Jan. 25th, 2008

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Alright now you all probably think I'm being PAID to continue to post about this movie!  *g*  Swear to god I'm not.  I found this blog post sharing 15 great songs...that all just happen to have been playing in the background during the CLOVERFIELD party sequence.

They're up, they're free, they're rockin' tunes.  That is musiclove, my friends.

Please go here and take!

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I have to say I was very moved this week by things beamed through on the Idiot Box.

First was The Colbert Report.  He gives $171,000 to charity - raised from his fandom buying those WristStrong bracelets.  That was one muthahumping BIG CHECK, eh?  LOL. You can keep donating, btw.  But then, even more impressive, the show turns insanely earnest and heartfelt - and Colbert reveals a fascinating fact about his heritage, has a very impressive guest from the civil rights movement - and performs the sweetest tribute to his striking writers!  Awwwwww.  *tears up*  Clips here.

Second was this appearance by Daniel Day Lewis on Oprah yesterday.  *wiping tears away*  RIP, Heath.

Third - though no tears were shed - was this week's third ep of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES.  This was much less of a blockbuster, action-heavy ep, and spent tons of time putting a more complex story into play with multiple threads and arcs.  I loved how much SCIENCE and HISTORY they crammed into this ep, it was smart.  Loved the skin bath.  There was a lot going on and it was done well.  Obviously this show - this Terminator franchise - promises massive amounts of action.  But this ep also shows that hard scifi can be crammed into the mix nicely along with the explosions and the fighting bots.  I missed having tons of GlauBot action, but I know there'll be plenty of that to come.  Jeez we sure have an amazing array of GirlBots in pop culture right now, and they are all awesome - Katee Sackhoff, Summer Glau, Lucy Lawless and Tricia Helfer.  W00t.   (The ep is up on Fox.com streaming for free.)
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Stallone chats with fans at AICN...I like this guy, seriously.  One / Two / Three

JJ Abrams, Robert Orci, Bryan Burk and even Zachary Quinto for a sec (posting as "ZQ"), answered fan questions here today live from the STAR TREK set.  Love them.  ETA: summary of answers and set photos now up over here.

A 90 minute podcast interview with Joss.  *swoon*

I would kill to go to this.  And for you folks who haven't seen all the Oscar-nominated movies yet: check this out.


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