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Two seasons. Ordered in advance. YIPPEE KI YAY! L WORD spinoff? An Edie Falco series? A possible two more SECRET DIARY seasons?

And don't get me started on their show that is a collaboration between JUNO's Oscar winner Diablo Cody, and one young Mr. Steven Spielberg. With Toni Collette.

Oh Showtime, Showtime. I want to hug you right now.

[Meanwhile...a new show called WIZARD'S FIRST RULE is coming in November from the creator of XENA and the SPIDERMAN films...while over at CBS, no news yet of SWINGTOWN's fate...]
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This is both scary...and exciting: a VALLEY GIRL musical?
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Truth be told, I am much more excited about the TV show TRUE BLOOD than about this movie (more on TB later)...but this is one hawt cover!

Tip O' The Hat to Anne Thompson, who in the same article says:

With Comic-Con around the corner (it's the last week of July in San Diego) Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, which doesn't open until December but is already on the cover of EW, is one of the movies sure to pop at the biggest movie launch platform I can think of right now. Is there one bigger?

Cannes is one thing. Sundance and Toronto another. But the impact of Comic-Con on the movie marketplace is huge.

Hallelujah, sister.  I have a lot more to say about Comic-Con...even though (DRAT) I cannot take time off to attend, there are tons of things that I will be covering obsessively for y'all.  Promise.
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His review of WALL-E...a few excerpts below.

Let oil soar above $140 a barrel. Let layoffs and foreclosures proliferate like California’s fires. Let someone else worry about the stock market’s steepest June drop since the Great Depression. In our political culture, only one question mattered: What was Wesley Clark saying about John McCain and how loudly would every politician and bloviator in the land react?

Unable to take another minute of this din, I did what any sensible person might do and fled to the movies. More specifically, to an animated movie in the middle of a weekday afternoon. What escape could be more complete?


...Indeed, sitting among rapt children mostly under 12, I felt as if I’d stepped through a looking glass. This movie seemed more realistically in touch with what troubles America this year than either the substance or the players of the political food fight beyond the multiplex’s walls.

While the real-life grown-ups on TV were again rebooting Vietnam, the kids at “Wall-E” were in deep contemplation of a world in peril — and of the future that is theirs to make what they will of it. Compare any 10 minutes of the movie with 10 minutes of any cable-news channel, and you’ll soon be asking: Exactly who are the adults in our country and who are the cartoon characters?


One of the great things about art, including popular art, is that it can hit audiences at a profound level beyond words. That includes children. The kids at “Wall-E” were never restless, despite the movie’s often melancholy mood and few belly laughs. They seemed to instinctually understand what “Wall-E” was saying; they didn’t pepper their chaperones with questions along the way. At the end they clapped their small hands. What they applauded was not some banal cartoonish triumph of good over evil but a gentle, if unmistakable, summons to remake the world before time runs out.
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I have to post another one (courtesy [profile] dianora2)...LOL

(There are others out there, including a great one for CHUCK)

OK NBCU - where are the Tim Gunn and BSG ones? Hellboy and...Starbuck? Head Six? Adama?

No. Tigh. It's gotta be Tigh. Hehheheheh.
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I have seen these like 5 gazillion times over the past 2-3 years and they just never, ever get tired. Dang.

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As someone who is a tad obsessed with motion graphics, this site is so cool I almost died. Especially nice is that they are currently featuring two of my recent favorites on the home page: STRANGER THAN FICTION and IRON MAN. It's such a fine art, rarely discussed...think MAD MEN opening credits. Another one of my all-time favorites: the Marvel Films logo.

[HT to that wicked cool librarian in my previous post who cataloged all the TV marathons! Librarians FTW again]
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Hullo friends and netneighbors -- I have an bit of flaming fast wifi at the moment, up here in Maine on my vacation, and wanted to share a few vidcam frame grabs with you. I dumped them onto this flickr set with a few descriptive captions.

We were fogged in for a couple of days but yesterday and today have been gorgeous. Take it while you can and live for today! Hope you're all having a good excuse me while I go back out to sit on the deck, drink scotch and contemplate the Meaning of Life.
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In addition to the scrillions of other TV & film panels at Nerdvana this year, there is a possible DOC WHO/TORCHWOOD  panel on Thursday midday, according to a commenter in this post.

You can ask the one-and-only JOHN WATERS questions, via PopCandy, until tomorrow.

As part of the publicity for GET SMART, the Apple Store Soho taped Stephen Colbert interviewing Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway!!!!!!!!!! If Apple does what they usually do, this interview will go up on iTunes shortly in the Podcast section. Keep an eye on this URL: "Filmmaker Talks: Get Smart". If that link isn't working for you, go to Podcasts --> TV & Film --> Filmmaker Talks: Get Smart. Wheeeeee! <3 <3 <3

Very soon this movie THE WACKNESS is opening.  I saw it at the Tribeca Film Festival, it was really sweet, funny, well done.  Check it:

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...while their BtVS hands are still tied by the SAG/AFTRA negotiations...NIIIICE...
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HULU is now broadcasting full eps of THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT  REPORT...


Here is last night's TCR bbs --

[HT techcrunch: game over, hulu wins.]

ETA for you TCR junkies: looks like No Fact Zone is collecting vid embeds of the "Global Edition" segments Colbert tapes for the international broadcasts.
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There is a GUERRILLA GARDENING MOVEMENT and it's sweeping the nation. Seed bombs! Troop dirt! Pirate farming! Huzzah!

Second coolest: I got an email from a writer of the Daily Show! Me, my little self! *moment of silence for TDS overall incredibleness*

His name is Rob Kutner - and he has a new book out called APOCALYPSE HOW. Have you heard about it? Here's a little tidbit, check it.

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Wow, I just mainlined the last 2 hours of UGLY BETTY, 2 hours of GREY'S ANATOMY, and 3 hours of LOST over the past few days. !!!!!!  Really delicious television.

Two more weeks of BSG and...then... *sob*

At least there is this:

(Yes DOC WHO  fans, that's Miss Piper there!)


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