Jan. 21st, 2008

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I am sure all you Colbert Report fans have already seen the Colbert half of "the feud"...but have you seen O'Brien's follow up?

Also, have you seen this hilarious coverage of the crowds coming in to view the Colbert portrait that he somehow convinced the National Gallery in Washington to hang right near the Hall of Presidents? ROFL
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Every time I try to un-flist [community profile] ohnotheydidnt, they post something else like this.  And I have to friend them again.  Here's a sample; click to analyse:

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I’ve watched a truckload of flix lately that were darned good. Time to share. For mild (mainly CLOVERFIELD) spoilers, I’ll put this under some cuts. For you sensitive types.

For you LOST fans out there, TV critic Mo Ryan has just posted this piece comparing LOST and CLOVERFIELD, since the producer, writer, and cinematographer are all LOSTmakers.

I’m currently trying to catch up to S3 of LOST before the S4 premiere on 1/31. ABC.com has all seasons/all eps streaming in HD. I’ve been watching them on my Mac 18" screen with my RCN broadband connection, on the full screen setting. They look amazing, almost as sharp as my TV set - and with only a single 30-sec ad running at each commercial break, the show moves right along. It was almost as easy as using a DVR. Now if only my computer screen was near any sort of COMFORTABLE CHAIR and speakers!

Bon cinema tout.


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