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(hat tip to TV Squad and Seat 42f)

PS - looks like you MAD MEN fans out there who adore Rachel Menken, played by the marvelous Maggie Siff, can catch more of Maggie in FX's new show SONS OF ANARCHY. Here's a shot of her at the TCAs on that panel -- along with the full-body-tattooed showrunners, LOL...and yes, Ron Perlman of HELLBOY fame. FTW, y/y?
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Cover of issue...and massive article.

<3  <3  <3

Season 1 DVD streets July 1.
Season 2 premieres on AMC July 27.

(hat tip to Whedonesque)
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I just posted this at my Battlestar Galactica blog, but since I'm also a Mad Men & Breaking Bad fan, let me share here:

According to this post over at The Envelope, the L.A. Times has organized a public Q&A screening series with the cast and crew of Emmy-contender shows such as MAD MEN, DAMAGES, BREAKING BAD, BIG LOVE, HOUSE and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. All events are at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood.

Go here for schedule and RSVP info.

Argh, I am so jealous right now!
*sighing in new york*
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Who's getting excited?

*proud to be part of the LEGION OF OBSSESSED FANS, heh*


Apr. 30th, 2008 07:03 pm
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TV was pwning this past week...the AMADEUS-inspired ep of 30 ROCK had me ROFLMAO.  Again.  Welcome back GREY'S ANATOMY with a bang.  I still love you -- even though you are dating someone else!  UGLY BETTY continues to make me giggle nonstop.  Many of you have probably read how I feel about BATTLESTAR.  I miss JOHN ADAMS and its grandeur (not to mention that gorgeous score cue that I am STILL HUMMING TO MYSELF WTF).  Sigh.

And THE TUDORS? Well I am quite glad I stuck with it thus far, because this Sunday's ep was absolutely the best one yet.  In the entire series.  Great stuff, with the entire cast bringing their A Game for serious.  So it's good news that it's getting a third season in my book.  Jeremy Northram is a huge loss, but the show is cruising along at a high, high level.  How amazing is Peter O'Toole as the pope?  They certainly give him some terrific lines.  As fun as all the palace intrigue on this show can be, my favorite element here involves religion - bringing all this history to life in such an engaging way.  You see precedents being laid here that draw a clear path towards the founding of our own American society.  I've never been much of a history nerd, so much of this perspective is new for me.

*gestures towards my icon*

As for...THAT just about blew my mind last Thursday night (actually Saturday afternoon when I got around to watching it, heh).  Seriously I don't even know what to say about it.  Other than how amazing Benjamin Linus is.  He's right up there with DEADWOOD's Swearengen and BATTLESTAR's Baltar as a great character whose every move, every word, every scheme, is a joy to watch and fully realized by the writers and actors involved.

Meanwhile: time for MAD MED S1 DVD pre orders people!  *\o/*
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Ha ha ha - I already asked for, and received, my wish of photos of my favorite Scifi ladies tooling around on their hogs. Now I have to look for pictures of Taylor Kitsch and Kyle Chandler biking around LA and Austin TX? (See first viddy below LOL). The second vid is just some Friday MAD MEN goodness. Because I can. Thanks Kristin! ;)

This post is so random that I could barely think of a title. I'm sitting here at the office, chillaxing after the movie I worked on for so many months, so long and so hard, swept the Oscars in all the top categories. *pats self on back* In a year of fantastic, intense movies by most of the filmmakers I have obsessively tracked my entire adult life (Cronenberg; Burton; Lynch; Coens; Anderson), it was a joy to work on this one.

OK, let's linkspammit people!

Jezebel: "Uh, thanks for RUINING our orgasms, mens magazine!"  I suppose I’m supposed to think this is sad? I just laugh uncontrollably every time I reread this and look at that (what? 100 YEAR OLD?) advertisement clipping at the top. Heh.

Awesome Nathan Fillion/Nicholas Brandon Whedonverse Con panel vids. LOL. Several parts if you have the stomach. Such charming and bizarre boys.

You recall those Paley Center panels that are starting next month with the casts of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, MAD MEN, CHUCK, PUSHING DAISIES, DIRTY SEXY MONEY, and that pesky little BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER reunion? Well how cool is this: you can submit questions for the panels to the Paley Center mods. Open until Monday March 10th. FTW. [via [profile] paleyfest08  ]

Both sad, and hilarious: Spike Jonze's new film version of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is apparently making children cry in fear at early test screenings. I still cannot wait to see it.

A food comm I read, [profile] about_food  , has posted all the concepts Michael Pollan lays out in his latest book, IN DEFENSE OF FOOD, right here. Please read them and do as many as you can – it’s GOOD FOR YOU! Also that’s a very cool comm if you’re interested in slow food, local food, etc.

OMG, look at this crazy adzuki/green tea cupcake! I don't know if I have the energy to make it...*considers*

I suppose a lot of my flist will consider this old news, but I just found out about this FIREFLY fanfic novel by established fantasy novelist Steven Brust.

Let's discuss for a sec, how much I lurve this photo of Ellen Page. *sigh*

If you missed Jon Stewart's hour last week on Larry King, it's all on youtube now.

Wired has a ton of cool pieces this month that blew my mind, inspired me, made me want to get out and MAKE SHIT, and made me very impatient about my business. Here are the ones that are online now: The mysterious honeybee CCD and the world of 'metagenomics' - reads like a Neal Stephenson or William Gibson plot bunny; FREE STUFF is the future of business (by Chris "Long Tail" Anderson). If you have access to the print mag (free copy available here), check out the pieces in the March issue about online gallieries that let us all become art collectors; the concept of the PMOG - does anyone want to play this sounds AWESOME. Let's all regroup about the PMOG after I can linkspam you later.

SciFi Wire and io9 pimping the WANTED footage screened at Wondercon.  I wanna see!

Let me leave you now with a great quote from this outta-control rant about the Oscars that popped up on Salon today.  You just have to give this writing some props:

Hollywood is always a lopsided reflection of the political situation we're in.

In this sense, performing artists, classically a fairly high-strung, hypersensitive lot, have always been pretty effective canaries in the cultural coal mine. What they've been telling us, lately, is that we have a very, very sick culture on our hands.

It was a terrible, tooth-gnashing year of hideous self-reflection, for America: the ugly flipside of cultural narcissism. Our country, on the back end of a rapacious tear of sophomoric jerkbag behavior, is moving into the slightly more mature adolescent phase of starting to hate its own smell.

I am the greatest country in the world / I am the piece of shit at the center of the universe.

After shaving its head and driving drunk around the globe with no panties, calling itself the Antichrist, and finally abandoning its children, totaling its SUV and getting its ass kicked in the parking lot of the Persian Gulf, America is realizing that it is internationally loathed, broke, soulless, tasteless, fat, drunk, malicious, greedy and stupid, and has been generally behaving like a lousy excuse for a world superpower for long enough to lose all its friends and position.

Conspicuously missing from this Oscars was any loose talk of politics or the war, until the designated time block for dissent during the presentation of the documentary film awards. This was especially weird: Why, if they didn't want to acknowledge the outside world, did they get a truth teller like Jon Stewart to host the thing?

Huzzah!  Who is this Cintra Wilson?

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I'm just post-happy this evening!  Woo hoo!

*jumps around, yelling and flinging little posts at the flist*

OK.  For serious.  Here are two great posts on Watch With Kristin and The Ausiello Report where you can get up-to-the-minute news on the status of your fave TV shows now that the strike is pretty much over.   And this Variety piece is about the pilots that will most likely be on the fast track now for next fall.

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Bunch of random stuff I sucked up from thetubes this morning...

Jon Robin Baitz has posted again regarding his being ousted from the creative team of BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and moving back East.  Sigh.  I'm not so sure my dedication to this lovely matriarchal soap opera can weather any more of his missives.  Then again, with only 2 more pre-strike eps left to air, guess it's a moot point.

LOL!  Keith Olberman wades into the madness over at DailyKos!  (1500 comments. Oy.)

This is completely insane.  And probably a viral marketing trick.  I don't care.  (Also have you seen this?  Jesus gods.)

An Obama-Bloomberg ticket?  That's an awesome idea..."post-partisan"...I could get behind that.

This MTV video about the music scene in Brooklyn introduces several cool bands, for any of you locals or music fiends out there.  As a current (relocated) Manhattan resident who loved and misses the 1990s Lower East Side club scene, I can certainly corroborate that Manhattan is an ugly forsaken shell of its former lively, creative self: rich bitches have pushed everything of worth out to Brooklyn.  All that's left here in Manhattan now are wage slaves, rent controlled antiques, and shopping malls.  *Is suddenly reconsidering the wisdom of Obama-Bloomberg...*

This is exciting: an unsubstantiated rumor that the Coachella Festival of SoCal might be planning an East Coast event...*joy*

A movie is being made about girls rollerderby.  That in and of itself is FTW.  But apparently Drew Barrymore will direct...and Ellen (JUNO) Page might star? *glee*  ETA: a day later, Variety has confirmed it: Page is in. *more glee*

Scarlett Johansson is releasing an album full of Tom Waits cover songs.  Who knew?

MAD MEN, which will be in reruns of its first season again on AMC starting Sunday Jan 20th, is being shopped to the networks as strike fodder to air in reruns in the Big Leagues!  Very good news.  Hope they don't have to edit it too much. 
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It's all vaguely spoilery, so I'll put it down under just in case.

Sorry I haven't caught up with the rest of the week yet. Ha!  I still have a new FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, UGLY BETTY, PUSHING DAISIES, DIRTY SEXY, and CALIFORNICATION to go.  That and trying to hit the Metropolitan Museum of Art's newest exhibits and catch me some NYC fall foliage in the park...and maybe a movie...*head explodes*
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Still digging BIONIC WOMAN. Yup. Now we have Jamie hacking herself maybe? Ha. And apparently Katims is running the writers room now? Well that's GOT TO BE a good thing. Nice script, Eick.

About PRIVATE PRACTICE: I haven't watched last night's yet, but can I say this show brought me to tears for 2 weeks in a row?! 1.1 during the mall-emergency scene (finding out what happened to her son), and 1.2 during the baby swapping scene (oh mommies!)...if they pull this off again...whoa.

I'm still slightly gleeful about last Saturday's SNL muppets sketch. *g* Maya Rudolph makes an awesome Janice!

Gods I'm gonna miss MAD MEN, which ends next week...Last week's ep was just incredible. Peggy's new assignment...Joan doing Roger's makeup...Betty doing the laundry (!!!)...Peggy's date (today's subject line quotes that wonderful scene)...and THE BOX.

Can't stop typing without bringing you today's braindump...
  • Fandom gets to vote on the US DVD cover for TORCHWOOD S1 starting 10/15! Cool.
  • Seth Green is coming to GREY’S ANATOMY. Me likey.
  • Interesting factoid: did you know that “the median income of women age 21 to 30 in New York who are employed full time was 17 percent higher than that of comparable men”?
  • 101 Cookbooks turned me on to these great links: the person who runs the cookbook section of the NY Public Library has a blog, and there is a great new site selling works of art for $20.
  • Can we talk for a sec about how James McAvoy is looking on this Esquire cover? *long sigh*
  • HBO has decided to respond to fandom’s collective AARRRRGGGGHHH over what DEADWOOD actors Ian McShane and W. Earl Brown have said publicly RE the dismantling of the DEADWOOD sets and the unlikelyhood of the TV movies ever being made. BigscreenLittlescreen collects up all the important links for us. A misguided ray of hope, or spin control?
  • This sucks - but I have no doubt it is related to the WGA talks. Hopefully it will be worked out soon. Blargh.
  • I suppose some of you have heard about this Warner Brothers scandal. (Yes, SCANDAL.  If it's true, not out of context, and not a joke.)  I'm on the fence - Nikki Finke is a bit of a shit-stirrer.  Yet it is quite compelling if three separate producers pointed it out independently of each other, and if Robinov wasn't joking.  Frustrating news, with a bizarre upside that it's causing a lot of great discussion about the bigger issue: women and their place as filmmakers and audience.

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While I had already been happy to see Vincent Kartheiser, formerly of ANGEL (Connor) on MAD MEN:

I just realized that the fabulous actress who plays all-knowing Joan (on the left)... our beloved Saffron of FIREFLY, Christina Hendricks.

Yet again...Joss is Love.  *g*

PS - the subject line is a quote from this past week's MAD MEN ep.
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It's been a while since I've said anything about all the summer TV.

Is anyone out there watching the summer cable dramas?  I'm good and hooked on a bunch of them, a few I'm hanging on to see how they go.  And WEEDS has just begun! Happy!

It goes without saying that everything below is spoiler-ridden, you have been warned.

Now I’ll leave you with a bit of dialogue between MAD MEN Don Draper and his boss Roger Sterling, played out near the end of last week’s ep (S1x04).  Bottom’s up.
Both men are sitting with their end-of-day whiskeys in hand.

Sterling: You don’t know how to drink, your whole generation.  You drink for the wrong reasons.  My generation, we drink because it’s good. Because it feels better than unbuttoning your collar. Because we deserve it. We drink because it’s what men do.

Draper: What about shaky hands? I see a lot of that too with you boys…

S: No joke! Your kind, with your gloomy thoughts and your worries – you’re all busy licking some imaginary wound.

D: Not all imaginary…

S: Yeah, boo hoo.

D: Maybe I’m not as comfortable being powerless as you are.

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Just when I think FoTC cannot get any funnier, they up the ante again. Bowie impersonations, Mel gettin' all slashy in the library...JOHN HODGMAN.  WOW.  LABYRINTH Bowie was the icing on the cake.  *tears up from dah funny*

I really enjoyed MAD MEN last Thursday and will definitely keep watching.  For me the most engaging aspect is the depiction of women’s roles in that period.  We have come a long way, baby.  Added bonuses: I didn’t realize that Vincent “ANGEL” Kartheiser was in it.  AMC made terrifically clever, show-related spots that ran during all the MAD MEN commercial breaks – there was an advertising factoid to go with every 30-second ad running during the hour.  Very engaging.

This is the first time I’ve heard David “ANGEL” Greenwalt speak at length about his new show MOONLIGHT, which begins this September.  Sounds like he’s mining the Anne Rice-type vampverse for this one – given the lack of “other monsters.”  And it ain’t too shabby, having Joel "MATRIX" Silver peeking over your shoulder now and then, eh.

Hearing spoilers never bothered me before I got interested in serialized TV – and before the immediacy of internet fandom.  For many years, I watched little TV and tons and tons of films, and no one ever worried about "getting spoiled."  In fact I studied film for years in college, reading reams of articles and essays, sometimes watching a film 2-3 times to get the most from it.  It is therefore fascinating to watch the current public discussions in the press concerned about spoiling audiences via film, TV and book reviews.  Film reviewer Nathan Lee just wrote a thought-provoking op-ed piece over the weekend, prompted by the most high-profile spoiling yet: of the final Harry Potter book.

I recently noticed that, much like the “EW Extra” longer Michael Hogan/Katee Sackhoff inty, EW has also posted a much longer version of their Stephen Colbert Hot 100 inty.   *squee*

So SUNSHINE was fantastic, I highly recommend it – the movie's mind-boggling space visuals on the anamorphic screen DEMAND to be viewed in a theater.  It's awe-inspiring sci-fi, with some satisfying psychodrama thrown in.  THE DARJEELING LIMITED trailer was shown with it; doesn’t look that great, but I like Wes Anderson plenty, and all the cast, so I’ll see it for sure.  More enticing to me, was the trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio’s new doc, THE 11TH HOUR – it caused me to tear up with its inspirational tone.  As a regular for several years now, I saw some familiar (and seriously POSITIVE & INSPIRING) faces in there. 

TV Guide pointed me to a couple of fall show teasers that look fun, for CW shows REAPER, and ALIENS IN AMERICA.  REAPER looks especially ridiculous (Kevin Smith! Ray Wise!), and I’ve been waiting for SOMEBODY to try a Muslim-in-America comedy...finally.

According to E!Online, there is a boatload of TRUTH to this Zachary "Sylar" Quinto as Young Spock rumor – which is seriously AWESOME, ‘cuz he would be just perfect.  *glee*  Guess we don’t need to wait for J.J. to announce at Comicon?

Last week I finished S5 of LA FEMME NIKITA on DVD.  Loved it, great stuff.  This HEROES/NIKITA reference from Ali Larter just gave me an additional LFN grin…

I love this: TPTB doing the BABYLON 5 film had to ask fandom for help recovering the show's sets and special effects.  Soooo meta.

Sci-Fi Signal just posted this nice piece on 14 Ways to cultivate a lifetime reading habit, and this hilarious piece on Why Real Men Love THE FIFTH ELEMENT.  (Full disclosure: I'm not a man.)


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