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I posted a rich thick n' juicy BSG S3 UBEX & deleted scenes review/meta here yesterday, but I think something got messed up with the date/time and most of you wouldn't have seen it on your f-list feeds.

So go here if you are interested.
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Under the cut are my thoughts and speculations related to the “Extended Ron Moore” cut of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: UNFINISHED BUSINESS (“UBEX” in fandom shorthand), the Ron Moore/Michael O'Halloran commentary track on UBEX, and the rest of the deleted scene materials included on the S3 DVDs.  Here there be spoilers, of course.

Thanks again, RDM & company. This DVD set is truefandom treasure.


Mar. 12th, 2008 10:15 am
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Well as many of you probably have heard, Hulu is now open to all American users.

Funny how similar their home page image seems to instore displays at every single Apple Store I've ever been to...ain't it?  Well it's not surprising...much of what Nikki Finke fears about this is definitely in play.  Certainly there is an aspect to Hulu that just screams "BITE IT, STEVE JOBS"...

For us little people, we can now watch the entire first season of BUFFY, all of FIREFLY, and the back five eps of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA season three, free online.  Better than nothing, and a nice gateway drug for new viewers.

Oh and also utterly random: THE BIG LEBOWSKI and SIDEWAYS are on there!  Two fantastic, fantastic movies.


Mar. 9th, 2008 09:28 am
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My favorite K/L fanvid from back when I first fell in love with this couple popped up last night in a random BSG video search.

After seeing "Unfinished Business" in Dec 2006, for the first, second, and tenth time, I got absolutely hooked on this frakked-up 'ship, and dove into fandom and fanvids to get a bigger fix.  It was Lee's puppy-dog hopefulness and ballsy drunken bravado that pulled me in - and Kara's deliciously frustrating push-me-pull-you (along with rumors of her imminent demise and/or transformation) that rewired my brain stem into dedicated fannishness. 

This video, though the middle is a bit slow, seems almost perfect to me still.  Especially the last shot.  Oh Kara.  Oh, angsty, angsty pilots (pilawyers).

Meanwhile I eagerly await the longer cut of UB coming to DVD, only weeks away...while savoring the fact that this is the episode RDM & Co. felt needed a director's cut.  Sweeeeet.

[The perfect song? "Surrender" by Billy Talent]
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I have been waiting a long time for indie filmmakers to catch up with indie musicians, on the nettywebs.

This piece is an inspiring step forward.  Because some flix are too "niche" for Hollywood, or even for the smaller distributors, to offer a deal.

See the site here.
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There have been several memes passing around lately to help get to know your lj friends a bit better. Most of you who are actually on my f-list, as opposed to random readers not signed into livejournal, are here from BSG fandom. Let's get to know each other!  I like this meme (via [profile] starpollo).

Answer any of these questions, all of them, two of them, whatever you fancy.  Comment here with your answers, and we can chat!

You can still participate even if you don't have an active livejournal account.  Comment as "anonymous" and leave an email address, I can ping you to chat.

I am going to put this post on my linksroll at the top of my LJ for a while, for easy reference.  I hope it might make my world a tiny bit FRIENDLIER.
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I must say, when you see it all laid out like this, the viral on CLOVERFIELD becomes pretty doggone impressive.  Usually the movie people don't go this deep.  Then again: we're talking about the creatives behind LOST, who have arguably built the greatest viral marketing yet to be seen in this business.  Anyhoo - between LOST, CLOVERFIELD and DARK KNIGHT this year, we've had access - if we wanted it - to some damned clever viral on the intertubage.

ETA: ain't over, really OVER, till someone proves this is fake. OMG!
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I am done with my squeeing about, and posting links for, the film CLOVERFIELD.  But I will add this:  J.J. Abrams' March 2007 T.E.D. Conference appearance.  Enjoy.  [hat tip to Anne Thompson]

Did any of you watching TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES this week catch this bizarre Converse commercial that plays like an Adbusters PSA?  Turns out the entire series of ads is on the Converse site, including this one with a Bob Marley track (I've seen that play many times on Comedy Central)...and this one that I would be simply AMAZED to see on commercial broadcast TV.
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Have you been following the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike?  I know a lot of you have done.  I've been reading my fill of it for seems like many months now, even though I have nothing to do with that side of the film/TV biz.  Yet as a fan, and as someone who makes my living marketing films to the masses, I am fascinated with this strike and its fallout.

One of the most important things the strike has brought about has been what appears to be the birth of a tipping point of sorts for what is called "the creative community" - ie, the writers, filmmakers, actors, and even producers, of all the shows we fans are so enamored of.  Is this entertainment indeed as Joss Whedon has recently suggested, America's #1 Export?  Is it something that we fans simply cannot live without, our modern mythology, a mirror we hold up to ourselves?  What is its value, that is now apparently the question in Hollywood.

Anyone who follows this strike at all on the internet has probably read a few of the things I want to bookmark here.  I just want to make sure you've read all this, if you are interested in the future of entertainment on the internet...or "in new media" or however you like to call it.

Something happened when NETSCAPE founder (and FUNNY OR DIE investor) Marc Andreessen wrote this on his blog - and, much more importantly, this piece here about the idea of Hollywood beginning to become more like Silicon Valley.  While somewhere in their gilded castles high above us all, Steve Jobs gleefully rubbed his hands together, and the Google Boys popped open another bottle of Dom, these two little blog posts began to make the rounds.  On the picket lines, and elsewhere.  Meanwhile the striking writers' presence on the internet, and their direct interaction with fans, blossomed.  Most people on my flist probably know what I'm talking about.  (If not, go have a look at the past month of posts on Sitrep and UnitedHollywood.)

After a little time, Patrick Goldstein had some more to say.  Maureen Ryan collected her thoughts and (being a previously music-obsessed journalist), made the music connection as well as the Silicon Valley one.

Today I see that Goldstein (aka "PGoldy" in some blogger circles, heh) has taken this ball and run even further.  This new piece is the most fascinating yet, in that we fans can glean here from a super-insider, Hollywood-wide discussion going on right now that could change the film & TV business in PROFOUND WAYS.  I feel the need to post this excerpt:

Perhaps both sides in the writers strike should start studying the new economic model operating in today's pop music world. If your product has lost its value in one arena -- meaning if no one's buying your CDs anymore -- you can create value in a new arena. That's why Prince gave away millions of copies of his latest CD, because the real money for him was in concert tickets. It's why Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani have launched clothing lines and the fragrance industry is chock-full of perfumes from Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

"Successful pop artists represent something to people, so their value is in loaning their persona, their music or their likeness to other marketers," says Ken Hertz, a veteran music industry attorney who represents Beyoncé and the Black Eyed Peas and does strategic marketing with such companies as Hasbro and McDonald's. "That's where the new equity lies. Music is the best way for a marketer to build trust with people. And if you trust them, you're going to buy their product, but the real engine for creating trust is the music."

That's not to say that screenwriters will strike it rich endorsing Dell computers (although "Daily Show" contributor John Hodgman will surely make more money for his appearances in those Mac vs. PC ads than writing books like "The Areas of My Expertise," a hilarious almanac of utterly unreliable information). My point being: No one knows where the real value of writing will come from five years from now. It may still be in residuals from TV and films, but it may be from some new YouTube-style Internet buzz site fueled by outside money from Wall Street or Silicon Valley.

While the WGA and the studios flail away at the negotiating table, snarling at each other like the warrior ice bears in "The Golden Compass," new entrepreneurs from Wall Street and Silicon Valley are entering the fray every day. The studios have been buying up or trying to co-opt many of the new entertainment streams, but the writers have a lot to say about the future, since the Internet is a medium where the word has retained tremendous power.

"We're entering an era where, just as there are 300 cable and satellite TV stations, there will be 300 different economic models for different kinds of entertainment," says veteran film producer Michael Shamberg. "There will always be a primal need for people to tell stories, but no one knows what the price structure for those narratives will be. It's a time of extraordinary experimentation of how to sell things, therefore it's an extraordinary time in terms of what you can sell."

So the writers can count on one key advantage. Even when it's difficult to agree on the value of almost anything, it's not hard to understand that in a business of storytelling, everything starts with the storyteller.

On a final note - many months ago, I read this piece in the New York Times...and wondered about its larger implications in the film/TV biz.

This is very, very exciting for us fans.  Keep your eyes and ears to the ground folks.

And please keep calling the Big Media, keep sending pencils.
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Oh what is a fangirl to do...Hulu just let me come inside their beta the midst of the frakking writers, I doubt anyone's getting residuals on this stuff...Yet if we fans flock to sites like Hulu, there'll be no way to DENY the profitability of online distribution...thereby strengthening the writers arguement...

*head explodes*

I give up. Below are two Hulu embeds for ya:

1. the Joss Whedon-directed episode of THE OFFICE from a few weeks ago, BRANCH WARS.

2. a BATTLESTAR ep from last season, one of my favorites: THE SON ALSO RISES. It introduces Master-of-The-Universe defense lawyer Romo Lamkin, and is saturated with a profound grief - as the characters mourn Starbuck's death - while the BSG cast and crew mourns what they assumed was Katee Sackhoff's termination. The Six interrogation scene still ranks as one of my all-time favorite BSG scenes. Key things to know: Lee Adama (forced to guard Romo) was in love with Starbuck. So was the guy who is drunk and standing on the viper. The ship's commander thought of her as a daughter. The blond chick in the prison cell is a cylon (robot). And Gauis Baltar, the dude who looks like Jesus? Well...1) He's in big trouble with the law, 2) the robot is in love with him.

What's a fangirl to do...when Content is queen?

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Holy bejesus! Say it ain't so Kring! That's a rumor, please gods let it be a rumor...

Meanwhile, very cool of you Moore, sharing that cut scene from "Unfinished Business" between Tigh and Starbuck...and miscellaneous other details.

Fandom did a solid today, and delivered pizza to Jane Espenson and the BSG writers on the picket line in Los Angeles. Yay fandom.


Nov. 4th, 2007 10:22 am
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This is the most valuable Lifehacker piece I've seen in a while: the top 10 free video ripper/encoder/converters.

I cannot seem to get viddownloader to work for me (mac w/firefox)...but the comments section of the Lifehacker post directed me to zamzar.  This site DID work - I was able to have it convert, then email me, two .mov files yanked from these two youtube vids that I think many of you would enjoy (thanks gdg & folks HURRY to see, as I'm sure they'll be yanked shortly). They play great on iTunes.

Wow.  Let's hope zamzar is not also installing gods-know-what spyware/hackingcodes/etc on my computer...*nervous...paranoid?*
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As usual, you can look to The Daily Show (which has gone dark in support of the strike) to summarize it clean and simple:

Want more details?  United Hollywood, a blog written by several WGA members, is a great resource.

We TV fans are going to feel the effects of a long strike right away.
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A glimpse of the future, from Variety:
A host of rights to "Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends," a docu about the legendary American singer, have been sold to television and homevid. Clint Eastwood-produced doc features Eastwood interviewing Bennett and jamming with him.

PBS has bought the first television window for its WNET-produced "American Masters" series, while an exclusive deal has been signed to sell the DVD at Target stores. Warner Home Video also will release a special two-disc version of the film.

Pic, the first project financed and produced by Netflix's Red Envelope Entertainment banner (Daily Variety, Feb. 17), also will be available for rental and onscreen viewing at Netflix at the same time as the Target release.

The "American Masters" series, which has aired docs about Bob Dylan and other musical icons, will debut the pic on Sept. 12, with the DVD of the movie sold exclusively at Target beginning Sept. 25.

Clint Eastwood, PBS, Target, Warner Home Video...and Netflix?  That has gotta be some kind of record.  *mind boggles*
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A very creative fangirl made best use of her SMALLVILLE goody bag LOL! [via LA Times]

HOO BOY. Not only was I offline for the second half of Comic Con, and beyond busy at my office all last week - but then I even managed to get sick for a few more days. JEEZ.  Finally…without further delay…more fun things from Comic Con to share!

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It's time to sick a bunch of links on y'all that I've been collecting since before the holiday.

It's quite long, so I'll put it all behind a cut - but trust me, there's something in here for everyone!  Josslove, gossip, the ending of DRIVE, the future of DEADWOOD, eco-narcissism, more news on dangerous foods from China, "crowdsourcing," and...cold-brewed coffee!

Dive in! )
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OK, now I am not a ginormous Star Trek fan.  Sure, I adore TOS, and the first taste I ever got of slash was Kirk/Spock...but I'm not a huge fan of the rest of the franchise shows and films.

But as you flisters know, I am a very big fan of Fandom 2.0 and the cool new ways the IP owners are trying to catch up and deal with fandom.

So this video of Wil Wheaton reading bits of Kirk and Picard dialogues, as written by fans submitting to the Kirk vs. Picard fanfic contest, fills me with META-JOY.

I can only pray that my real fandoms might have a few actors who will be willing to do this sort of thing in the years after the show ends.  Can you imagine Aaron Douglas doing something like this?  Michael Trucco?  *bouncy*

(Props for the link from SF Signal, a fun blog I found today.)

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Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend here in the states...

My mom, bro & I went on a short roadtrip up to our old stomping grounds in Putnam County (NY State) for a few days.

Also, for reasons I probably do not have to get into here on LJ with my fannish peoples: this editorial in last week's ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY fills me with joy.  Not only does it echo both my own suspicions, and the recent statements by TV showrunners Ron Moore and Josh Schwartz - it's just great to see it printed for posterity in a major magazine.


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