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(hat tip to TV Squad and Seat 42f)

PS - looks like you MAD MEN fans out there who adore Rachel Menken, played by the marvelous Maggie Siff, can catch more of Maggie in FX's new show SONS OF ANARCHY. Here's a shot of her at the TCAs on that panel -- along with the full-body-tattooed showrunners, LOL...and yes, Ron Perlman of HELLBOY fame. FTW, y/y?
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Two seasons. Ordered in advance. YIPPEE KI YAY! L WORD spinoff? An Edie Falco series? A possible two more SECRET DIARY seasons?

And don't get me started on their show that is a collaboration between JUNO's Oscar winner Diablo Cody, and one young Mr. Steven Spielberg. With Toni Collette.

Oh Showtime, Showtime. I want to hug you right now.

[Meanwhile...a new show called WIZARD'S FIRST RULE is coming in November from the creator of XENA and the SPIDERMAN films...while over at CBS, no news yet of SWINGTOWN's fate...]
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Before I start braindumping, can I just say...Wow. And, THANK GODS THAT IS OVER. Whew!

I just went a little crazy on Amazon and bought a Flip Video Mino and Metrokane V1 Vacuum be on the lookout for more drunken video posts from me this summer. :D

Now if I can just restrain myself from dropping another fortune over on this insanely cool movie-tee site, I'll get through the month. Seriously can I live without that USCSS NOSTROMO one? Or this one?

PopWatch is right: The Black Cab Sessions are the best thing anyone's going to show you today. (BTW if you liked those, you MUST take a gander at The Blogotheque Takeaway personal favorite is this one by The Arcade Fire.)

There is so much TV news pumping out involving great creative minds that it's a bit hard to keep track... let's see, we've got a Spielberg/Cody/Collette project... a Scorcese/Wahlberg/Winter project*... a bit more on the latest David Milch HBO project... Sundance Channel doing the first possibly-worth-my-time reality show... the GREY’S ANATOMY writers blog: you’ve been reading this all season haven’t you?... (finally) the debut of the green cable channel... ALL OF THE "TWIN PEAKS" TV SHOW NOW ONLINE FREE OF CHARGE...zowie!

[* So if you’re keeping track of that one, it involves the guys who brought you IN TREATMENT and ENTOURAGE, an excellent writer/director from THE SOPRANOS team…and Marty. Fucking. Scorcese. That is all.]

On to the first bit of my summer TV show watching…is anyone else going to give SWINGTOWN a try? I am intrigued. How the hell can they do 'ludes, partner-swapping and orgies on network TV?!?

Here’s the trailer under a cut…groovy baby… )
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Wow, I just mainlined the last 2 hours of UGLY BETTY, 2 hours of GREY'S ANATOMY, and 3 hours of LOST over the past few days. !!!!!!  Really delicious television.

Two more weeks of BSG and...then... *sob*

At least there is this:

(Yes DOC WHO  fans, that's Miss Piper there!)

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Based on a novel by Chuck (FIGHT CLUB) Palahniuk

Teaser for Kevin Smith's latest, with the hilarious Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks  ETA: SNAP!!!! Yanked by the MPAA!

The next Coen Bros film.  Even more awesome cast this time.  Go for the 1080 P one if you can handle it!

Will Farrell and Adam McKay are obsessed with this movie.  *guffaw*

Also...just cuz it opens great is this shot from the series?  Hee!

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I just posted this at my Battlestar Galactica blog, but since I'm also a Mad Men & Breaking Bad fan, let me share here:

According to this post over at The Envelope, the L.A. Times has organized a public Q&A screening series with the cast and crew of Emmy-contender shows such as MAD MEN, DAMAGES, BREAKING BAD, BIG LOVE, HOUSE and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. All events are at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood.

Go here for schedule and RSVP info.

Argh, I am so jealous right now!
*sighing in new york*
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Wow, this is very, very cool:


ETA: As usual, Nikki Finke has much more.  Although I'll say here, my love for HBO and Rich precludes any concern about NY Times conflict of interest worries.
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Hint: it wasn't the shoes, the softcore, or the glamour.

Three soulmates will always be better than just one.  ;)
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Great news for you folks who missed it.  Now you can consume it at your own pace, that 5-nights-a-week stuff was tough even for a junkie like me.

I assume JOHN ADAMS is also forthcoming? ETA: yes it is, even sooner on June 10.  (thanks [personal profile] cujoy!)


Apr. 30th, 2008 07:03 pm
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TV was pwning this past week...the AMADEUS-inspired ep of 30 ROCK had me ROFLMAO.  Again.  Welcome back GREY'S ANATOMY with a bang.  I still love you -- even though you are dating someone else!  UGLY BETTY continues to make me giggle nonstop.  Many of you have probably read how I feel about BATTLESTAR.  I miss JOHN ADAMS and its grandeur (not to mention that gorgeous score cue that I am STILL HUMMING TO MYSELF WTF).  Sigh.

And THE TUDORS? Well I am quite glad I stuck with it thus far, because this Sunday's ep was absolutely the best one yet.  In the entire series.  Great stuff, with the entire cast bringing their A Game for serious.  So it's good news that it's getting a third season in my book.  Jeremy Northram is a huge loss, but the show is cruising along at a high, high level.  How amazing is Peter O'Toole as the pope?  They certainly give him some terrific lines.  As fun as all the palace intrigue on this show can be, my favorite element here involves religion - bringing all this history to life in such an engaging way.  You see precedents being laid here that draw a clear path towards the founding of our own American society.  I've never been much of a history nerd, so much of this perspective is new for me.

*gestures towards my icon*

As for...THAT just about blew my mind last Thursday night (actually Saturday afternoon when I got around to watching it, heh).  Seriously I don't even know what to say about it.  Other than how amazing Benjamin Linus is.  He's right up there with DEADWOOD's Swearengen and BATTLESTAR's Baltar as a great character whose every move, every word, every scheme, is a joy to watch and fully realized by the writers and actors involved.

Meanwhile: time for MAD MED S1 DVD pre orders people!  *\o/*
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I saw TORCHWOOD S2x11 this morning, and simply COULD NOT wait till BBC America broadcast the last I had a pal over the pond send 'em to me.  Wow.  Fantastic eps.  All three of them were wonderful.

It was funny to discover that Jamie Bamber watches IN TREATMENT (welcome to our tiny fold! The few, the proud.)

I am watching and loving JOHN ADAMS on HBO - so much that I may give in and actually read that book, which is saying a lot for me.  If anyone knows where I can DL the opening & closing credits score tracks, please let me know - I simply CANNOT STOP whistling that to myself.  It haunts me.  Go figure.

As the premiere of THE TUDORS approached I was pretty sure I didn't want to give that show any more of my time.  But last Sunday I got sucked back in and I will give it at least 2 more weekends.  I know a lot of folks are saying the show is too "p0rny" and the leads have no chemistry (huh?) and it plays to fast and loose with the all-important historical details.  Yet for me, in my limited engagement with English royal history and all, it is just the right doseage of palace intrigue, religious wars and sexy drama.  The performances by Jeremy Northam, Natalie Dormer, and Maria Doyle Kennedy are particulary captivating (though none of them hold a candle to what is going down on JOHN ADAMS, I'm afraid).

All the BSG squeeing and whatnot this week was exhausting.  I loved the new ep but feel like I need a BSG rest to just absorb the show and let it play out.  The publicity and marketing juggernaut this time around seemed much larger and more impressive - OR, is it that I just wasn't paying much attention before S3 started?  Hard to say.  Welcome back, old friend.  I got pretty excited this week, reading the details about the CAPRICA pilot/movie.  A lot of folks are griping and worrying about how much it might suck.  C'mon folks!  Stay hopeful.  To me the show sounds like it has elements of BLADE RUNNER & METROPOLIS & MINORITY REPORT.  With a tad more WEST WING thrown in this time.  (Btw io9 and TV Squad ran additional info from the casting calls for CAPRICA, with detailed character descriptions, if you want more.)

It's going to be quite a fall season with this, new Joss Whedon, new JJ Abrams.  Whoa.
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I too support The Politics of Optimism.

Jones Soda is planning a series of new bottle labels featuring LOLcat macro art.  Finally.

The first ep of S2 of THE TUDORS is up on Showtime’s website if you just cannot wait.  But apparently that’s an edited version.  Meanwhile, Salon calls the show “beautifully costumed soft porn.”  Yeah? And your problem with that is?

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is starting next week (yay), IN TREATMENT is ending this Friday (boo)…and soon after that my DVR will be overflowing with all the shows coming back from strike-hiatus.  Whoa!

New music is out from The Raconteurs, and me likey.  First video here.

Also, a nifty new Spoon video here.

Think about cutting meat out of your diet now and then – it’s The Green Thing To Do.

A list of Judd Apatow’s favorite films.  All worth seeing.

Joss-related-news: no surprise to see a DOCTOR HORRIBLE fansite pop up…but check out this great video they have of NPH & Jason Segel singing.  Very promising for Joss’s little webshow.

Promo ad for Showtime’s new import, THE SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL.  Hmmm.

Ian McKellan uses the words “the fevered imagination of slashers” in a sentence.  *glee*

Thanks to BoingBoing, the source of this skullphone art, which I used to see EVERYWHERE on the streets of LA, has been revealed.  And why am I not surprised: there’s merch!

I first heard of this on Bill Maher’s show last Friday: Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank is hoping to get a bill through the house to decriminalize personal pot use in small amounts.  Well.  Good luck with that.  *inhales*

The I <3 TORCHWOOD Department:  Still squeeing over the last 3 eps.  I've seen everything up to the wedding.  Fun stuff!  We Jack/Gwen fans have a lot to love right now – “unstated” or not, it’s CANON bitches.  Terrific eps recently; the show is really proving itself as an adult-themed merger of BUFFY and THE X FILES.  I just caught up with Pop Candy’s podcast interview with Eve “Gwen” Miles, what a sweet lady.   Plus…Marsters returns!  Love!  Currently I am ignoring rumors/spoilers about the show that are swirling around.  But seems to be hunting them all down, stringing them up, and stuffing them for our amusement, if any of you are looking.  Meanwhile: photos from John Barrowman’s wedding (erm, civil partnership) last year.  Awww.

Zikes, what I wouldn't do to get one of these framed BSG ads that a bunch of (mostly unappreciative) journalists received recently.  Sigh. might say that this vinyl ad banner I JUST WON ON EBAY, might be a tad better, y/y?  :D

Hilarious 1995 Newsweek piece about how the internet will never amount to much.  [hat tip to MCN]

So do any of you have an opinion about the web series SANCTUARY?  Would I like it?  I'm a BSG & FARSCAPE fan, but cannot get into the STARGATE shows.  Yet I am intrigued by the concept that Tapping's character is 157 years old.  Sounds like a merger of ANGEL and THE X FILES.  ;)
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Whoa.  After a verklempt evening absorbing the magical fan valentine that is the "Ron Moore Cut" of UNFINISHED BUSINESS last night, I should have known better than to pop in the next two eps of IN TREATMENT.  This morning.  On my exercise bike. 

Have you ever bawled your eyes out at 9AM on a weekday while exercising?

To remind y'all, these are this week's (week 8 of 9) Tuesday & Wednesday eps, in which
I guess this show doesn't have a big chance of renewal.  Also, staff changes are afoot over at HBO's original programming department right now (including the sad dumping of a new series with Lily Tomlin...*sob*), so who knows what will happen.  At least I can still look forward to Alan Ball's upcoming series TRUE BLOOD.  There is that.

If these few final eps are all we ever get of IN TREATMENT, I can live with it.  The show was wonderful and intense.
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IN TREATMENT - I am completely enthralled by this show - and hope some of you are watching it. Intense, intimate, real, scary, with many glimpses of actual soul. Incredible cast.  Rodrigo Garcia is the showrunner (and the writer/director of the first few weeks of eps).  Anyone who's ever seen his two feature films will know he is a master of the subtle gesture, the important yet barely noticeable event.  And that he understands how to get a great performance from his actors. You must see it.  And have I mentioned how much Michelle Forbes pwns every scene she's in?  Yeah.

LOST - blowing my mind!  Adore it. I  even enjoyed the much-maligned Juliet ep last week.  For me, Juliet has always been fascinating - and I love, love, love Ben/Others flashbacks that give Ben backstory, and/or recontextualize past events from the Others' POV. Good times. Not only am I gleeful about the prospect of this and BATTLESTAR airing at the same time...hee hee...but I am also mystified by Fun!

TORCHWOOD - Uneven as always, but I love it! The good ones are so, so good. ADAM was my favorite ep so far this season (that's the one about memory). Very much enjoyed this week's ep (here in the USA that was the one where that glove gets used)...and continue to hope those oddball rumors about the show's future are wrong. I want my TW to remain as it is.

BREAKING BAD - Liked, not loved.  The last ep was this past Sunday...wonder if it'll get renewed.  Were any of you watching?  The final scene of the 2nd to last ep, when "Mr. Clean" Walt threatened a buildingful of murderous homeys with his magical chemistry, was amazing.

I don't watch THE WIRE...but I was truly impressed by this superbly classy piece the writers did for TIME MAGAZINE.  Word.
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...I just thought you should know."

FULL SEX AND THE CITY TRAILER.  Whoazy - that was fast.  New Line yanked it. 

But Jezebel has another (unembedable) link here.  Quickly, quickly now ladies!

Zomg - Big's full name!  Pregnancies!  Shoes!  Cheating hearts!  Huge hats!  Brunches!  Children!  Shattered dreams!  Ridiculously quotable lines!  And of course...


And, word on the street has it that they are already talking about sequels. *dies*
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Wow. Well. Let me just dive in:

- OMG YAY: A The Daily Show and The Colbert Report return with writers tonight
*happy dancing*

- HEROES writers are going back to work and, though there will not be any more eps this season, it’s very likely there will be MORE THAN 22 EPS NEXT SEASON.  Can I getta W00t?!

- Saturday Night Live will broadcast 4 new shows in a row beginning on Feb. 23: Tina Fey hosts week one, and Ellen Page week two.  Made of awesome.

- Showtime announced news today
The bad: CALIFORNICATION, which I very much enjoyed, won’t be back till late summer/early fall.
The good: WEEDS returns June 16, and new shows on the horizon include POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS directed by Tim Robbins, and THE UNITED STATES OF TARA, written by Diablo “JUNO” Cody and produced by Steven Spielberg.  Whoa.

- The NY Times has HBO show news: ENTOURAGE and BIG LOVE will have to premiere much later than usual due to the late start.  So the former comes in the fall, and the latter near the end of this year.

- Also from NYT piece: SAVING GRACE is 3 weeks behind schedule and will premiere later in June than originally planned.

- The supercool Paley Festival panels are getting going next month and here’s an LJ comm that’s going to track everything that comes out of them…

- Supersilliest news: Fox is really, truly making a USA version of this now infamous game show.  ZOMG.  You need to go watch that video btw.  It needs to be seen.  Just once.

- Leonard Frakking Nimoy is doing The Colbert Report on Thursday!?!? *dies*
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I'm just post-happy this evening!  Woo hoo!

*jumps around, yelling and flinging little posts at the flist*

OK.  For serious.  Here are two great posts on Watch With Kristin and The Ausiello Report where you can get up-to-the-minute news on the status of your fave TV shows now that the strike is pretty much over.   And this Variety piece is about the pilots that will most likely be on the fast track now for next fall.

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LOST:  Uh, yeah. Awesome.  Those music videos running during the S4 premiere were so fun, especially the Locke one set to CRAZY by Patsy Cline, HAH...ABC does fanvids.  Kewl. 

After my powerwatch of S3 last week - entire season in 5 days - I was a tad bleary eyed.  But it was big fun.  Love the Flash Forward idea - what a great way to reinvigorate the entire structure of the show.  Is it just me, or does this show have a wicked lot in common with BSG?  Also - I am officially a "Jater" bitches!  That pop-up tidbit during the S3 finale rebroadcast on Wednesday was enlightening. *chuckle*

[profile] mediocrechick has posted something that I, too, am sure I am going to become completely obsessed with.

I also learned a new word this week: "Transmedia Storytelling."  We needed this new name for something that can no longer be pigeonholed under old words "ARG," "Viral Marketing," or any of that.  It is becoming (thanks to folks like Whedon, JJ Abrams et al) a new form of entertainment that is unlike any before it.  Heh.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS:  I'm getting a little frantic as we are about to run out of episodes.  Trying to stay calm.

PBS GREAT PERFORMANCES AUSTEN SERIES:  Uneven...nevertheless, OF COURSE I'm watching it!  Need to make sure I pimp my favorite older Austen adaptations to you folks:  the 1995 version of PERSUASION.  The 1995 version of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY.  The 1999  version of MANSFIELD PARK.  And do I really need to mention the Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle version of PRIDE & PREJUDICE? Really? *g*

: Trying to stick with it.  They almost lost me last week in the 2nd ep...putting such loser guys under a microscope is making me cringe.  But I just cannot turn away from all the chemistry lessons!  They are just...fascinating.  Especially the one involving the bathtub (ewww).

:  I have a full week's worth stored on the Tivo.  Haven't had time yet.  Is anyone out there watching?  It's confirmed that Battlestar Galactica's Michelle Forbes will soon make an appearance, btw.  See Mo Ryan for more on that.
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Wow, I didn't realize how much I missed this show till I pressed play just now on this SEX & THE CITY trailer over at Cinematical.  Yay!


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