viper pilot tanks too! ETA: for those who are bandwidth-challenged, [profile] jcathm has posted a written rundown of most of what's in those vids (most, but certainly not ALL!) ... FANDOM ROCKS! ... ETA #2: So, well.  DRAMA.  There has been quite a Shipper kerfuffle over something Katee said at this con, that she thinks that Kara loves Sam more than Lee, and that this relationship is the more "adult" of the two. Ummmm. OK. A lot of K/L shippers and writers are sad this week, shocked, nonplussed, frustrated...emotions run the gamutWe lost one. Actually a few people hung off the ledge, but they seem to be making their way back stronger and clearer for the experience.  I am choosing to stay pragmatic, hopeful, and shipped.

Some interesting things from the Land of TV:

"'Obviously, the success of 'Heroes' has a lot to do with these new shows,' says 'Chuck' co-creator Josh Schwartz, who adds that TV shows with geek appeal have an instant leg up in the Nielsen game. 'In the new ratings world order, a devoted cult following alone can just about keep you afloat,' he says. 'There are so few truly broad shows that sometimes a passionate one can mean a lot.' What distinguishes most of the current crop of fantasy-friendly shows is that they seem to be keeping the geek factor to a minimum. Characters and relationships seem to be more important that inventing a complicated new universe of sci-fi babble. In this respect, Schwartz and the nets seem to be going back to the future, putting a better-written spin on 1970s and '80s escapist shows such as 'Fantasy Island,' 'Voyagers,' 'Knight Rider' and the original 'Bionic Woman.' Next month's Comic-Con should be crawling with TV nets pushing their projects."
- Variety (TV trade paper)

"[Television] is where the good writing is now...A lot of movies don't write characters. On 'Boston Legal' with James Spader, he was like, 'How many of these independent movies can you do? You work so hard on them and then no one sees them and you don't get paid anything and you're exhausted.' He approached his work in 'Boston Legal' like, 'This is an opportunity for me as an actor to work on good material and bring everything I can to the part.' I loved watching the crew in between takes. They were so efficient and so on it. Everyone's enjoying their job and not working crazy hours and it seems so much more stable."
- Parker Posey, actress

For the first time in 95 years, real Absinthe is being sold in America. Unfortunately, "properly made" Absinthe does not contain Thujone. Quelle dommage. Well, do as Oscar Wilde does then, eh folks?
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This is very cool, if it is actually true: Syfy Portal is reporting that two other BSG actors may have cameos or supporting parts on The Bionic Woman, and one of them might be Mark Sheppard.

OK well I got some comments and emails about Apple TV yesterday that basically confirmed I do not want to get it.  Plus, on an even bigger scale, is this meta piece from Gizmodo that has convinced me I may just be better off setting up my own bizarre system (composed of linking my DVR, DVD, Camcorder, TV and Mac using various nefarious and semi-legal mean).  Whatever.  I'd be interested to hear what you all have set up in your homes.

As I said the other day, WAITRESS is a lovely film, and Nathan Fillion is great in it.  I was poking around the film's web site and found this quickie "chat with Nathan"...What's been your best date? "A blind date with a Canadian girl in LA." That's so cute. *g*

TGIF people!!!
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So bear with me.  I’ll use a bunch of cuts for those of you who like your friends page nice and neat.

Some TV blogs seem to be leaking various bits of Bionic Katee info. 
Oh and: I'm sure you've all seen them now, but here are the Bionic Woman clips that feature Katee strung together for youtube viewing. LLLUUUUURRRVVEESS ya Katee!!!

I'm also loving David Eick today for saying this: "I'm working on a show that's all about what it means to be a strong woman in contemporary America, that happens to be called THE BIONIC WOMAN." Eick, YOU. SLAY. ME. The Feminist Agenda is alive and well, and living in some TV pitches by a couple of guys in Hollywood.  I'm looking at you JJ and RDM...

There is a whole mess of hullaballoo this week about FanLib, who released an official press release recently. 


Miscellaneous I was bored when I found this Department:


Apple TV…to get or not to get?  I’ve been considering this, since I don’t mind connecting my TV to my Mac, and heck do I watch a lot of TV.  But this guy from a trusted source (who also happens to be a major BSG fan!) has convinced me to wait.  Anyone out there using it yet? Opinions?  It’s really just a matter of time before all the kinks in this are worked out... *mood: IMPATIENT*

Fascinating news: Rupert Murdoch has announced that his entire media empire is GOING GREEN? Wonders never cease. *mood: HOPEFUL*


OK folks, thanks fer listening.  Discuss amongst yerselves...


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