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(hat tip to TV Squad and Seat 42f)

PS - looks like you MAD MEN fans out there who adore Rachel Menken, played by the marvelous Maggie Siff, can catch more of Maggie in FX's new show SONS OF ANARCHY. Here's a shot of her at the TCAs on that panel -- along with the full-body-tattooed showrunners, LOL...and yes, Ron Perlman of HELLBOY fame. FTW, y/y?
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Two seasons. Ordered in advance. YIPPEE KI YAY! L WORD spinoff? An Edie Falco series? A possible two more SECRET DIARY seasons?

And don't get me started on their show that is a collaboration between JUNO's Oscar winner Diablo Cody, and one young Mr. Steven Spielberg. With Toni Collette.

Oh Showtime, Showtime. I want to hug you right now.

[Meanwhile...a new show called WIZARD'S FIRST RULE is coming in November from the creator of XENA and the SPIDERMAN films...while over at CBS, no news yet of SWINGTOWN's fate...]
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Since it begins's a terrific interview with Holly Hunter I just found.

And again, over at their new site Embrace Your Grace, you can read pieces by the SG writers and other outspoken lady bloggers, post your own words and celebrate Graceful living.
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The newest for TDK (hat tip to Cinematical)...

A Comic-Con special for DEXTER (hat tip to Seat42F)...

PS: You can send the WWK girls questions for the DEXTER panel because Kristin is the mod! See this post for info.
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I have seen these like 5 gazillion times over the past 2-3 years and they just never, ever get tired. Dang.

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As someone who is a tad obsessed with motion graphics, this site is so cool I almost died. Especially nice is that they are currently featuring two of my recent favorites on the home page: STRANGER THAN FICTION and IRON MAN. It's such a fine art, rarely discussed...think MAD MEN opening credits. Another one of my all-time favorites: the Marvel Films logo.

[HT to that wicked cool librarian in my previous post who cataloged all the TV marathons! Librarians FTW again]
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Hulu has David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY, as well as the classic MEN IN BLACK, up this week!

This guy has made a list of every friggin' TV marathon coming up in the USA! *impressed* (HT Mo Ryan)
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In addition to the scrillions of other TV & film panels at Nerdvana this year, there is a possible DOC WHO/TORCHWOOD  panel on Thursday midday, according to a commenter in this post.

You can ask the one-and-only JOHN WATERS questions, via PopCandy, until tomorrow.

As part of the publicity for GET SMART, the Apple Store Soho taped Stephen Colbert interviewing Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway!!!!!!!!!! If Apple does what they usually do, this interview will go up on iTunes shortly in the Podcast section. Keep an eye on this URL: "Filmmaker Talks: Get Smart". If that link isn't working for you, go to Podcasts --> TV & Film --> Filmmaker Talks: Get Smart. Wheeeeee! <3 <3 <3

Very soon this movie THE WACKNESS is opening.  I saw it at the Tribeca Film Festival, it was really sweet, funny, well done.  Check it:

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I liked it. Did you watch? I'll give it some time, I'm curious to see if they can pull this off on network (ie, censoring the sexy bits).

It's dancing in that area between THE ICE STORM, BOOGIE NIGHTS and AMERICAN BEAUTY.  A rich vein of ore to mine to be sure.

Everything pivots around Molly Parker.  The cast is excellent.  The music, naturellement, is sexy and perfect and is, on a show like this, one of the most important parts.

ETA: Here's the first episode...

...embedded under here for your mile-high viewing pleasure... )
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Before I start braindumping, can I just say...Wow. And, THANK GODS THAT IS OVER. Whew!

I just went a little crazy on Amazon and bought a Flip Video Mino and Metrokane V1 Vacuum be on the lookout for more drunken video posts from me this summer. :D

Now if I can just restrain myself from dropping another fortune over on this insanely cool movie-tee site, I'll get through the month. Seriously can I live without that USCSS NOSTROMO one? Or this one?

PopWatch is right: The Black Cab Sessions are the best thing anyone's going to show you today. (BTW if you liked those, you MUST take a gander at The Blogotheque Takeaway personal favorite is this one by The Arcade Fire.)

There is so much TV news pumping out involving great creative minds that it's a bit hard to keep track... let's see, we've got a Spielberg/Cody/Collette project... a Scorcese/Wahlberg/Winter project*... a bit more on the latest David Milch HBO project... Sundance Channel doing the first possibly-worth-my-time reality show... the GREY’S ANATOMY writers blog: you’ve been reading this all season haven’t you?... (finally) the debut of the green cable channel... ALL OF THE "TWIN PEAKS" TV SHOW NOW ONLINE FREE OF CHARGE...zowie!

[* So if you’re keeping track of that one, it involves the guys who brought you IN TREATMENT and ENTOURAGE, an excellent writer/director from THE SOPRANOS team…and Marty. Fucking. Scorcese. That is all.]

On to the first bit of my summer TV show watching…is anyone else going to give SWINGTOWN a try? I am intrigued. How the hell can they do 'ludes, partner-swapping and orgies on network TV?!?

Here’s the trailer under a cut…groovy baby… )
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Wow, I just mainlined the last 2 hours of UGLY BETTY, 2 hours of GREY'S ANATOMY, and 3 hours of LOST over the past few days. !!!!!!  Really delicious television.

Two more weeks of BSG and...then... *sob*

At least there is this:

(Yes DOC WHO  fans, that's Miss Piper there!)

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They've cast Shirley Manson from Garbage on the second season of TERMINATOR: SCC?  Wow!  According to the announcement she will play Catherine Weaver, the CEO of a cutting-edge high-tech company.

Let's celebrate:

In other TV news, BATTLESTAR's David Eick is working on THE PHILANTHROPIST now as showrunner, and THR just announced that Peter Horton will direct the pilot ep. Horton also directed the pilots for GREY'S ANATOMY and DIRTY SEXY MONEY. Sweet!
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TCM's Sydney Pollack retrospective on June 2

Ausiello leaving TV Guide for Entertainment Weekly

The Cylons will fail because they run Windows

Interested in DOLLHOUSE arg madness? More here.

Interactive Map shows what's in season at the grocery store in every US state

For the fellow post-it maniacs out there: SHEER POST-ITS for borrowed materials

And this, which is massively great (even though it's for the Cylon mainframe Windows):

Meanwhile, it's pimp time for you BSG fans: have you voted in the poll? Are you readying any questions for my fanterview with BSG writer Mike Taylor?
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I just posted this at my Battlestar Galactica blog, but since I'm also a Mad Men & Breaking Bad fan, let me share here:

According to this post over at The Envelope, the L.A. Times has organized a public Q&A screening series with the cast and crew of Emmy-contender shows such as MAD MEN, DAMAGES, BREAKING BAD, BIG LOVE, HOUSE and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. All events are at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood.

Go here for schedule and RSVP info.

Argh, I am so jealous right now!
*sighing in new york*
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Well, STAR TREK The Reboot is a year away...LOST is winding down for another 8-month hiatus*...and it looks like CLOVERFIELD 2 is on a back burner at the moment...

Nevertheless...I smell hijinks of some sort in the Bad Robot compound that are just getting started...

:: rubs hands together ::

Does anyone know where I can get some FRINGE icons?

*Don't forget to rewatch S4x12 with new footage...
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I'm a tad behind on the movies in theaters front...but IRON MAN was really fun.

Did anyone see SPEED RACER?  It's on my list.

Meanwhile, from the small(er) screen...I'm actually sorry I missed LaBuff on SNL, he was funny!  I want an animated GIF icon of him as Doug Henning saying "Magic!" and flinging his hand like that.  Hilarious.

Lots of GeekTV news coming in the next wave of TV upfront buzz this weekend and today, that JJ Abrams new show FRINGE has been picked up and will most likely run this fall.  Whedon's DOLLHOUSE is a go for midseason.  Apparently SARAH CONNOR's season 2 will run with FRINGE this fall?  And Peter (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) Berg is going to direct Ron Moore/Michael Taylor's pilot for VIRTUALITY? W00t.

I am looking forward to this VHI series SEX: THE REVOLUTION.  Per PopCandy, looks like Sundance Channel will show the uncensored versions next week.
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Whoa.  How bout this week's LOST & BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, eh?  My head is spinning. 

I have some basic thoughts - and a bunch of questions -  on BSG posted in the comments section over here if you're interested.  I have only watched it once and plan to rewatch, read everyone else's thoughts, and then maybe have a bit more to say.

Meanwhile, can I get a HUZZAH for the first HEROES season 3 promo spot?  Three friggin' hours?! W00t.

Also forgot to mention earlier in the week, that I watched the PBS movie CRANFORD last Sunday night based on Mo Ryan's review.  And for any of you Jane Austen/Brit period piece drama fans out there -- see it!  Excellent, witty, and surprisingly matriarchal.  Great acting...and a welcome respite from the intensely romantic nature of many of those BBC films.  This has all the usual romantic entanglements and all that -- but also much more of THE REST OF LIFE.  You can still catch part 1 (of 3) on PBS's site, and part 2 is coming tomorrow.
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Who's getting excited?

*proud to be part of the LEGION OF OBSSESSED FANS, heh*


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