Mar. 3rd, 2008

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For my fellow TERMINATOR: SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES fans, here are some fun bits…

Remember how I thought that the stuff Josh Friedman and Summer Glau were saying at WonderCon could give hope that we might see season 2?  Well TSCCs showrunner Josh Friedman gave interviews this week (see here, here, here) and was asked about the show’s future.  Main takeaway about Season 2 is that it’s TBD as of now in the showrunners’ eyes - so remain optimistic! 

The other thing I really liked in these interviews is how clearly TPTB are on a journey with Cameron, my darling Glaubot – sculpting her as they create the show.  The BSG/TSCC comparison is also addressed.

And because I can, here’s a recent Glaubot interview...another one that's both Glau & Dekker…and the show’s official Producer’s Blog.  Shiny.

Let's hope tonight is not the end! 
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Has anyone out there gone to see this new exhibit at MoMa, “Design and the Elastic Mind?  I first heard about it here, and the Times recently had more info.  Sounds trippy.  Also looking forward to the Whitney Biennial, which opens this week...and apparently the crazed poppiness of Takashi Murakami is coming to the Brooklyn Museum next month.  Sweet!  He's my favorite superfreak, and that'll give me an excuse to go check out this cupcake shop I've been hearing about called Baked (which is in Red Hook and therefore a pain to get to unless you use the water taxi). 

Also on the food tip...I finally ate at Elephant and Castle, and it was great.  Terrific brunch spot in the Village, and they have lots of vegetarian options, as well as two nifty beverages: a "Champagne Carlton," which is champagne with raspberry syrup and raspberries; and a "Spanish Latte," done with consensed sweet milk.  Yumma.  Another great brunch spot I recently found is Belcourt, in the East Village, really delish.  And don’t forget you can never go wrong at Rice, a favorite of mine for about 5 years – note their Nolita location has moved from Mott Street to Elizabeth, into a bigger space.

I'm always seeking more good NYC eats, if any of you want to throw something out in the comments.
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Yeah, the Boing Boing peeps are right, this is hilarious!  Love me some John C. Reilly...

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Some very industrious fan smuggled a camera into this concert...Here it is on yt but I doubt it will stay up for long:

For those of you that don't know what this is: recently the casts of GREY'S ANATOMY and PRIVATE PRACTICE held this concert as a benefit for their crews to help recover from the strike.  Awwwww.  Here's some reportage from EW and Access Hollywood as well.  That is adorkable that they read fan letters and fan fiction in between musical numbers, love it!

Under here is the vidder's writeup, and the file DL'able...for posterity. )
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Since I'm registered to vote as an Independent, I've taken my time wavering on my Obama/Clinton decision.  Especially since I won't need to make the decision, really.  *g*

But I believe that Marc Andreessen has sold me on Barack Obama.   Andreessen is a darned clever fellow.  I especially agree on what we can learn from watching the Clinton, Obama and McCain campaign machinery roll out - this is the first real indication of what we're getting with each.


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