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The writers of Star Trek Into Darkness, which I enjoyed immensely, have opened up about all the trekkie easter eggs in the movie.

I thought that this film did as great a job re-engineering/re-booting the Khan story as the first film did with re-booting the Enterprise's entire timeline. For us diehard Trekkies, how you reacted to the first movie's reboot technique is going to predict how you will respond to the Khan reboot here. One of the coolest things about the Khan that Cumberbatch is playing now, is that he's the TV SHOW one, not the MOVIE one. In the film, Khan's singular focus on destroying Kirk and his entire  Enterprise "family" was based on the fallout from the original Khan TV show episode. Here, that TV show story hasn't happened, and I assume will never happen. This colors things in such a different, fascinating way, I think!

I love that Mudd's ship is on the Enterprise here. Ridic easter egg funtimes - let the fanfiction to fill in that gap commence!

When you put photos of Alice Eve and Bibi Besch next to each other like they do in the BuzzFeed piece... WOW, they could be the same person amIright. Pretty cool. Also, I'm pleased she's joined the reboot crew. So much fun could be coming up.

The red shirt line killed me, friggin HILARIOUS. Such fanservice.

All the Kirk/Spock/Uhura stuff was pleasing in every possible way. If you love these characters and are conceptually OK with the new series reboot, it's all grist for your fandom mill. I hope whoever is chosen to direct future installments remembers to keep at least 40-50% of the focus on the character details, just as JJ Abrams has done.

Most of all, I loved the Kirk death scene, and all it implied. Implications within the story about Kirk and Spock's friendship -- as well as the unbelievable cleverness the writers of the movie had here to include WRATH OF KHAN high points in a story that is not at all parallel to that older film's story.

One other generalized comment that is Cumberbatch related - though I'm sad he's so EVIL here, it was amazingly fun to see him be such a killer BADASS. MORE PLEASE.

Did you see the movie yet? What did you think? LLAP

Date: 2013-05-21 08:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOVED the movie. And I agree with everything you said up there. Especially the bit about Kirk's death scene. Really loved all the dialogue - very clever writing.

The red shirt line - I think I went "OH NO" in the theater LOL. And his face - LOLL forever.

I think the reboot has been brilliant and injected life into the franchise that is for sure.

Date: 2013-05-21 12:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Heheh, I just *knew* they wouldn't kill Chekov, come on now


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