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Hullo friends and netneighbors -- I have an bit of flaming fast wifi at the moment, up here in Maine on my vacation, and wanted to share a few vidcam frame grabs with you. I dumped them onto this flickr set with a few descriptive captions.

We were fogged in for a couple of days but yesterday and today have been gorgeous. Take it while you can and live for today! Hope you're all having a good excuse me while I go back out to sit on the deck, drink scotch and contemplate the Meaning of Life.
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Before I start braindumping, can I just say...Wow. And, THANK GODS THAT IS OVER. Whew!

I just went a little crazy on Amazon and bought a Flip Video Mino and Metrokane V1 Vacuum be on the lookout for more drunken video posts from me this summer. :D

Now if I can just restrain myself from dropping another fortune over on this insanely cool movie-tee site, I'll get through the month. Seriously can I live without that USCSS NOSTROMO one? Or this one?

PopWatch is right: The Black Cab Sessions are the best thing anyone's going to show you today. (BTW if you liked those, you MUST take a gander at The Blogotheque Takeaway personal favorite is this one by The Arcade Fire.)

There is so much TV news pumping out involving great creative minds that it's a bit hard to keep track... let's see, we've got a Spielberg/Cody/Collette project... a Scorcese/Wahlberg/Winter project*... a bit more on the latest David Milch HBO project... Sundance Channel doing the first possibly-worth-my-time reality show... the GREY’S ANATOMY writers blog: you’ve been reading this all season haven’t you?... (finally) the debut of the green cable channel... ALL OF THE "TWIN PEAKS" TV SHOW NOW ONLINE FREE OF CHARGE...zowie!

[* So if you’re keeping track of that one, it involves the guys who brought you IN TREATMENT and ENTOURAGE, an excellent writer/director from THE SOPRANOS team…and Marty. Fucking. Scorcese. That is all.]

On to the first bit of my summer TV show watching…is anyone else going to give SWINGTOWN a try? I am intrigued. How the hell can they do 'ludes, partner-swapping and orgies on network TV?!?

Here’s the trailer under a cut…groovy baby… )
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There is a GUERRILLA GARDENING MOVEMENT and it's sweeping the nation. Seed bombs! Troop dirt! Pirate farming! Huzzah!

Second coolest: I got an email from a writer of the Daily Show! Me, my little self! *moment of silence for TDS overall incredibleness*

His name is Rob Kutner - and he has a new book out called APOCALYPSE HOW. Have you heard about it? Here's a little tidbit, check it.

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Looks like Hanami, the viewing time for cherry blossom trees in bloom, is peaking and starting its delightful rain-of-blossoms period here in New York.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden boasts a delightful collection of trees, which their blossom map currently lists as mostly IN PEAK as of this past Friday. So hurry up if you're gonna go sit under the rain of petals.

They even posted this lovely timelapse video of the bloom this season...
[downloadable version here]

*long happy sigh of memory*
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Can we just skip over all this campaign bulloney and get going on the important shit now?  Sigh.  I hope someone, anyone, with Obama's goals per below gets to steer the ship next year. 

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I too support The Politics of Optimism.

Jones Soda is planning a series of new bottle labels featuring LOLcat macro art.  Finally.

The first ep of S2 of THE TUDORS is up on Showtime’s website if you just cannot wait.  But apparently that’s an edited version.  Meanwhile, Salon calls the show “beautifully costumed soft porn.”  Yeah? And your problem with that is?

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is starting next week (yay), IN TREATMENT is ending this Friday (boo)…and soon after that my DVR will be overflowing with all the shows coming back from strike-hiatus.  Whoa!

New music is out from The Raconteurs, and me likey.  First video here.

Also, a nifty new Spoon video here.

Think about cutting meat out of your diet now and then – it’s The Green Thing To Do.

A list of Judd Apatow’s favorite films.  All worth seeing.

Joss-related-news: no surprise to see a DOCTOR HORRIBLE fansite pop up…but check out this great video they have of NPH & Jason Segel singing.  Very promising for Joss’s little webshow.

Promo ad for Showtime’s new import, THE SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL.  Hmmm.

Ian McKellan uses the words “the fevered imagination of slashers” in a sentence.  *glee*

Thanks to BoingBoing, the source of this skullphone art, which I used to see EVERYWHERE on the streets of LA, has been revealed.  And why am I not surprised: there’s merch!

I first heard of this on Bill Maher’s show last Friday: Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank is hoping to get a bill through the house to decriminalize personal pot use in small amounts.  Well.  Good luck with that.  *inhales*

The I <3 TORCHWOOD Department:  Still squeeing over the last 3 eps.  I've seen everything up to the wedding.  Fun stuff!  We Jack/Gwen fans have a lot to love right now – “unstated” or not, it’s CANON bitches.  Terrific eps recently; the show is really proving itself as an adult-themed merger of BUFFY and THE X FILES.  I just caught up with Pop Candy’s podcast interview with Eve “Gwen” Miles, what a sweet lady.   Plus…Marsters returns!  Love!  Currently I am ignoring rumors/spoilers about the show that are swirling around.  But seems to be hunting them all down, stringing them up, and stuffing them for our amusement, if any of you are looking.  Meanwhile: photos from John Barrowman’s wedding (erm, civil partnership) last year.  Awww.

Zikes, what I wouldn't do to get one of these framed BSG ads that a bunch of (mostly unappreciative) journalists received recently.  Sigh. might say that this vinyl ad banner I JUST WON ON EBAY, might be a tad better, y/y?  :D

Hilarious 1995 Newsweek piece about how the internet will never amount to much.  [hat tip to MCN]

So do any of you have an opinion about the web series SANCTUARY?  Would I like it?  I'm a BSG & FARSCAPE fan, but cannot get into the STARGATE shows.  Yet I am intrigued by the concept that Tapping's character is 157 years old.  Sounds like a merger of ANGEL and THE X FILES.  ;)
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OK I cannot even believe I'm typing this...but Danny Noriega is so androgynous, "dragalicious" and ftw that I may have to actually watch that show.  *disbelief*

Or, maybe I'll just YT the good bits.  Heh.

But seriously! "ISH."

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DOVE has been running cool, empowering, body-image-positive campaigns for a couple of years now. My all time favorites include these:
  • Ground breaking print ads like these [One / Two / Three] in support of Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign
  • The viral video EVOLUTION, which takes a look at all the smoke and mirrors behind the messages we are force fed day and night in our capitalist democracy
  • The 2006 Superbowl ad promoting their Self Esteem Fund for girls
  • ONSLAUGHT, a video that directly addresses the dangerous body-image messages confronting young women today
  • A PRO-AGE video with lots of gorgeous older women. Naked to boot!
EVOLUTION always makes me feel better about facing my mirror in the morning. It’s all about lighting people!

Now Dove has a new online campaign and it’s pretty in-depth and cool. Four young women are blogging and video-blogging over at Reality Diaries. You can comment and interact with them. I’m older now, and made it through that tough period for young women where you’re struggling with identity and drama and family – but it’s easy to appreciate what Dove and company are building over there. I highly recommend it to you all. I’m especially taken with Irene’s diary.

I will admit I don’t use Dove products – due to my hard-fought attempt to eliminate most of the industrial cosmetics products from my life due to their potential toxicity.  But I adore these body-positive campaigns.

Another recent advertising campaign, a PSA really, caught my eye this past fall. These incredible print ads for Amnesty International, meant to raise awareness about genital mutilation, provide a stunning metaphor.

[click for much larger versions]

I tear up whenever I think too hard about the fact that this is still going on in the year 2008. Hat tip to the terrific feminist blog at Salon, Broadsheet. Check it out (need to read an adpage before accessing Salon for free).

TEETH, the little indie vagina dentata film that could, opens today. Here’s the trailer, which freaked me out last week in theater. Here’s the first five minutes online.

If you’ve missed the first two kickbutt eps of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, Fox is streaming them online. Oh, Summer. Sigh.
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The NY Times test-drives Honda's FCX Clarity, a hydrogen fuel cell car ready for consumer use.  How do I get a lease on this sucker?
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Here's what I learned from SciFi Wire this morning...


Joss Whedon is returning to TV!  That he is re-teaming with the wonderful Eliza Dushku and Tim Minear, is heaven sent.

That it's on Fox, and announced on the eve of a still quite likely WGA strike, makes me shiver.

:: prays for righteousness to win out in the end ::

:: also prays for Nathan Fillion to be cast alongside Dushku ::

:: overwhelmed by geeked out joy ::

...Other things learned this morning: Sci-Fi Channel is going green along with its NBC/Universal parents, and NBC is apparently either scrapping or postponing the making of HEROES: ORIGINS.  That last one is a real shame - I seem to be in the vocal minority (or silent majority?) who is STILL ENJOYING THIS SHOW?  Don't frak with it NBC.

OK, now everyone go back to JOSSIFIED SQUEEING! *g*

ETA: More on the new Whedon thing here and here and here...ah life.  It's a pretty impressive week for Joss and/or X-Files fans, eh?
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“People do raise this issue of what’s happening with the science, and whether the science is on board.  I think that argument really should be over.”
  -- Rajendra K. Pachauri, UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Very good news today about Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  Huzzah.

LJ News just reminded me that Monday is Blog Action Day, and this year's theme is The Environment.

Today I received an email at work from someone who has added to the bottom of their signature, the line

:: goes off to add it to my email signature ::
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In the fall of 2004, after GWB was elected for another 4 years, I was shall we say…DEPRESSED. 

It didn’t take long for me to seek out some “good news” web sites so I could get away from all the sturm und drang of the many politically-oriented sites I’d been frequenting for months. and were the two sites I immediately became addicted to, for important yet POSITIVE information and action.  As the concepts of “green lifestyle” and sustainability have become more and more mainstream these past few years, Treehugger has continued to be an important frontrunner in the landscape of green ideas, commentary, and resources.

I am pretty excited to hear that The Discovery Channel has purchased Treehugger, and plans to work with the site’s staff to create content for its new channel, Planet Green, to launch early next year.  With Discovery’s reach to 1.5 BILLION pairs of eyeballs around the world, this is great news for our planet. 

[hat tip to TV Squad]
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Well my friends, my home net connection has been down since Sunday, and just got back up last night.  *glee*  This has put a serious crimp in my massive braindump of comicon fallout to y'all.  Please indulge me over the next week or so while I dump massive amounts of (possibly old news) on you.

For now all I have is a tidbit of randomness: I was reading this inty with Richard Kelly about SOUTHLAND TALES, and suddenly realized that the new teaser poster unveiled at SDCC includes a fascinating cartogram that was much studied and discussed in the US just after the 2004 Presidential election.  That makes the poster all the more nifty, eh.

And: don't buy drinking water, it is unnecessary and un-sustainable.  Get yourself a reusable bottle and drink tap.
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I’m sure there will be endless bits & pieces coming out of ComicCon this week that will make all us fannish types gleeful...especially seeing how The Power And Mystery That Is Fandom has entertainment-biz execs thinking of SDCC as something as important to their marketing plans as Cannes or Sundance.

As the Con wheel turns, life goes on. 
Now I’ll leave you with this amazing video, surveying 20th Century Art via morphing.  And made not with computers but with stop motion claymation.  *AWE*  [via VeryShortList]

PS – the title of this post is a fragment of SOUTHLAND TALES dialogue. Heh.
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Just when I think FoTC cannot get any funnier, they up the ante again. Bowie impersonations, Mel gettin' all slashy in the library...JOHN HODGMAN.  WOW.  LABYRINTH Bowie was the icing on the cake.  *tears up from dah funny*

I really enjoyed MAD MEN last Thursday and will definitely keep watching.  For me the most engaging aspect is the depiction of women’s roles in that period.  We have come a long way, baby.  Added bonuses: I didn’t realize that Vincent “ANGEL” Kartheiser was in it.  AMC made terrifically clever, show-related spots that ran during all the MAD MEN commercial breaks – there was an advertising factoid to go with every 30-second ad running during the hour.  Very engaging.

This is the first time I’ve heard David “ANGEL” Greenwalt speak at length about his new show MOONLIGHT, which begins this September.  Sounds like he’s mining the Anne Rice-type vampverse for this one – given the lack of “other monsters.”  And it ain’t too shabby, having Joel "MATRIX" Silver peeking over your shoulder now and then, eh.

Hearing spoilers never bothered me before I got interested in serialized TV – and before the immediacy of internet fandom.  For many years, I watched little TV and tons and tons of films, and no one ever worried about "getting spoiled."  In fact I studied film for years in college, reading reams of articles and essays, sometimes watching a film 2-3 times to get the most from it.  It is therefore fascinating to watch the current public discussions in the press concerned about spoiling audiences via film, TV and book reviews.  Film reviewer Nathan Lee just wrote a thought-provoking op-ed piece over the weekend, prompted by the most high-profile spoiling yet: of the final Harry Potter book.

I recently noticed that, much like the “EW Extra” longer Michael Hogan/Katee Sackhoff inty, EW has also posted a much longer version of their Stephen Colbert Hot 100 inty.   *squee*

So SUNSHINE was fantastic, I highly recommend it – the movie's mind-boggling space visuals on the anamorphic screen DEMAND to be viewed in a theater.  It's awe-inspiring sci-fi, with some satisfying psychodrama thrown in.  THE DARJEELING LIMITED trailer was shown with it; doesn’t look that great, but I like Wes Anderson plenty, and all the cast, so I’ll see it for sure.  More enticing to me, was the trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio’s new doc, THE 11TH HOUR – it caused me to tear up with its inspirational tone.  As a regular for several years now, I saw some familiar (and seriously POSITIVE & INSPIRING) faces in there. 

TV Guide pointed me to a couple of fall show teasers that look fun, for CW shows REAPER, and ALIENS IN AMERICA.  REAPER looks especially ridiculous (Kevin Smith! Ray Wise!), and I’ve been waiting for SOMEBODY to try a Muslim-in-America comedy...finally.

According to E!Online, there is a boatload of TRUTH to this Zachary "Sylar" Quinto as Young Spock rumor – which is seriously AWESOME, ‘cuz he would be just perfect.  *glee*  Guess we don’t need to wait for J.J. to announce at Comicon?

Last week I finished S5 of LA FEMME NIKITA on DVD.  Loved it, great stuff.  This HEROES/NIKITA reference from Ali Larter just gave me an additional LFN grin…

I love this: TPTB doing the BABYLON 5 film had to ask fandom for help recovering the show's sets and special effects.  Soooo meta.

Sci-Fi Signal just posted this nice piece on 14 Ways to cultivate a lifetime reading habit, and this hilarious piece on Why Real Men Love THE FIFTH ELEMENT.  (Full disclosure: I'm not a man.)
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For any of you NY'ers out there, I'm going to this Green event at the Pour House, in the East Village this Wednesday: "a night of environmental awareness including organic beers, organic light appetizers and product giveaways all night long"...Come on down if you like good beer and greening yourself.

Can I take a moment, to comment on reuseable cloth bags and this ridiculous Hindmarch craze that's on.  As cool as this Hindmarch bag is, which is very...OMG please gimmeabreaknow!  There are a million, zillion alternatives out there.  I cannot believe people would freak out and line up all day to get one. 

So let me take a second here to show you a few of my current favorite alternatives. 

I found a couple of cool trailers recently...

Also got a chuckle from the rumor that J.J. Abrams may have cut the CLOVERFIELD trailer himself, bypassing the studio and all the trailer houses in H'wood. Heh.

Has anyone seen SUNSHINE yet? I'm going later today.  Very psyched especially after reading the long review-cum-essay in Film Comment, which was excellent but unfortunately is not online. ETA: Updated to add, that I saw it and it was terrific - it's certainly something you should see in a theater for the effects and the huge scale of it all.  Marvelous!


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