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Made without any cameras or lights, using only lasers...

Google has a lot of details and lets you play with the tech behind this vid...


Jul. 10th, 2008 08:51 am
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Hmm, I see that WoW is finally up and running with lots of content. I stumbled on it because of this totally random BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER reference (from Gail Collins?!? *guffaw*)...but look what's on the front page this morning:

*goes off to poke around the site*

Oooh, they're showing off photos of...THEIR DESKS? The desk meme! LOL. Check out Jane Wagner's desk, I'm frakking jealous -

In related news: this person is starting an LJ comm for fangrrls over 30... [ profile] wisteria_ seems to be thinking the same thing... and LJ's front page just featured this comm for Gen-X'ers called [ profile] genx_xslacker. Let's party grrls!
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I have seen these like 5 gazillion times over the past 2-3 years and they just never, ever get tired. Dang.

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HULU is now broadcasting full eps of THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT  REPORT...


Here is last night's TCR bbs --

[HT techcrunch: game over, hulu wins.]

ETA for you TCR junkies: looks like No Fact Zone is collecting vid embeds of the "Global Edition" segments Colbert tapes for the international broadcasts.
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TCM's Sydney Pollack retrospective on June 2

Ausiello leaving TV Guide for Entertainment Weekly

The Cylons will fail because they run Windows

Interested in DOLLHOUSE arg madness? More here.

Interactive Map shows what's in season at the grocery store in every US state

For the fellow post-it maniacs out there: SHEER POST-ITS for borrowed materials

And this, which is massively great (even though it's for the Cylon mainframe Windows):

Meanwhile, it's pimp time for you BSG fans: have you voted in the poll? Are you readying any questions for my fanterview with BSG writer Mike Taylor?
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I'm a tad behind on the movies in theaters front...but IRON MAN was really fun.

Did anyone see SPEED RACER?  It's on my list.

Meanwhile, from the small(er) screen...I'm actually sorry I missed LaBuff on SNL, he was funny!  I want an animated GIF icon of him as Doug Henning saying "Magic!" and flinging his hand like that.  Hilarious.

Lots of GeekTV news coming in the next wave of TV upfront buzz this weekend and today, that JJ Abrams new show FRINGE has been picked up and will most likely run this fall.  Whedon's DOLLHOUSE is a go for midseason.  Apparently SARAH CONNOR's season 2 will run with FRINGE this fall?  And Peter (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) Berg is going to direct Ron Moore/Michael Taylor's pilot for VIRTUALITY? W00t.

I am looking forward to this VHI series SEX: THE REVOLUTION.  Per PopCandy, looks like Sundance Channel will show the uncensored versions next week.
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It's not something I post about often here, where I mainly post good fluff that makes me happy.  But today it's really bugging me:


*pondering the concept of FREE*


May. 1st, 2008 11:25 am
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Have you seen this "Jokerized" DARK KNIGHT trailer?  Fraggin' brilliant.

Not only is this just a great trailer but, per Sci Fi Wire:
Fans following a viral campaign to promote The Dark Knight on April 28 got a sneak peek at the film's newest trailer, which debuts on the Web on Sunday; a lucky few fans received a reel of the trailer that had been "Jokerized."

In other words the trailer was literally MAILED to some fans, who projected it on a wall and posted that to youtube?  Too good.

And this film doesn't even NEED to make such great advertising.  They do it cuz...THEY CARE.  LOL.  [btw if the trailer gets yanked, you can DL it here.]

ETA: a day later...and this hasn't been yanked.  So it's probably all fake viral - and you know what? I don't give a frak, I still loved it. The trailer is still great.
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I'm gonna try out this newfangled TWITTER THING starting now through this weekend during the New York Comic Con. Apparently the BSG guests have changed to Michael Trucco, Michael Hogan (*JUMPS AROUND WITH THE HAPPY*) and Rekha Sharma - three of the final four - so that's gonna be a good time!

We'll see how far I get through the Con doors with my camera and/or video camera in tow... *g*

So please twitter with me if you are so inclined...let me know if you have a different user name over there.
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I have mentioned before that I used to work in the independent music business, and now work in film marketing…and have been eagerly awaiting the digital transformation of the film business that we have experienced with music over the past decade.

So wasn’t I gleeful today to read this Stream Feed piece (not to mention the links to other pieces within it).  It is no surprise to hear that revolution will not be televised: as usual in the film world, it will be the indies - mainly micro-street-indies, natch - that drag us kicking and screaming into the future.  Aka  “Indiewood 3.0”…Exciting stuff to be sure, egged on by the WGA strike no doubt.

But riddle me this: if it all goes digital, and possibly even “Free Economy,” where does the money to make the films come from?  Product placement?  Advertisers?  Donations?  Monetizing Free is the key issue here, with film & TV makers/distributors working it out through trial and error like the music business had to.

Nowadays, free song files and legal streams can result in immense, sold-out live tours, huge profits from official merchandise, live-show CDs and DVDs, and brand-building value for individual artists.  Film and television will need their own equivalents – not a big step, but an area where innovation is definitely needed. 
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Again, I'm not really a DOCTOR WHO fan, but this promo below is pretty darned excellent.  Also, I wanted to test out this retro-TV skin around the vid.  Cool huh?


Mar. 12th, 2008 10:15 am
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Well as many of you probably have heard, Hulu is now open to all American users.

Funny how similar their home page image seems to instore displays at every single Apple Store I've ever been to...ain't it?  Well it's not surprising...much of what Nikki Finke fears about this is definitely in play.  Certainly there is an aspect to Hulu that just screams "BITE IT, STEVE JOBS"...

For us little people, we can now watch the entire first season of BUFFY, all of FIREFLY, and the back five eps of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA season three, free online.  Better than nothing, and a nice gateway drug for new viewers.

Oh and also utterly random: THE BIG LEBOWSKI and SIDEWAYS are on there!  Two fantastic, fantastic movies.
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I have been waiting a long time for indie filmmakers to catch up with indie musicians, on the nettywebs.

This piece is an inspiring step forward.  Because some flix are too "niche" for Hollywood, or even for the smaller distributors, to offer a deal.

See the site here.
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I have 10 invites to use, if anyone wants to use one to get in, let me know. Email me or send me yr address.

BTW I don't think Hulu works outside the USA.
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I must say, when you see it all laid out like this, the viral on CLOVERFIELD becomes pretty doggone impressive.  Usually the movie people don't go this deep.  Then again: we're talking about the creatives behind LOST, who have arguably built the greatest viral marketing yet to be seen in this business.  Anyhoo - between LOST, CLOVERFIELD and DARK KNIGHT this year, we've had access - if we wanted it - to some damned clever viral on the intertubage.

ETA: ain't over, really OVER, till someone proves this is fake. OMG!
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Best list evar: Jim Emerson's 10 Best Movies list, done as a short film that is also a tribute to the WGA in their strike, and the great filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni.  Took me 3 viewings to process the SUPERBAD shots.  I worked on #3 & those were pretty obvious. 


[via Spout blog]


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