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BUT - Jennifer at Watch With Kristin is messing with the blog while her boss is away and posting zillions of awesome LOST fanvids.

This is my favorite:

Second favorite: LOST credits done BUFFY style FTW

That "Die Another Day" one is pretty awesome too...
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Well, STAR TREK The Reboot is a year away...LOST is winding down for another 8-month hiatus*...and it looks like CLOVERFIELD 2 is on a back burner at the moment...

Nevertheless...I smell hijinks of some sort in the Bad Robot compound that are just getting started...

:: rubs hands together ::

Does anyone know where I can get some FRINGE icons?

*Don't forget to rewatch S4x12 with new footage...
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Whoa.  How bout this week's LOST & BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, eh?  My head is spinning. 

I have some basic thoughts - and a bunch of questions -  on BSG posted in the comments section over here if you're interested.  I have only watched it once and plan to rewatch, read everyone else's thoughts, and then maybe have a bit more to say.

Meanwhile, can I get a HUZZAH for the first HEROES season 3 promo spot?  Three friggin' hours?! W00t.

Also forgot to mention earlier in the week, that I watched the PBS movie CRANFORD last Sunday night based on Mo Ryan's review.  And for any of you Jane Austen/Brit period piece drama fans out there -- see it!  Excellent, witty, and surprisingly matriarchal.  Great acting...and a welcome respite from the intensely romantic nature of many of those BBC films.  This has all the usual romantic entanglements and all that -- but also much more of THE REST OF LIFE.  You can still catch part 1 (of 3) on PBS's site, and part 2 is coming tomorrow.
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I am Jack's missing appendix.


May. 3rd, 2008 09:01 am
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Watched the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and LOST eps last night, after a late night at the office.


Holy crap that's good TV.

Just.  Maaaaan!!

Also, on a sidenote: all of us who have adored Robert Downey Jr. since the frakkin' 1980s? We have some bigass smiles on our faces right now.  Heh heh.


Apr. 30th, 2008 07:03 pm
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TV was pwning this past week...the AMADEUS-inspired ep of 30 ROCK had me ROFLMAO.  Again.  Welcome back GREY'S ANATOMY with a bang.  I still love you -- even though you are dating someone else!  UGLY BETTY continues to make me giggle nonstop.  Many of you have probably read how I feel about BATTLESTAR.  I miss JOHN ADAMS and its grandeur (not to mention that gorgeous score cue that I am STILL HUMMING TO MYSELF WTF).  Sigh.

And THE TUDORS? Well I am quite glad I stuck with it thus far, because this Sunday's ep was absolutely the best one yet.  In the entire series.  Great stuff, with the entire cast bringing their A Game for serious.  So it's good news that it's getting a third season in my book.  Jeremy Northram is a huge loss, but the show is cruising along at a high, high level.  How amazing is Peter O'Toole as the pope?  They certainly give him some terrific lines.  As fun as all the palace intrigue on this show can be, my favorite element here involves religion - bringing all this history to life in such an engaging way.  You see precedents being laid here that draw a clear path towards the founding of our own American society.  I've never been much of a history nerd, so much of this perspective is new for me.

*gestures towards my icon*

As for...THAT just about blew my mind last Thursday night (actually Saturday afternoon when I got around to watching it, heh).  Seriously I don't even know what to say about it.  Other than how amazing Benjamin Linus is.  He's right up there with DEADWOOD's Swearengen and BATTLESTAR's Baltar as a great character whose every move, every word, every scheme, is a joy to watch and fully realized by the writers and actors involved.

Meanwhile: time for MAD MED S1 DVD pre orders people!  *\o/*
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Was this HI-larious picspam of LOST/BSG goodness by [profile] ack_attack.  Who is brilliant, as usual.


Consider this early celebration of actually being able to watch BOTH THESE SHOWS AT ONCE later this spring. *joy*
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This is a hilarious LOST fanvid, collecting all of Sawyer's nicknames through end of season 3. LOL - my favorites this year have been "Yoda" (Benry) and "Kurtz" (Locke).

Hey, Skeletor seems to like it!  Bottoms up!
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IN TREATMENT - I am completely enthralled by this show - and hope some of you are watching it. Intense, intimate, real, scary, with many glimpses of actual soul. Incredible cast.  Rodrigo Garcia is the showrunner (and the writer/director of the first few weeks of eps).  Anyone who's ever seen his two feature films will know he is a master of the subtle gesture, the important yet barely noticeable event.  And that he understands how to get a great performance from his actors. You must see it.  And have I mentioned how much Michelle Forbes pwns every scene she's in?  Yeah.

LOST - blowing my mind!  Adore it. I  even enjoyed the much-maligned Juliet ep last week.  For me, Juliet has always been fascinating - and I love, love, love Ben/Others flashbacks that give Ben backstory, and/or recontextualize past events from the Others' POV. Good times. Not only am I gleeful about the prospect of this and BATTLESTAR airing at the same time...hee hee...but I am also mystified by Fun!

TORCHWOOD - Uneven as always, but I love it! The good ones are so, so good. ADAM was my favorite ep so far this season (that's the one about memory). Very much enjoyed this week's ep (here in the USA that was the one where that glove gets used)...and continue to hope those oddball rumors about the show's future are wrong. I want my TW to remain as it is.

BREAKING BAD - Liked, not loved.  The last ep was this past Sunday...wonder if it'll get renewed.  Were any of you watching?  The final scene of the 2nd to last ep, when "Mr. Clean" Walt threatened a buildingful of murderous homeys with his magical chemistry, was amazing.

I don't watch THE WIRE...but I was truly impressed by this superbly classy piece the writers did for TIME MAGAZINE.  Word.
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"If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself, tell yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches."

-- Rainer Maria Rilke (snerched from my latest feed: [profile] motivationquote)

Lots of great stuff on the nettywebbage today - it’s actually hard to keep up!

This is brilliant: the LOST showrunners answering fannish questions from…THE CAST.  Great idea, guys.  BSG, plscopyit kthxbai.  (Why does it not surprise me that the best questions are from the guy who plays Desmond?)  Also in the LOST Fun Department…I am now addicted to these:
  • Ack_attack’s picspam recaps
  • The Many Faces of Jack Shephard - the most-maligned EmoGuy on TV today (even more than – gasp – Lee Adama)!
  • The Some Other LOST Screens blog…which I am sure is Bad Robot owned and operated, but I have no proof.  Regardless, it's chockful o' nerdtastic details, that lead to burning questions, that lead to nerdtastic details, until my head explodes!

[community profile] ohnotheydidnt is well worth sifting through the endless Lilo, Britbrit and American Idol posts for gems like these:  Robert Downey Jr. in the most dangerous role of his lifetime…Wow.  And, you just knew that those LiLo Marilyn Monroe shots were not gonna go…unanswered.  Right?  Ouch, MY EYES!

E!Online made a nice list of when the strike-shot TV shows will be coming back on air this season.

For those unafraid of spoilers on the BUFFY comic books, this one is a doosey…see how it comes around?  BUFFY inspires the makers of TORCHWOOD, and then…etc.  It's that - or maybe Drew G. & Joss have been reading too much slashy fanfiction?   ;-)

Some random products of bizarre and wondrous minds:
A Balloon Panzer
A Booze-carrying Bra
A Store That Sells Whatever The Guy Feels Like

“I’m very fond of telling people when they say that they would like regime change, for example, in Washington, that what we really need is species change. That the species itself is so impossible and so deeply degraded that one could well do with something else for a change.”

-- documentarian Errol Morris, from this wonderful transcript of a moderated conversation with filmmaker Werner Herzog

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Here's the new IRON MAN trailer they showed with LOST last night. It is awesome (and well worth your going over to the source to get higher-res version and revel in all the FX shots they've finished to date! yay!) -

BTW that LOST ep was completely fantastic and opened up the time issues magically. Love it. Now is probably an excellent time to chew on stuff that is spoilerish if you're not caught up with S3 and S4 - come on in! )

Ahhhh, that's entertainment.
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So there's one of those fill-in-my-missing-words spoilers for LOST S4 on Ausiello today:

What do we think this means?

ETA: So I took this question to a big comm of LOSTies, and of course got a ton of (good) answers...including a link that claims to show the spoilery "real Oceanic 6"...I didn't click it.   *staying strong*
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I just found out about these hilarious LOST, GREY'S ANATOMY, and UGLY BETTY V Day e-cards...So cute!

Here's the one a pal sent me this morning...Awwwww.

ETA: Some time slot news I grabbed off [community profile] ohnotheydidnt today:

The writers' strike may end up being the best thing that ever happened to Lost.

ABC is said to be finalizing a post-strike spring schedule that not only hands Lost its best available time slot, but promises to further strengthen the network's stronghold on Thursday night.

According to multiple sources, ABC plans on airing this season's final five* Lost episodes on Thursdays at 10 pm/ET beginning in late April, where it will follow all-new episodes of Grey's freakin' Anatomy! Throw in fresh installments of Ugly Betty at 8 pm and you've got yourself the most formidable one-two-three punch since the early days of CBS' Survivor/CSI/Without a Trace smashup. Creatively speaking, I'd go so far as to say this rivals NBC's storied Must-See-TV juggernaut back in the '90s.

And I haven't even gotten to the best part.  The best part is that I'm hearing that ABC is strongly considering keeping this dream lineup intact this fall... and beyond.

I don't know about you, but this almost makes up for ABC's mishandling of [insert any number of show titles here].

* This just in: I'm now hearing that Lost's final arc may consist of six episodes, not five. No, Team Darlton isn't making an extra episode this season. Rather, the final installment of the current run (aka Episode 8) will likely be held to kick off the final batch of five. According to my spies, Episode 7 makes for a better, more logical, break.

Meanwhile, have any of you been considering uploading theories to the LOST website?  They've been pimping this on-screen during the broadcast of season 4 eps.  You can upload actual videos of you and your theories.  Hmm.  I have developing theories, and one thousand and one burning questions.  Would anyone out there like to put our brainpower together and make a video?  Maybe we could cut together video of the two of us debating theory and coming to a shared conclusion.  Get in touch vidders!  I have a camera.  I'm just...well, guess I'm shy.

ETA 2: Someone asked me where I got my cow icon.  Come over here for this and more hilarious stuff from [profile] pilot101.

Another new fun thang for pimping - they have set up a LOST widget, which I'm embedding below.  Hopefully it will be as fun and useful as the CLOVERFIELD or Sundance Film Festival widgets were in the past.  Game on, islanders!

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I'm just post-happy this evening!  Woo hoo!

*jumps around, yelling and flinging little posts at the flist*

OK.  For serious.  Here are two great posts on Watch With Kristin and The Ausiello Report where you can get up-to-the-minute news on the status of your fave TV shows now that the strike is pretty much over.   And this Variety piece is about the pilots that will most likely be on the fast track now for next fall.

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LOST:  Uh, yeah. Awesome.  Those music videos running during the S4 premiere were so fun, especially the Locke one set to CRAZY by Patsy Cline, HAH...ABC does fanvids.  Kewl. 

After my powerwatch of S3 last week - entire season in 5 days - I was a tad bleary eyed.  But it was big fun.  Love the Flash Forward idea - what a great way to reinvigorate the entire structure of the show.  Is it just me, or does this show have a wicked lot in common with BSG?  Also - I am officially a "Jater" bitches!  That pop-up tidbit during the S3 finale rebroadcast on Wednesday was enlightening. *chuckle*

[profile] mediocrechick has posted something that I, too, am sure I am going to become completely obsessed with.

I also learned a new word this week: "Transmedia Storytelling."  We needed this new name for something that can no longer be pigeonholed under old words "ARG," "Viral Marketing," or any of that.  It is becoming (thanks to folks like Whedon, JJ Abrams et al) a new form of entertainment that is unlike any before it.  Heh.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS:  I'm getting a little frantic as we are about to run out of episodes.  Trying to stay calm.

PBS GREAT PERFORMANCES AUSTEN SERIES:  Uneven...nevertheless, OF COURSE I'm watching it!  Need to make sure I pimp my favorite older Austen adaptations to you folks:  the 1995 version of PERSUASION.  The 1995 version of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY.  The 1999  version of MANSFIELD PARK.  And do I really need to mention the Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle version of PRIDE & PREJUDICE? Really? *g*

: Trying to stick with it.  They almost lost me last week in the 2nd ep...putting such loser guys under a microscope is making me cringe.  But I just cannot turn away from all the chemistry lessons!  They are just...fascinating.  Especially the one involving the bathtub (ewww).

:  I have a full week's worth stored on the Tivo.  Haven't had time yet.  Is anyone out there watching?  It's confirmed that Battlestar Galactica's Michelle Forbes will soon make an appearance, btw.  See Mo Ryan for more on that.


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