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Wednesday nights are going to burn holes in my DVR.  All the shows I watched this evening, including PRIVATE PRACTICE, deserve a bit more of my time.  A few of them are definitely going to drop off later in the season, just not sure yet which ones.  Next week PUSHING DAISIES starts up too, adding more to the frey.

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Friday braindump time!

Ahahaha [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl – they made a tee shirt of it!

GLOBAL ECONOMIC WOES: The chaos in the markets confuses me, because I'm terrible with that sort of stuff.  I read this New York mag piece by Jim Cramer last week and it made me nervous for my 401K & IRA.  This Salon piece may explain it better...but I don't feel any better for reading it.  I always thought those subprime housebuying loans and refinance deals were ridiculous - if you don't have enough money to buy all the bright shiny stuff - DON'T BUY IT.  Pretty simple I thought; though if you need $$$ fast for a medical procedure or other emergency, I can see how this would come in handy.  This is a moment in time where my lack of owning a home seems like a good thing.  Ack.
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Just when I think FoTC cannot get any funnier, they up the ante again. Bowie impersonations, Mel gettin' all slashy in the library...JOHN HODGMAN.  WOW.  LABYRINTH Bowie was the icing on the cake.  *tears up from dah funny*

I really enjoyed MAD MEN last Thursday and will definitely keep watching.  For me the most engaging aspect is the depiction of women’s roles in that period.  We have come a long way, baby.  Added bonuses: I didn’t realize that Vincent “ANGEL” Kartheiser was in it.  AMC made terrifically clever, show-related spots that ran during all the MAD MEN commercial breaks – there was an advertising factoid to go with every 30-second ad running during the hour.  Very engaging.

This is the first time I’ve heard David “ANGEL” Greenwalt speak at length about his new show MOONLIGHT, which begins this September.  Sounds like he’s mining the Anne Rice-type vampverse for this one – given the lack of “other monsters.”  And it ain’t too shabby, having Joel "MATRIX" Silver peeking over your shoulder now and then, eh.

Hearing spoilers never bothered me before I got interested in serialized TV – and before the immediacy of internet fandom.  For many years, I watched little TV and tons and tons of films, and no one ever worried about "getting spoiled."  In fact I studied film for years in college, reading reams of articles and essays, sometimes watching a film 2-3 times to get the most from it.  It is therefore fascinating to watch the current public discussions in the press concerned about spoiling audiences via film, TV and book reviews.  Film reviewer Nathan Lee just wrote a thought-provoking op-ed piece over the weekend, prompted by the most high-profile spoiling yet: of the final Harry Potter book.

I recently noticed that, much like the “EW Extra” longer Michael Hogan/Katee Sackhoff inty, EW has also posted a much longer version of their Stephen Colbert Hot 100 inty.   *squee*

So SUNSHINE was fantastic, I highly recommend it – the movie's mind-boggling space visuals on the anamorphic screen DEMAND to be viewed in a theater.  It's awe-inspiring sci-fi, with some satisfying psychodrama thrown in.  THE DARJEELING LIMITED trailer was shown with it; doesn’t look that great, but I like Wes Anderson plenty, and all the cast, so I’ll see it for sure.  More enticing to me, was the trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio’s new doc, THE 11TH HOUR – it caused me to tear up with its inspirational tone.  As a regular for several years now, I saw some familiar (and seriously POSITIVE & INSPIRING) faces in there. 

TV Guide pointed me to a couple of fall show teasers that look fun, for CW shows REAPER, and ALIENS IN AMERICA.  REAPER looks especially ridiculous (Kevin Smith! Ray Wise!), and I’ve been waiting for SOMEBODY to try a Muslim-in-America comedy...finally.

According to E!Online, there is a boatload of TRUTH to this Zachary "Sylar" Quinto as Young Spock rumor – which is seriously AWESOME, ‘cuz he would be just perfect.  *glee*  Guess we don’t need to wait for J.J. to announce at Comicon?

Last week I finished S5 of LA FEMME NIKITA on DVD.  Loved it, great stuff.  This HEROES/NIKITA reference from Ali Larter just gave me an additional LFN grin…

I love this: TPTB doing the BABYLON 5 film had to ask fandom for help recovering the show's sets and special effects.  Soooo meta.

Sci-Fi Signal just posted this nice piece on 14 Ways to cultivate a lifetime reading habit, and this hilarious piece on Why Real Men Love THE FIFTH ELEMENT.  (Full disclosure: I'm not a man.)
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Just watched the last 3 eps of LA FEMME NIKITA S4 last night.


* mind blown *
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I am so happy today from watching this fun episode.

The "Freaky Friday" Faith/Buffy ep is one of my favorite eps of BtVS, as well as Bad!Willow and Bad!Sunnydale eps, and I'm a huge fan of the movie FACE OFF so...'nuff said.


Jun. 20th, 2007 06:40 pm
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Just finished the final ep of LA FEMME NIKITA S2 and...

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The entire new Spoon album is online. Enjoy. Cool jukebox interface.

This is bizarre, and brilliant...the mind boggles with other cross-network switcharoo ideas.  Heroes and Grey's Anatomy.  BSG and Ugly Betty.  The Daily Show and Desperate Housewives.  Friday Night Lights and ... well, you get the idea.  Feel free to leave your suggestions below. *g*

Mmmmm, breakfast tacos.  Yummy.  Who knew Robert Rodriguez made his own tortillas? Niiiiiice.

My shiny new La Femme Nikita icon is in honor of my jumping in full throttle to watching this show on DVD, per the recommendation of many of my BSG fandom pals.  The show is intense, cool, brutal, sexy, and an emotional roller coaster ride.  I'm loving it!  Don't spoil me, I'm only up to the 2nd disc of Season 2...

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Oh why, Ron?  Why?

I'm still bummed, but that huge Tahmoh interview cheered me up, and I'm enjoying this E!Online piece where they quote fans from the skiffy message board - has anyone ever seen that before? - and this other piece where Kristin the E! TV blogger offers to take your questions for the cast & crew who are coming to the event on Wednesday in L.A.

Also cheered up this weekend by La Femme Nikita, which is a good show.  Not BSG-great, but darned good, I am almost done with S1 and am HOOKED.  And by The Sopranos, which I will miss but is just soooooo good (OMG she fired him; she fired him!).  And by Entourage, which just keeps getting funnier (that dinner with Crazy Director and Trust Fund Baby was to die for).

Le sigh.
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- OK I am in:

"There's another show in a hour - and he'll be WET." 

UM - YEAH.  I'll watch that. 

Do we get any more Misses Rhimes, Beers and Noxon?
*wipes Daly/Diggs/Howell drool off face*

- The Who Knew? Department: Rosario Dawson is co-writing and "starring in" her own comic book.  What a great way to find good parts for smart lady actresses?

- Complete Madness now on DVD: Very cool news, a wild Jodorowsky triple header coming on DVD this month.  Includes an old fave of mine, the trippy and unique HOLY MOUNTAIN - it's WIIIIILLLLLLLLLDDDD BABEE. Check it.

- OK I'll try watching this one time: this Fox show actually sounds very cool (starts 5/22):
All over the world, aspiring filmmakers from 13-year-old YouTube amateurs and skateboarders with hand-held cameras to a 54-year-old black grandmother in Florida are vying for a slot as one of 16 filmmakers to be cast in Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett's "On the Lot," a reality series that Fox will launch in May toward the end of the "American Idol" season.

- Miscellaneous Cinematic Neato: the Nerve Blog ScreenGrab has a great list of best film remakes ever (with clips)...The Thing 1982. The Fly 1986. Body Snatchers 1978.  Departed 2006.  Etc.

- Completely unable to deal with the BSG Hiatus From Hell, part #352:  So bored that I am crushing on miscellaneous TV mancandy, reorganizing my CD collection, and digging through old vids on YouTube.  This (jokey? how jokey?) TV Guide inty with Sackhoff now feels more significant somehow.  And scary.

Time to go back and listen more carefully to Sackhoff's November 2006 Indy con visit (part 1, part 2, part 3; other version part 1, part 2).  And there is always time for another Bamber Con vid (this one's from Shore Leave in 2006).  He's thoughtful and articulate.  Even more interesting is when Bamber shows up with Mary McConnell (who enjoys making Bamber blush)

Come on, SciFi - be nice and post up those James Callis interviews you've got hiding in your editing room!

Le Sigh.  *goes to Netflix to rent entire season of La Femme Nikita*


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