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It's very early on Sunday morning to find such things...but that is the power and magic of our internets, eh.

This is twisted and hilarious: the Deadwood sitcom.
Via The Bastard Machine.

Other goodies: Jack Bauer gets his hands on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, via National Lampoon,


John from WKRP in Cincinnati via Best Week Ever.
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Firstly - I feel a little bad about the spamming today.  These bits and pieces keep popping up and they all deserve their own post, from where I sit.  You're all quite patient.

Second - I just realized most of my major TV fandoms just collided on last night's JOHN FROM CINCINNATI:
- Joss Whedon's brother, Zack, wrote this episode.
- They ended the final sequence of the season finale with...a Bob Dylan song.

I have some more to say about this show and my other summer viewing.  To be continued...
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So while it rained cats and dogs here in New York early this morning, I was catching up with Sunday night TV and the Sci-Fi Preview section of the new TV GUIDE magazine.

The new Lifetime show STATE OF MIND, which I watched due to some allegiance to Lili Taylor, was pretty good.  I'd go so far as to say that if you liked the pilot for PRIVATE PRACTICE, the GREY'S ANATOMY spinoff, you will certainly enjoy this show.

Also watched the latest JOHN FROM CINCINNATI ep.

Here's a BSG tidbit from this new TV GUIDE with Katee on the cover.  Pretty spoilery, unless RDM is just messing with us again. 

..."bitch-goddess"? Ha!
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It's summer, so it must be time to talk about new HBO shows (these are sort of spoilerish if you haven’t watched ‘em yet):

Complete change of subject for a Wow…Syfy Portal is reporting that James “Spike the Vamp” Marsters is joining the cast of Torchwood, the Dr. Who spinoff?  That’s about as meta as it gets in fangirldom, right? 


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