Mar. 5th, 2008

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"If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself, tell yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches."

-- Rainer Maria Rilke (snerched from my latest feed: [profile] motivationquote)

Lots of great stuff on the nettywebbage today - it’s actually hard to keep up!

This is brilliant: the LOST showrunners answering fannish questions from…THE CAST.  Great idea, guys.  BSG, plscopyit kthxbai.  (Why does it not surprise me that the best questions are from the guy who plays Desmond?)  Also in the LOST Fun Department…I am now addicted to these:
  • Ack_attack’s picspam recaps
  • The Many Faces of Jack Shephard - the most-maligned EmoGuy on TV today (even more than – gasp – Lee Adama)!
  • The Some Other LOST Screens blog…which I am sure is Bad Robot owned and operated, but I have no proof.  Regardless, it's chockful o' nerdtastic details, that lead to burning questions, that lead to nerdtastic details, until my head explodes!

[community profile] ohnotheydidnt is well worth sifting through the endless Lilo, Britbrit and American Idol posts for gems like these:  Robert Downey Jr. in the most dangerous role of his lifetime…Wow.  And, you just knew that those LiLo Marilyn Monroe shots were not gonna go…unanswered.  Right?  Ouch, MY EYES!

E!Online made a nice list of when the strike-shot TV shows will be coming back on air this season.

For those unafraid of spoilers on the BUFFY comic books, this one is a doosey…see how it comes around?  BUFFY inspires the makers of TORCHWOOD, and then…etc.  It's that - or maybe Drew G. & Joss have been reading too much slashy fanfiction?   ;-)

Some random products of bizarre and wondrous minds:
A Balloon Panzer
A Booze-carrying Bra
A Store That Sells Whatever The Guy Feels Like

“I’m very fond of telling people when they say that they would like regime change, for example, in Washington, that what we really need is species change. That the species itself is so impossible and so deeply degraded that one could well do with something else for a change.”

-- documentarian Errol Morris, from this wonderful transcript of a moderated conversation with filmmaker Werner Herzog

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Via Cute's the first Simon's Cat short, if you've never seen it. <3


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