Jan. 18th, 2008

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DOVE has been running cool, empowering, body-image-positive campaigns for a couple of years now. My all time favorites include these:
  • Ground breaking print ads like these [One / Two / Three] in support of Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign
  • The viral video EVOLUTION, which takes a look at all the smoke and mirrors behind the messages we are force fed day and night in our capitalist democracy
  • The 2006 Superbowl ad promoting their Self Esteem Fund for girls
  • ONSLAUGHT, a video that directly addresses the dangerous body-image messages confronting young women today
  • A PRO-AGE video with lots of gorgeous older women. Naked to boot!
EVOLUTION always makes me feel better about facing my mirror in the morning. It’s all about lighting people!

Now Dove has a new online campaign and it’s pretty in-depth and cool. Four young women are blogging and video-blogging over at Reality Diaries. You can comment and interact with them. I’m older now, and made it through that tough period for young women where you’re struggling with identity and drama and family – but it’s easy to appreciate what Dove and company are building over there. I highly recommend it to you all. I’m especially taken with Irene’s diary.

I will admit I don’t use Dove products – due to my hard-fought attempt to eliminate most of the industrial cosmetics products from my life due to their potential toxicity.  But I adore these body-positive campaigns.

Another recent advertising campaign, a PSA really, caught my eye this past fall. These incredible print ads for Amnesty International, meant to raise awareness about genital mutilation, provide a stunning metaphor.

[click for much larger versions]

I tear up whenever I think too hard about the fact that this is still going on in the year 2008. Hat tip to the terrific feminist blog at Salon, Broadsheet. Check it out (need to read an adpage before accessing Salon for free).

TEETH, the little indie vagina dentata film that could, opens today. Here’s the trailer, which freaked me out last week in theater. Here’s the first five minutes online.

If you’ve missed the first two kickbutt eps of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, Fox is streaming them online. Oh, Summer. Sigh.


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