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...while their BtVS hands are still tied by the SAG/AFTRA negotiations...NIIIICE...
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"Have you gone to an art house lately? Some screens are literally the size of the flat screens people have in their living rooms right now," Mr. Atkinson said, referring to the shrinking marketplace for independent films. "For those people who are searching for films made for adults, there's almost no reason to go to the theater anymore. It's reaching the point where there will be six big movies released a year, all made for a half-billion dollars, that everyone will see on a single day, and other than that, people will just stay home and watch Netflix. It's already happening."
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What the!?!  It's like someone turned on the Muggy-Crappy-Summer-In-New-York switch today...

Hope you all had a great weekend...I did lots of full on chillaxing, hanging out in Brooklyn eating at amazing restaurants and seeing bizarrely cool Steampunkery in action, going to the very enjoyable kinda-new Brooklyn Flea, and making "urban hikes" all over the place during perfect weather.  I avoided INDY (cuz, blech)...and didn't get to THE FALL quite yet.

Also, I had way, way too much fun helping everyone on Whedonesque get hooked on transmedia for new Fox shows.  F.T.W. !!!!   I highly recommend reading that thread all the way through if you're interested in the FRINGE and DOLLHOUSE transmedia - it's all Fox approved and the thread has become bloated with excellent research and links.  *glee*

Btw you may have heard that the great Sidney Pollack has passed away after fighting serious illness for some time now.  The guy is cinema royalty, go over here for a few samples of his whole scene.  He directed THE WAY WE WERE, THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, TOOTSIE, and OUT OF AFRICA, and produced a zillion more things, just for starters.  I had just seen him this weekend in the terrific documentary STANLEY KUBRICK: A LIFE IN PICTURES, which I highly recommend to any cinephile out there or anyone considering dipping their toes into Kubrick's films.  Pollack has some great interview bits near the end when they are discussing EYES WIDE SHUT.  RIP, sir.
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Wow, this is very, very cool:


ETA: As usual, Nikki Finke has much more.  Although I'll say here, my love for HBO and Rich precludes any concern about NY Times conflict of interest worries.
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Who's getting excited?

*proud to be part of the LEGION OF OBSSESSED FANS, heh*

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Looks like Hanami, the viewing time for cherry blossom trees in bloom, is peaking and starting its delightful rain-of-blossoms period here in New York.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden boasts a delightful collection of trees, which their blossom map currently lists as mostly IN PEAK as of this past Friday. So hurry up if you're gonna go sit under the rain of petals.

They even posted this lovely timelapse video of the bloom this season...
[downloadable version here]

*long happy sigh of memory*
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Hint: it wasn't the shoes, the softcore, or the glamour.

Three soulmates will always be better than just one.  ;)
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This is fun: the New York City Paley Center is going to screen the taped BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER reunion event from last month.  Great idea.  I'll be there!  (Thanks, yet again, WHEDONESQUE.  You are too great.)

Speaking of stuff in NYC...are any of you gonna be at NY Comic Con this weekend?  How 'bout a meetup?  :D  If you're feeling shy, ping me at proggrrl at yahoo dot com...
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World Pillow Fight Day.

This Saturday.  Union Square NYC.  Be There.  With A Pillow!!!

[hat tip to this great comm I found recently, [profile] newyorkers]
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Has anyone out there gone to see this new exhibit at MoMa, “Design and the Elastic Mind?  I first heard about it here, and the Times recently had more info.  Sounds trippy.  Also looking forward to the Whitney Biennial, which opens this week...and apparently the crazed poppiness of Takashi Murakami is coming to the Brooklyn Museum next month.  Sweet!  He's my favorite superfreak, and that'll give me an excuse to go check out this cupcake shop I've been hearing about called Baked (which is in Red Hook and therefore a pain to get to unless you use the water taxi). 

Also on the food tip...I finally ate at Elephant and Castle, and it was great.  Terrific brunch spot in the Village, and they have lots of vegetarian options, as well as two nifty beverages: a "Champagne Carlton," which is champagne with raspberry syrup and raspberries; and a "Spanish Latte," done with consensed sweet milk.  Yumma.  Another great brunch spot I recently found is Belcourt, in the East Village, really delish.  And don’t forget you can never go wrong at Rice, a favorite of mine for about 5 years – note their Nolita location has moved from Mott Street to Elizabeth, into a bigger space.

I'm always seeking more good NYC eats, if any of you want to throw something out in the comments.
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...I just thought you should know."

FULL SEX AND THE CITY TRAILER.  Whoazy - that was fast.  New Line yanked it. 

But Jezebel has another (unembedable) link here.  Quickly, quickly now ladies!

Zomg - Big's full name!  Pregnancies!  Shoes!  Cheating hearts!  Huge hats!  Brunches!  Children!  Shattered dreams!  Ridiculously quotable lines!  And of course...


And, word on the street has it that they are already talking about sequels. *dies*
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Is anyone in the NYC area thinking of going to the Spout/Reeler Oscar party? I'm considering it.

And, if you are in the NYC area and have some mad money, these are the Best. Oscar Party Favors. Ever....Eleni's Oscar Cookies!

LOL...that airgun cookie! (Pick up at Eleni's in the chelsea market)
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Bunch of random stuff I sucked up from thetubes this morning...

Jon Robin Baitz has posted again regarding his being ousted from the creative team of BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and moving back East.  Sigh.  I'm not so sure my dedication to this lovely matriarchal soap opera can weather any more of his missives.  Then again, with only 2 more pre-strike eps left to air, guess it's a moot point.

LOL!  Keith Olberman wades into the madness over at DailyKos!  (1500 comments. Oy.)

This is completely insane.  And probably a viral marketing trick.  I don't care.  (Also have you seen this?  Jesus gods.)

An Obama-Bloomberg ticket?  That's an awesome idea..."post-partisan"...I could get behind that.

This MTV video about the music scene in Brooklyn introduces several cool bands, for any of you locals or music fiends out there.  As a current (relocated) Manhattan resident who loved and misses the 1990s Lower East Side club scene, I can certainly corroborate that Manhattan is an ugly forsaken shell of its former lively, creative self: rich bitches have pushed everything of worth out to Brooklyn.  All that's left here in Manhattan now are wage slaves, rent controlled antiques, and shopping malls.  *Is suddenly reconsidering the wisdom of Obama-Bloomberg...*

This is exciting: an unsubstantiated rumor that the Coachella Festival of SoCal might be planning an East Coast event...*joy*

A movie is being made about girls rollerderby.  That in and of itself is FTW.  But apparently Drew Barrymore will direct...and Ellen (JUNO) Page might star? *glee*  ETA: a day later, Variety has confirmed it: Page is in. *more glee*

Scarlett Johansson is releasing an album full of Tom Waits cover songs.  Who knew?

MAD MEN, which will be in reruns of its first season again on AMC starting Sunday Jan 20th, is being shopped to the networks as strike fodder to air in reruns in the Big Leagues!  Very good news.  Hope they don't have to edit it too much. 
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Just found out that the new David Lynch documentary opens today in New York at the IFC Center...sounds great huh?

There are 2 more parts coming's a related interview with the filmmaker, who goes my the moniker "blackANDwhite"...
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I’m sure there will be endless bits & pieces coming out of ComicCon this week that will make all us fannish types gleeful...especially seeing how The Power And Mystery That Is Fandom has entertainment-biz execs thinking of SDCC as something as important to their marketing plans as Cannes or Sundance.

As the Con wheel turns, life goes on. 
Now I’ll leave you with this amazing video, surveying 20th Century Art via morphing.  And made not with computers but with stop motion claymation.  *AWE*  [via VeryShortList]

PS – the title of this post is a fragment of SOUTHLAND TALES dialogue. Heh.
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This sounds really cool, for anyone who can be at the center of the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway on Saturday night at sunset...

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Once again, FoTC keeping me happy.  This is a song from 2 eps back, that made me laugh almost as much as BOOM!  I haven't been keeping up with my DVR at all - too many days at beaches this week.  :-)  Their rap names - Rhymenocerous and HipHoppopotamus? *glee*

This is a fun idea: genre movie directors such as Joe Dante, John Landis, and the guy who made HOT FUZZ, Edgar Wright,  commenting on great old B-Movie trailers.  Wright's first effort is on behalf of one of my all-time favorite 1960's films: DANGER DIABOLIK.  Classic!!!

BSG fans, don't forget to watch for the RAZOR preview being aired on Sci-Fi Channel tomorrow night during the season preem of EUREKA.

I had a great time riding the NYC Water Taxi yesterday, the only cool place in Manhattan that muggy day!  Highly recommend it.  If it's not too hot you should end your ride at Harry's Bar at Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City.
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Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend here in the states...

My mom, bro & I went on a short roadtrip up to our old stomping grounds in Putnam County (NY State) for a few days.

Also, for reasons I probably do not have to get into here on LJ with my fannish peoples: this editorial in last week's ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY fills me with joy.  Not only does it echo both my own suspicions, and the recent statements by TV showrunners Ron Moore and Josh Schwartz - it's just great to see it printed for posterity in a major magazine.


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