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It is way too early in the am for this but...
IGN: I know you're a big Battlestar fan. Was it great for you to get to work with Tahmoh Penikett?

Joss Whedon: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and tell the truth – I've had a man-crush on Tahmoh since the first episode of Battlestar.

IGN: From the moment he stayed behind on Caprica?

Whedon: I had a feeling about him. I just had a feeling about him. I know, he gave up his seat to Baltar! Not bright, but cute! But no, he just has a presence. Tim Minear watched the dailies and he said, "I can't believe you found this guy. This guy is so hard to find. A leading man that has a real soulfulness and a real unique quality" and I just felt that from Battlestar, and he brought it completely [to Dollhouse]. When I spoke to him, he was the first person to mention Never Let Me Go, the novel, just from hearing the premise of Dollhouse. The beautiful sadness of that novel so suffuses what we're trying to do, and it was so beautiful when he brought it up that I just knew this guy [was right]. And it follows my rule with Nathan [Fillion]. Hire a Canadian! They're gentlemen and they're very tall.

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I too support The Politics of Optimism.

Jones Soda is planning a series of new bottle labels featuring LOLcat macro art.  Finally.

The first ep of S2 of THE TUDORS is up on Showtime’s website if you just cannot wait.  But apparently that’s an edited version.  Meanwhile, Salon calls the show “beautifully costumed soft porn.”  Yeah? And your problem with that is?

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is starting next week (yay), IN TREATMENT is ending this Friday (boo)…and soon after that my DVR will be overflowing with all the shows coming back from strike-hiatus.  Whoa!

New music is out from The Raconteurs, and me likey.  First video here.

Also, a nifty new Spoon video here.

Think about cutting meat out of your diet now and then – it’s The Green Thing To Do.

A list of Judd Apatow’s favorite films.  All worth seeing.

Joss-related-news: no surprise to see a DOCTOR HORRIBLE fansite pop up…but check out this great video they have of NPH & Jason Segel singing.  Very promising for Joss’s little webshow.

Promo ad for Showtime’s new import, THE SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL.  Hmmm.

Ian McKellan uses the words “the fevered imagination of slashers” in a sentence.  *glee*

Thanks to BoingBoing, the source of this skullphone art, which I used to see EVERYWHERE on the streets of LA, has been revealed.  And why am I not surprised: there’s merch!

I first heard of this on Bill Maher’s show last Friday: Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank is hoping to get a bill through the house to decriminalize personal pot use in small amounts.  Well.  Good luck with that.  *inhales*

The I <3 TORCHWOOD Department:  Still squeeing over the last 3 eps.  I've seen everything up to the wedding.  Fun stuff!  We Jack/Gwen fans have a lot to love right now – “unstated” or not, it’s CANON bitches.  Terrific eps recently; the show is really proving itself as an adult-themed merger of BUFFY and THE X FILES.  I just caught up with Pop Candy’s podcast interview with Eve “Gwen” Miles, what a sweet lady.   Plus…Marsters returns!  Love!  Currently I am ignoring rumors/spoilers about the show that are swirling around.  But seems to be hunting them all down, stringing them up, and stuffing them for our amusement, if any of you are looking.  Meanwhile: photos from John Barrowman’s wedding (erm, civil partnership) last year.  Awww.

Zikes, what I wouldn't do to get one of these framed BSG ads that a bunch of (mostly unappreciative) journalists received recently.  Sigh. might say that this vinyl ad banner I JUST WON ON EBAY, might be a tad better, y/y?  :D

Hilarious 1995 Newsweek piece about how the internet will never amount to much.  [hat tip to MCN]

So do any of you have an opinion about the web series SANCTUARY?  Would I like it?  I'm a BSG & FARSCAPE fan, but cannot get into the STARGATE shows.  Yet I am intrigued by the concept that Tapping's character is 157 years old.  Sounds like a merger of ANGEL and THE X FILES.  ;)
This post is so random that I could barely think of a title. I'm sitting here at the office, chillaxing after the movie I worked on for so many months, so long and so hard, swept the Oscars in all the top categories. *pats self on back* In a year of fantastic, intense movies by most of the filmmakers I have obsessively tracked my entire adult life (Cronenberg; Burton; Lynch; Coens; Anderson), it was a joy to work on this one.

OK, let's linkspammit people!

Jezebel: "Uh, thanks for RUINING our orgasms, mens magazine!"  I suppose I’m supposed to think this is sad? I just laugh uncontrollably every time I reread this and look at that (what? 100 YEAR OLD?) advertisement clipping at the top. Heh.

Awesome Nathan Fillion/Nicholas Brandon Whedonverse Con panel vids. LOL. Several parts if you have the stomach. Such charming and bizarre boys.

You recall those Paley Center panels that are starting next month with the casts of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, MAD MEN, CHUCK, PUSHING DAISIES, DIRTY SEXY MONEY, and that pesky little BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER reunion? Well how cool is this: you can submit questions for the panels to the Paley Center mods. Open until Monday March 10th. FTW. [via [profile] paleyfest08  ]

Both sad, and hilarious: Spike Jonze's new film version of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is apparently making children cry in fear at early test screenings. I still cannot wait to see it.

A food comm I read, [profile] about_food  , has posted all the concepts Michael Pollan lays out in his latest book, IN DEFENSE OF FOOD, right here. Please read them and do as many as you can – it’s GOOD FOR YOU! Also that’s a very cool comm if you’re interested in slow food, local food, etc.

OMG, look at this crazy adzuki/green tea cupcake! I don't know if I have the energy to make it...*considers*

I suppose a lot of my flist will consider this old news, but I just found out about this FIREFLY fanfic novel by established fantasy novelist Steven Brust.

Let's discuss for a sec, how much I lurve this photo of Ellen Page. *sigh*

If you missed Jon Stewart's hour last week on Larry King, it's all on youtube now.

Wired has a ton of cool pieces this month that blew my mind, inspired me, made me want to get out and MAKE SHIT, and made me very impatient about my business. Here are the ones that are online now: The mysterious honeybee CCD and the world of 'metagenomics' - reads like a Neal Stephenson or William Gibson plot bunny; FREE STUFF is the future of business (by Chris "Long Tail" Anderson). If you have access to the print mag (free copy available here), check out the pieces in the March issue about online gallieries that let us all become art collectors; the concept of the PMOG - does anyone want to play this sounds AWESOME. Let's all regroup about the PMOG after I can linkspam you later.

SciFi Wire and io9 pimping the WANTED footage screened at Wondercon.  I wanna see!

Let me leave you now with a great quote from this outta-control rant about the Oscars that popped up on Salon today.  You just have to give this writing some props:

Hollywood is always a lopsided reflection of the political situation we're in.

In this sense, performing artists, classically a fairly high-strung, hypersensitive lot, have always been pretty effective canaries in the cultural coal mine. What they've been telling us, lately, is that we have a very, very sick culture on our hands.

It was a terrible, tooth-gnashing year of hideous self-reflection, for America: the ugly flipside of cultural narcissism. Our country, on the back end of a rapacious tear of sophomoric jerkbag behavior, is moving into the slightly more mature adolescent phase of starting to hate its own smell.

I am the greatest country in the world / I am the piece of shit at the center of the universe.

After shaving its head and driving drunk around the globe with no panties, calling itself the Antichrist, and finally abandoning its children, totaling its SUV and getting its ass kicked in the parking lot of the Persian Gulf, America is realizing that it is internationally loathed, broke, soulless, tasteless, fat, drunk, malicious, greedy and stupid, and has been generally behaving like a lousy excuse for a world superpower for long enough to lose all its friends and position.

Conspicuously missing from this Oscars was any loose talk of politics or the war, until the designated time block for dissent during the presentation of the documentary film awards. This was especially weird: Why, if they didn't want to acknowledge the outside world, did they get a truth teller like Jon Stewart to host the thing?

Huzzah!  Who is this Cintra Wilson?

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I really loved what I read in this IGN piece covering the Mutant Enemy Day last Friday on the WGA picket line at Fox...especially this:

IGN TV: What do you think it will take to get things to change and to come to an agreement?

Joss Whedon: We have to break them. These are multi-billionaires who could give a rat's ass about any of the issues they're actually talking about except for one – If they can break this union, then they can break them all. If they can do that, then they can control everything. They already, thanks to the [repeal of] Fin-syn laws and all of the sort of vertical integration, control almost everything. They're very close. They have basically one last thing to figure out how to own and rule in and we're it. And it's simply not going to happen. The only way we can break them is just by stopping. By being out here instead of in there. And we'll do it. We'll do it for a year. We'll do it forever. We'll do it until somebody else steps up and says "Hey, we'll run a business a different way." We'll work for those people instead. What you're going to find in Hollywood is maybe a lot fewer millionaires, but a lot more working people with steady jobs, because these guys can not crush us. It will not happen.

Fight the frakking power!

[Glau & Fillion on the lines]

Also, for you fans of WGA strike humor: check out the fake AMPTP site before someone pulls it down! ROFL
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Time to linkspam y’all…it’s been WAY too long.

This is a wonderful meme for the holiday season that I'm preparing to do…and so is this one if I can figure out how to set up this type of poll.  Anybody?

Apparently the co-founder of Greenpeace is now in favor of nuclear energy as the only viable solution to our energy and carbon emission woes.

The NY Times discusses the idea of humanity’s need to create and enjoy art being a favored evolutionary trait.

Wired interviews the country’s top sexologists about the latest in female orgasm research.

I hope you all are getting out to see NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, a fantastic film.  Very powerful, deceptively simple, and the most badass badguy you will ever meet.  I have more to say on it – but for now let me leave you with this link (spoiler warning), which explores some other opinions and in particular the film’s unusual ending. 

This is really cool, that Fox is doing a fan poster contest for THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES…but this detail from the contest rules really sucks: “Entrant may NOT use his/her own original illustrations, photographs or other images, fonts, text copy, and drawings and may NOT use 3rd party elements.”  Boooo Fox.  Boooo.  (btw if you want to participate, hurry up the deadline is only a few weeks away…)

This NY Sun piece features very nasty comments on the films, but is nevertheless my great reminder that WB just released DVDs of two of my childhood 70s SF faves, LOGAN’S RUN and SOYLENT GREEN.  Ahhhh <3  <3  <3

I have been turned on to two exciting music web sites I want to highly recommend: VSL showed me this new NPR music site, which I’ll have to explore soon.  And BSG actress Nicki (“Cally”) Clyne’s blog introduced me to Pandora, which is just incredible so far…I’ve only scratched its surface, creating a single channel inspired by The New Pornographers.  Fun stuff.

I am a latecomer to the magic that is HEROES Exec Producer Greg Beeman’s blog.  It’s never too late!  I am entranced at the moment by these mysterious SLUSHO pics (go down the post a bit and you'll find em)...How do these relate to CLOVERFIELD?  Anyone understand this glorious, mystifying mashup?  Slusho cups have made an appearance on HEROES for 2 weeks now…and Beeman says it's all "don't ask/don't tell" for now, but "their cultural significance will become clear in the coming months so pay attention!"  I'm geekably fascinated.  Meanwhile, I’m still a tad joyfilled that gothamist has called out CLOVERFIELD as “NYC Destruction Porn.”  Yeah, I’m a longtime fan of that (ARMAGEDDON anyone? Heh.)

Always helpful [profile] mediocrechick has supplied us with yet another great set of scans – this time of People’s Sexiest Men Alive issue.  Don't know about you girls - but most of my TV faves are here. *dies*  But why is Taylor Kitsch wearing so much clothing…and what is with the bizarre (over)retouching on Nathan Fillion?  At least Milo has accepted and owned up fully to his utter sexiness.  Must be why Beeman is always photographing him shirtless (see above)?  *g*

I am incredibly pleased to hear that BBCA has decided to run S2 of TORCHWOOD so quickly…I am loving this show, and would have hated to wait a frakking year!

Two very engrossing (and depressing) new posts on the Writers Guild strike: this one is about the less-publicized, and highly dangerous, anti-union practices involving reality TV.  And this one is written by a lawyer in digital media, entertainment and technology law – discussing just how much the AMPTP are so NOT GETTING THIS in a basic way.

[profile] ch_photoshopped has more of her gorgeous flickering light icons – this time with a wintery theme. *snuggles closer to the fire *
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Well it turns out that yes, the Buffy-Sing-a-Long shutdown by FOX is indeed's just not the Writers union.  Also, another speck of evidence supports the SERENITY 2 movie rumor ("…I heard it from Nathan so if it turns out not to be true you can blame him…”).  Hmm.

I just loved this week's HEROES (Kristen Bell is coming! To hang with Milo? Most exxxxcellllent).  Bye bye CALIFORNICATION and MAD MEN. I will miss, miss, miss you. *sigh*

Still really enjoying DIRTY SEXY MONEY (even if it is turning into DAMAGES.  Just a little.)  On the fence about REAPER (the Kevin-Smith-bloom is coming off the rose), CHUCK (not funny enough/not sexy enough), and PUSHING DAISIES.  But the latter is probably a keeper, it's gloriously twee and Kristen Chenoweth is a delight.  Her dog bf is killing me.  We'll see how the next few eps go, now that the network has banned our boy Barry Sonnenfeld from doing any more directing.  Hanging in for PRIVATE PRACTICE.  GREY'S final 2 minutes last week was stunning, and UGLY BETTY can do no wrong in my eyes - so there.

I've changed my mind about BROTHERS & SISTERS and am sticking with it.  The past 2 weeks have been great, and I just listened to this incredibly profound podcast interview with its lead writer and creator, the playwright Jon Robin Baitz...check this out.  He is deliciously articulate and thoughtful, feminist...just great.  What a blessing to have this guy writing for TV.  

Speaking of The Treatment podcasts: I have been catching up on a backlog of 'em, and wanted to recommend another great one for you TV fans out there: last summer's interview with Showtime executive Robert Greenblatt.  It's a fascinating listen for any fan of serialized TV.  Most interesting to me was RG's insider view of why 10 or 13-ep series often work out better than 20 or 22-ep ones.  Also really enjoyed hearing screenwriter Tony Gilroy, who talks about writing the scripts for the BOURNE films, and working on his new feature MICHAEL CLAYTON, which is Gilroy's first stab at directing.   Elvis Mitchell's interviews are as smart as Charlie Rose's - with the added plus that Elvis knows what the frak he's talking about much more often.

I love podcasts.  They are a fantastic thing to have handy for workouts, train or walking commutes, hikes, or long car and airplane trips.  Here are a few of my current favorites:

[Today's subject line is from DIRTY SEXY MONEY. Natch.]
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Blasting through my DVR this week with more ease, now that I’ve trimmed a few shows: CHUCK, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, BROTHERS & SISTERS…and CALIFORNICATION because it’s ending.  Sigh.

And about BATTLESTAR: RAZOR FLASHBACK #1 – Cool.  A nice way to take a chunk off the hiatus.  My desire to be unspoiled is keeping me away from discussion of possible BSG: TOS plots involving some "planet of ice"  *covering my ears and not listening LALALALALALA*.  I love the guy they’ve chosen to play Young Adama and I love him getting his rookie speech from a woman pilot.  And yeah, he really does look like Lee, doesn’t he? (Arms and all.)  Thanks to
[personal profile] heliotitans who has already iconed the flashback for us…oh joyous fandom.

Still haven’t watched PUSHING DAISIES.  Whatever.  *tired*

Between seeing FNL and FIGHT CLUB on cable last night, I am overwhelmed by bigscreeenlittlescreen excellence.  The best of the best.  When it’s good, it’s very, very good.

Here’s some miscellaneous stuff making me smile today:
  • A crazy person at TV Squad has transcribed Tripp Darling’s diary! Whoa.
I watched this episode with my best friend, and she said, "If you like vampire smut, you kind of have to like this show." And we both like vampire smut. 

(Something about hearing a “pro” writer admit this on AOL’s web site makes me…IDK.  Pleased?)
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Firstly: last night's BIONIC WOMAN - they watch BSG in Idaho! W00t! Best line is from Katee of course: "I think someone hacked me..."

Secondly: a follow-up to my shameless SERENITY collectors DVD pimping...apparently sales are hot and Alan Tudyk is saying there's talk of A SEQUEL straight-to-dvd? *jumps off chair*
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I am happy to say that I am now just 2 days away from my week-long Maine vacation.  Me and the family are heading up to Islesford, a tiny island off of Mt. Desert Island.  Can. Not. Wait. 

But I'll miss you kids, natch.

Before leaving, I'm aiming to drop a few more posts, so the time has come for me to do my Fall TV Grid. 

PS - Must give a shoutout to the latest iconartist I've found during my LJ travels: [profile] ch_photoshopped .  Go check out her amazing animated GIFs, they are walk on the beach icon is hers.  Cannot leave town without linking to this great new Katee Sackhoff scan - this one is from the latest SciFi Channel Magazine, apparently from RAZOR.  Thanks to dramaticgrl for scanning and [profile] canadiangirl_86  for sharing!  Oh Starbuck.  Sigh.  <3 <3 <3
proggrrl: (Leia YAY!) love Nathan Fillion and Kevin Smith.  As if we didn't already have enough.

"If you were gonna be on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and you were gonna be a doctor, and you could pick what kind of doctor you were gonna be...that's the kind of doctor I am."  ROFL and *swoon* at the same time...he talks like Mal!

Also just for added fun: David LaChapelle is fabulousThe fanvid effect.

ETA 8/28: GRRRRR they've pulled down the Fillion video.  I cannot find it anywhere today.  Sorry you missed it.  :(
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Friday braindump time!

Ahahaha [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl – they made a tee shirt of it!

GLOBAL ECONOMIC WOES: The chaos in the markets confuses me, because I'm terrible with that sort of stuff.  I read this New York mag piece by Jim Cramer last week and it made me nervous for my 401K & IRA.  This Salon piece may explain it better...but I don't feel any better for reading it.  I always thought those subprime housebuying loans and refinance deals were ridiculous - if you don't have enough money to buy all the bright shiny stuff - DON'T BUY IT.  Pretty simple I thought; though if you need $$$ fast for a medical procedure or other emergency, I can see how this would come in handy.  This is a moment in time where my lack of owning a home seems like a good thing.  Ack.
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As PopCandy and her tipper army has pointed out this morning, Sci-Fi Channel is running a marathon tomorrow of the last 2/3's of FIREFLY's only season.  Good chance for a taste...I may bite.  But I'll tivo it, rent the first 5, then watch 'em.  That's how I roll, playaz.

I will take this as my cue to also post all these Jossverse thingies I've been collecting this week... <3 <3 <3

Mister Whedon must have been a busy, busy boy at SDCC...Let's see here: we've got the interview with Amazon's blog (in which he repeats again how much he adores BSG, this time calling it possibly the best show ever on TV *glee*).  The one with  And the one with The Onion's A.V. Club.  There's this huge and sweet piece by the pro writer who won the benefit auction for a dinner with Joss during Comicon.

And as an added bonus, let me add tangents of: Nathan Fillion talking to IGN about DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and Upside Down and Halfway to Happy Land talking to the creator of the BtVS "ONCE MORE WITH FEELING" Sing-a-Long stageshow, which continues to tour all over the US.  And a discussion of a new book written about being a Jossverse fan, the fallacy of the ‘fanboy’ stereotype, and the many things fandom can bring into your life.

An oldie but a goodie: Have you seen the Battlestar Galactica comic?
Joss Whedon: No, I don't think I can do it. I love Battlestar too hard. I couldn't look at any ancillary work. I love Buffy "hard," so are you saying we fans shouldn't read the comic?
Whedon: No, because if they stopped doing Battlestar Galactica, and then two or three years later Ron Moore and David Eick said, "We ourselves are going to continue the story in comic-book form — as opposed to something ancillary to the show done by other people," then I would be all over it. People used to say, "Will you make a Buffy movie like The X-Files did?" I was like never, because while the show is going on, the show is my only priority. That's not to say the Battlestar comic isn't great, but I love that show the way other people love Buffy. I love it unreasonably. [ Laughs] It feels wrong. Is Battlestar your favorite current TV show?
Whedon: Yes, that is my favorite show. Maybe ever. That's saying something. Do David and Ron know that?
Whedon: I think I drooled on Ron at a dinner party once. I don't think he was thrilled.

Oh and of course: LOLBuffy macros!

Because I love him unreasonably. It feels...right.
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It's time to sick a bunch of links on y'all that I've been collecting since before the holiday.

It's quite long, so I'll put it all behind a cut - but trust me, there's something in here for everyone!  Josslove, gossip, the ending of DRIVE, the future of DEADWOOD, eco-narcissism, more news on dangerous foods from China, "crowdsourcing," and...cold-brewed coffee!

Dive in! )
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This is very cool, if it is actually true: Syfy Portal is reporting that two other BSG actors may have cameos or supporting parts on The Bionic Woman, and one of them might be Mark Sheppard.

OK well I got some comments and emails about Apple TV yesterday that basically confirmed I do not want to get it.  Plus, on an even bigger scale, is this meta piece from Gizmodo that has convinced me I may just be better off setting up my own bizarre system (composed of linking my DVR, DVD, Camcorder, TV and Mac using various nefarious and semi-legal mean).  Whatever.  I'd be interested to hear what you all have set up in your homes.

As I said the other day, WAITRESS is a lovely film, and Nathan Fillion is great in it.  I was poking around the film's web site and found this quickie "chat with Nathan"...What's been your best date? "A blind date with a Canadian girl in LA." That's so cute. *g*

TGIF people!!!
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Good news: I saw WAITRESS yesterday - what a funny, quirky, sweet little movie.  This is independent American film at its finest.  Nathan Fillion is perfect; Keri Russell is really moving.  And I am truly sad, that the writer/director of this film, Adrienne Shelly, was murdered earlier this year - we have lost a talented filmmaker.  Shelly knocked my socks off as Hal Hartley's muse of choice in his wonderful early features in the 1990s.  With her untimely passing we have lost a wonderful actress and a filmmaker with so much promise.  But please, see this movie, it's lovely.  Also it has an unexpectedly wonderful supporting part played by Andy Griffith!

Bad news: this BSG series info from someone I can sort of trust, is sounding more solid than anything else I've heard this week.  I know a lot of you in fandom are actually welcoming the idea of S4 being the end.  Well for the record I am not - but if I can deal with the end of Buffy, Deadwood, Six Feet Under, Rome, and The Sopranos, I can certainly deal with this.  It's a ways away now, so I can just forget about it for almost a year.  What hurts the most at THIS MOMENT, is that we in fandom are aching NOW, while the decisions are being made.  Some of us are sitting here NOW, wishing TPTB would chose to do it differently.  We are powerless, and so entranced with this delightful universe that has been created, and we see so much more that could be done.  That is just the life of a fan, ultimately, isn't it.  If you do not make it YOURSELF, you cannot influence the makers.  Today your fanfics just aren't doing it for me.  This too shall pass.  All of this has happened before and...

Good news: Self Made Man by Norah Vincent, is a great book I found via this post at, erm, [profile] anti_feminism .  And yes, I cannot believe it either that I'm watching a comm called Anti-Feminism.  But actually, it's fascinating and their self-definition is not what you'd expect.  Also the book is excellent and very, um, helpful for those of us wearing womens' clothing.

Also, my friend went to Ron Moore's book signing (well, DVD signing) for his Nebula Award, and got to hobnob with him and MrsRon for a second.  She said hello to MrsRon before getting on the signing line, and told MrsRon her online callsign from the SciFi boards.  Then when she got up to the front of the signing line with (LOL) 11 DVDs to sign, MrsRon leaned in to RDM and whispered "she's one of ours," so that he'd sign all of it without hesitation. 

MrsRon I lurrrrvvves ya!

ETA: my friend has posted her full Moore Experience over at the battlestar_blog...
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Well everyone was up in arms on the internetwebtubes today about EJO and Sackhoff's comments in interviews that S4 is definitely the end.  Finito.  (Oh and how cute is it when EJO says he'd happily do a 10 season run if they'd let him.  Awwwww.)

Meanwhile, David Eick gave an "I don't know what EJO is talking about" comment to SciFi Wire today too. 

So, um.  I'm confused.  And trying to stay happy.  I must admit the news when I read it this morning felt like a gut punch.  But we need to steel ourselves, eh.

ETA: you know I just went and watched the videotaped inty's with EJO/KS that these quotes are from...and they are both SOOOOOOOO talking out the side of their mouths.  Sorry but I don't buy it.

Meanwhile, in the Much Better News Department:
- Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that NBC has renewed FRIDAY  NIGHT LIGHTS! Yay! And picked up Eick's reimagined BIONIC WOMAN series (co starring the lovely Ms. Sackhoff). Double yay.  Now someone give Nathan Fillion a new gig please!
- The first of the three promised Mark Sheppard BSG podcasts is up on - and apparently the show's writer, Michael Angeli, shared PC duties.  Cool, I love it when the other writers get in on the pc's.


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