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I'm a tad behind on the movies in theaters front...but IRON MAN was really fun.

Did anyone see SPEED RACER?  It's on my list.

Meanwhile, from the small(er) screen...I'm actually sorry I missed LaBuff on SNL, he was funny!  I want an animated GIF icon of him as Doug Henning saying "Magic!" and flinging his hand like that.  Hilarious.

Lots of GeekTV news coming in the next wave of TV upfront buzz this weekend and today, that JJ Abrams new show FRINGE has been picked up and will most likely run this fall.  Whedon's DOLLHOUSE is a go for midseason.  Apparently SARAH CONNOR's season 2 will run with FRINGE this fall?  And Peter (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) Berg is going to direct Ron Moore/Michael Taylor's pilot for VIRTUALITY? W00t.

I am looking forward to this VHI series SEX: THE REVOLUTION.  Per PopCandy, looks like Sundance Channel will show the uncensored versions next week.
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Kristin at E! has a ton of good news today from the NBC presentation to advertisers in NYC...most especially the news that FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is renewed. Yes! 

ETA - more details here...NBC won't air this 13-ep season till winter 2009, but DirecTV will air it this fall.  o_0  Whatever, IT'S BACK!

Also 30 ROCK has renewed (no surprise there)...there will be a spinoff of THE OFFICE...and more details about the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA prequel pilot CAPRICA - which I am waiting to hear is some sort of April Fools joke.  The details, not the pilot.  :P
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Ha ha ha - I already asked for, and received, my wish of photos of my favorite Scifi ladies tooling around on their hogs. Now I have to look for pictures of Taylor Kitsch and Kyle Chandler biking around LA and Austin TX? (See first viddy below LOL). The second vid is just some Friday MAD MEN goodness. Because I can. Thanks Kristin! ;)

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Found some more about my shows on the edge: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and TERMINATOR: SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES...

Mo Ryan seems to have gotten some solid rumor-support about the FNL deal between NBC & DirecTV, from a Universal exec.  Being "very, very optimistic" is practically a yes...isn't it?  Looks like there won't be news on that front for several weeks. 

James Hibberd says that TSCC's future looks good - although he doesn't name his source.  Also note that you MOONLIGHT fans need to step up and watch in droves when the show comes back on this spring!


Mar. 6th, 2008 09:44 am
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Nikki Finke broke last night, and Ausiello and Kristin's sources are confirming, that FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS may soon be saved by a partnership deal between NBC and DirecTV.  W00t!!!!

Meanwhile fandom, a few things to remember this morning:

...You have till March 10th to submit questions for the cast & crew attending the Paley Center event on March 19th.

...There is an auction of FNL (30 Rock, HEROES) stuff at NBC's online shop, to benefit the United Way...PANTHER JACKETS!  Closing March 12th.
This post is so random that I could barely think of a title. I'm sitting here at the office, chillaxing after the movie I worked on for so many months, so long and so hard, swept the Oscars in all the top categories. *pats self on back* In a year of fantastic, intense movies by most of the filmmakers I have obsessively tracked my entire adult life (Cronenberg; Burton; Lynch; Coens; Anderson), it was a joy to work on this one.

OK, let's linkspammit people!

Jezebel: "Uh, thanks for RUINING our orgasms, mens magazine!"  I suppose I’m supposed to think this is sad? I just laugh uncontrollably every time I reread this and look at that (what? 100 YEAR OLD?) advertisement clipping at the top. Heh.

Awesome Nathan Fillion/Nicholas Brandon Whedonverse Con panel vids. LOL. Several parts if you have the stomach. Such charming and bizarre boys.

You recall those Paley Center panels that are starting next month with the casts of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, MAD MEN, CHUCK, PUSHING DAISIES, DIRTY SEXY MONEY, and that pesky little BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER reunion? Well how cool is this: you can submit questions for the panels to the Paley Center mods. Open until Monday March 10th. FTW. [via [profile] paleyfest08  ]

Both sad, and hilarious: Spike Jonze's new film version of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is apparently making children cry in fear at early test screenings. I still cannot wait to see it.

A food comm I read, [profile] about_food  , has posted all the concepts Michael Pollan lays out in his latest book, IN DEFENSE OF FOOD, right here. Please read them and do as many as you can – it’s GOOD FOR YOU! Also that’s a very cool comm if you’re interested in slow food, local food, etc.

OMG, look at this crazy adzuki/green tea cupcake! I don't know if I have the energy to make it...*considers*

I suppose a lot of my flist will consider this old news, but I just found out about this FIREFLY fanfic novel by established fantasy novelist Steven Brust.

Let's discuss for a sec, how much I lurve this photo of Ellen Page. *sigh*

If you missed Jon Stewart's hour last week on Larry King, it's all on youtube now.

Wired has a ton of cool pieces this month that blew my mind, inspired me, made me want to get out and MAKE SHIT, and made me very impatient about my business. Here are the ones that are online now: The mysterious honeybee CCD and the world of 'metagenomics' - reads like a Neal Stephenson or William Gibson plot bunny; FREE STUFF is the future of business (by Chris "Long Tail" Anderson). If you have access to the print mag (free copy available here), check out the pieces in the March issue about online gallieries that let us all become art collectors; the concept of the PMOG - does anyone want to play this sounds AWESOME. Let's all regroup about the PMOG after I can linkspam you later.

SciFi Wire and io9 pimping the WANTED footage screened at Wondercon.  I wanna see!

Let me leave you now with a great quote from this outta-control rant about the Oscars that popped up on Salon today.  You just have to give this writing some props:

Hollywood is always a lopsided reflection of the political situation we're in.

In this sense, performing artists, classically a fairly high-strung, hypersensitive lot, have always been pretty effective canaries in the cultural coal mine. What they've been telling us, lately, is that we have a very, very sick culture on our hands.

It was a terrible, tooth-gnashing year of hideous self-reflection, for America: the ugly flipside of cultural narcissism. Our country, on the back end of a rapacious tear of sophomoric jerkbag behavior, is moving into the slightly more mature adolescent phase of starting to hate its own smell.

I am the greatest country in the world / I am the piece of shit at the center of the universe.

After shaving its head and driving drunk around the globe with no panties, calling itself the Antichrist, and finally abandoning its children, totaling its SUV and getting its ass kicked in the parking lot of the Persian Gulf, America is realizing that it is internationally loathed, broke, soulless, tasteless, fat, drunk, malicious, greedy and stupid, and has been generally behaving like a lousy excuse for a world superpower for long enough to lose all its friends and position.

Conspicuously missing from this Oscars was any loose talk of politics or the war, until the designated time block for dissent during the presentation of the documentary film awards. This was especially weird: Why, if they didn't want to acknowledge the outside world, did they get a truth teller like Jon Stewart to host the thing?

Huzzah!  Who is this Cintra Wilson?

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Taking a break from Battlestar Galactica squee this morning...Sigh....

When something's in the trade papers, it gets more weight as real...but a deal's not done till it's done.  OK, well here is VARIETY reporting that NBC is definitely still trying to save FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  *praying it's true*

Also, I got a very interesting On The QT tip the other day, that supports the rumor that the show is saved.  Sorry but I cannot reveal it.

Slightly OT: how cool is this WOLVERINE cast now?????
- Hugh Jackman
- Ryan Reynolds
- Liev Schreiber
- Taylor Kitsch
- Dominic Monaghan
Whoa!!!  Wonder if they're planning to turn up the heat at all in this one...heh.
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If this is for real, it's turning out to be a really, really good TV day...


Welcome to the news that just might make your day—no, month—if you're a fan of Friday Night Lights.

Inside sources confirm to me that NBC Universal (the studio that makes FNL) is currently talking to various networks about the idea of sharing the show's third season among more than one channel in an effort to save the series from cancellation and broaden its audience.

Those channels in discussion include the CW, TNT, DirecTV and a place called Comcast Entertainment Group, which, hmmm, sounds familiar because, oh yeah, they sign my checks. Both E! and G4 fall under the Comcast umbrella.

And in what I can only describe as a swell of pure, unadulterated pride, I must tell you: I know firsthand that our CEO Ted Harbert is a big fan of FNL and is very much on the frontlines of trying to help save the series. (A fact that has now surpassed "bagel Thursday" as my number one reason to love this workplace.)

So, what exactly does this potential expansion deal mean? The intricacies have yet to be hammered out, but the general idea is that NBC would first-run its episodes of Friday Night Lights and then other network(s) would pay a repurposing fee to air repeats at other times during the week. This plan could be a huge benefit to FNL and its fans for three reasons:
  1. It will bring Friday Night Lights to new viewers who have not yet seen it.
  2. Those viewers will undoubtedly fall in love with FNL and start watching the original on NBC.
  3. The show could finally receive the ratings and mainstream awareness it so richly deserves. Hello, Emmy for Connie Britton! Hello, GQ cover for Taylor Kitsch!
In short, Friday Night Lights, one of the best series ever to hit the small screen, could be saved. Truly saved in a way that not only pleases the fans and critics, but offers real potential for greatly improve ratings and a bottom-line success story for NBC's higher-ups to brag about.

What would Michael Scott call that? Oh yeah. Win-win-win.

So what now? We are currently working on a bigger-picture plan for you fans to help save Friday Night Lights in a very concrete way. So for the time being, sit tight, comment below, say a little prayer and remember...

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.

*dances around desk*
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...Good news: one whole hour of Jon Stewart chatting with Larry King tonight! You can email him a question on Larry's site.

...Bad news: from Ausiello...*long sigh*
Question: How's it looking for Friday Night Lights? — Kevin
Ausiello: Not great. NBC gave Taylor Kitsch permission to take a major role in the forthcoming X-Men spin-off Wolverine, which essentially KO's any chance the show had of coming back this season.  

Oh noes.

Feb. 18th, 2008 10:46 am
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From E!Online three days ago (Friday afternoon):
Two Hours Left? Sob:  According to sources, one option NBC is considering for Friday Night Lights is to "wrap it up" as a two-hour movie of the week. That's not nearly enough, if you ask me (five more seasons might suffice), but at least it's something. We're also hearing the show has already been looked at by at least a few other networks, but so far, no new home. In the meantime, some of you genius fans got together on the WWK message boards and launched this site to try and save the show. Any and all FNL fans should check it out and get moving!

(BTW: that news about 2 of B&S writers getting promoted to showrunners makes me shiver. WTF is up with that show? I miss JRB.)

(BTW 2: the SAVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS site is now up and running. Please go there!!!)
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You should still come over here and let NBC hear from you.


'Friday Night Lights' in timeout until fall?
Feb 12 2008

“Friday Night Lights” show runner Jason Katims and his assistant, Jamie Duneier, are happy to be back in the office. But it will probably be a while before their writing staff joins them.

NBC has not decided if it will produce more episodes of “Friday Night Lights” for the spring. Katims will be attending several meetings this week with the network and Universal Media Studios, which produces it, and is hoping fans won’t have to wait until the fall to learn how the Smash Williams football story ends or if Jason Street is going to be a father.

“The most difficult part of this is that, when the strike ends, I think that everybody here will be celebrating that the strike ended and then the next question is, when are we going to get back to work?” Katims said. “Are we going to get back to work? It’s going to unfold differently for every show.”

Fifteen episodes of the football-centered drama have already aired, and Katims says he can complete five or six more — if given the chance. Always a ratings-challenged, critical darling, “Friday Night Lights” has been performing better since it moved to Fridays. But that doesn’t guarantee it a spot on the fall lineup.

“I’ve heard that serialized shows are less likely to come back this spring," he said. "And, of course, we’re on the eternal bubble, so we have to wait and see what they want to do.”

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I'm just post-happy this evening!  Woo hoo!

*jumps around, yelling and flinging little posts at the flist*

OK.  For serious.  Here are two great posts on Watch With Kristin and The Ausiello Report where you can get up-to-the-minute news on the status of your fave TV shows now that the strike is pretty much over.   And this Variety piece is about the pilots that will most likely be on the fast track now for next fall.

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I've been chattering with friends on LJ since Friday, and reading lots of stuff this week, warning that February 8th's episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS was possibly the last ever.  *gasp*  For those of you who are interested, I've done a bit more digging and wanted to share:

There are Facebook and Myspace communities dedicated to a fan 'save the show' campaign.  There is also this website, still under construction as of Sunday morning Feb 10.  The Facebook comm posted these great Save Our Show postcards for download, which you can mail in to NBC. 

Best Week has a Dillon Panthers Booster Club.  They are hosting a Save The Show petition, and encouraging fans to send in light bulbs or Clear Eyes to NBC.

Here are some pro TV writer opinions on the fate of this show:

Radar talked with NBC prez Ben Silverman recently - and WE ARE NOT AMUSED.'s Hollywood Insider blog wrote this on Thursday:
NBC has yet to decide whether to order any more episodes of Friday Night Lights this season but that may not mean the end of the critically-adored drama. A source close to the series confirmed that Universal is considering whether to shop the Kyle Chandler starrer to another network rather than cancel it outright. The source cautioned, however, that NBC hasn't closed the door on the show just yet. In fact, one scenario making the rounds is a shared window for FNL with one of NBC's sister cable networks. While struggling in the ratings (FNL has only attracted an average 6.1 million viewers this season and typically finishes third in its timeslot), the show is a huge favorite among TV critics and even beloved by many executives at competing networks because of its multi-generational themes. The drama has also netted an Emmy for casting and a Peabody Award.

FNL has already produced 15 episodes for this season, the last of which will air Feb. 8. Should the writers' strike end by Feb. 15, the show's writers could complete the final arc of the season in five or six episodes if NBC gives it the greenlight, according to executive producer Jason Katims. As of right now, Katims has no plans to write the final episode as a series finale. "I would do it as a cliffhanger and leave things open-ended unless of course we were told that the show was ending," he says. "But I doubt that would be the case because if they bring the show back to do more episodes this season, they’re also going to be hoping that the show returns for a third season."
TV Guide - who's entire staff has been 100% in love with this show since its inception, bless their hearts, had many things to say:
Ausiello says ratings were no better for this ep than usual.  He doesn't sound very hopeful, although he does lay out some other possibilities including moving the show to another NBCU station like USA or ESPN.

Matt Roush's Q&A with fans included this info:
As for Friday Night Lights finishing out the season? It's not likely. As a number of people wrote in to point out, the second-season DVD with 15 episodes already has a market date of April, which is a pretty clear signal that what we've seen is what we'll get. This isn't a huge surprise. For economic reasons, the shows most likely to resume production when the strike is finally over are the big hits, not marginal shows or, in other cases, freshman series that have already completed most of their initial order. (The back-nine pickups turned out to be mostly symbolic and should be seen as a positive indicator for renewal, nothing more.) All of this will be decided on a case-by-case basis once the dust settles.
Then there is E!Online's Watch With Kristin.  Kristin is as droolingly-fanatically-enslaved to this show as I am.  Impressive!  Here's her latest plea:
You may be asking, "If this show is so good, why is it in danger of getting the boot?" Well, fans of this series know that Friday Night Lights is one of the best-written and best-acted productions ever to grace the small screen; however, due to a lack of support from the Peacock network (these quotes from NBC president Ben Silverman will make you shudder) and nightmare time slots (first against American Idol and now in the kiss-of-death slot on Fridays), this series has yet to garner the massive audience it so richly deserves.

(Further evidence of crap timeslot: According to Nielsen reports, Friday Night Lights scored the third-biggest jump of all prime-time series in its "live" audience vs. DVR playback within a week: about 38 percent. The fans just aren't home on Friday nights.)

So where do things stand? Reps for NBC Universal Television confirm that while the original order for the current FNL season was for 22 episodes, and they have only shot 15, the future of the series has yet to be determined. "The first question is whether they will finish out the seven episodes of this season," says a studio rep. "Which will be decided after we know when the strike will end. And then the second question is whether they will get picked up for a third season, which we will find out in May."

Other Peacock-net-savvy insiders are saying more alarming things—spanning from "I hear it definitely won't be back this season" to "I hear it definitely won't be back at all."

We say, nonsense! Even if the worst-case-scenario were true, Lazarus was raised from the dead, CBS saved Jericho, and Family Guy found a second life, too. So, we're keeping hope alive, and here's what you can do...

Three Easy Steps to FNL Addiction/Salvation

1. Watch the Friday Night Lights Finale Tomorrow Night at 9 p.m. on NBC:  You don't have to know anything in advance. This is not Lost; there's no complicated mythology to learn. If you've ever been a person, known a person or wondered about becoming a person, you'll get Friday Night Lights.

2. Watch Other Episodes:  They are available on's Episode Rewind or in the season-one DVD (a ridiculous $18.99 on for 22 episodes), and every single click and purchase counts. You don't even have to watch in order. If you just want to watch one to test the water, I recommend the season-one eps "Full Hearts" (Matt & Julie's first date), "Black Eyes & Broken Hearts" (I dare you not to cry at the end!), "Blinders" (the powder puff game), "Mud Bowl" (it's what it sounds like)...Hell, just watch one, and then good luck not watching them all.

3. Spread the Word!  Email this article to everyone you know who needs help in seeing the Lights! Let them know you are concerned for their own well-being and that you will help them do whatever it takes to get on board with this amazing show. Then wear your Panthers number 7 jersey with pride, try to keep your drool over Taylor Kitsch to a minimum, and remember..."Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Cancel!"

Under the cut is the letter I'm mailing to Ben Frakking Silverman. 


With the WGA strike on the verge of ending, hopefully we'll hear more in the next week or two about FNL's prospects.  Especially since several high-profile TV writers at TV Guide, E!Online and EW keep asking the right questions!
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OK to all my friends who have been pinging me about how this past friday's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS ep was the best this year: YES IT WAS VERY AWESOME.  I've enjoyed this entire year, yes even the Landry-killed-a-guy-stuff!, but I'm with you all - this show was a pinnacle.  Zach Gilford was especially amazing. 

A few tidbits off the grid:
-- Season 2 DVD coming April 22.
-- Paley Festival panel with cast and creatives happened last week*.   I wasn't there.  *sad*  Did they tape it to share with the rest of us?

* Warning: watch out for one big spoiler in the piece, clearly marked. Just jump over it.
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LOST:  Uh, yeah. Awesome.  Those music videos running during the S4 premiere were so fun, especially the Locke one set to CRAZY by Patsy Cline, HAH...ABC does fanvids.  Kewl. 

After my powerwatch of S3 last week - entire season in 5 days - I was a tad bleary eyed.  But it was big fun.  Love the Flash Forward idea - what a great way to reinvigorate the entire structure of the show.  Is it just me, or does this show have a wicked lot in common with BSG?  Also - I am officially a "Jater" bitches!  That pop-up tidbit during the S3 finale rebroadcast on Wednesday was enlightening. *chuckle*

[profile] mediocrechick has posted something that I, too, am sure I am going to become completely obsessed with.

I also learned a new word this week: "Transmedia Storytelling."  We needed this new name for something that can no longer be pigeonholed under old words "ARG," "Viral Marketing," or any of that.  It is becoming (thanks to folks like Whedon, JJ Abrams et al) a new form of entertainment that is unlike any before it.  Heh.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS:  I'm getting a little frantic as we are about to run out of episodes.  Trying to stay calm.

PBS GREAT PERFORMANCES AUSTEN SERIES:  Uneven...nevertheless, OF COURSE I'm watching it!  Need to make sure I pimp my favorite older Austen adaptations to you folks:  the 1995 version of PERSUASION.  The 1995 version of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY.  The 1999  version of MANSFIELD PARK.  And do I really need to mention the Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle version of PRIDE & PREJUDICE? Really? *g*

: Trying to stick with it.  They almost lost me last week in the 2nd ep...putting such loser guys under a microscope is making me cringe.  But I just cannot turn away from all the chemistry lessons!  They are just...fascinating.  Especially the one involving the bathtub (ewww).

:  I have a full week's worth stored on the Tivo.  Haven't had time yet.  Is anyone out there watching?  It's confirmed that Battlestar Galactica's Michelle Forbes will soon make an appearance, btw.  See Mo Ryan for more on that.
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So.  Debra Dickerson...great Colbert Report guest?  Or, GREATEST guest ever?  ROFLMAO.  Sphincterlike.  Heh.

As my subject line quote indicates, the end of this week's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS also blew me away.  Show just keeps being so darned excellent.  TV is pwning me these days.  And TORCHWOOD starts tonight here in the states! *glee*
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This show is so good, it's actually making it harder to watch many other shows.

I used to get a certain special something from watching romantic comedies, dramedies, and assorted Austen adaptations.  For some reason, this show about parents, children, teammates, siblings, friends, lovers, and townsfolk, is actually filling that need in me better and faster.  And deeper.  Mebbe I should move to Texas? *g*

The episode I watched tonight is S2x211, "Jumping The Gun."   For those of you on my flist who are considering picking this show up, S1 is on DVD, and all of both season can be seen here online.
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OK, this was seriously the best FNL in...the whole season.
Rigginspalooza, baby.  The prom scene.  "If you so much as look at her, ever again, so help me God I will end you."  A frakking tornado.  And all the goddamned fighting!  Hawt.

That is all. 
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THE NEW "LAST SUPPER" SCANS! ZOMG!  Intense nerdgasms from that.

TGIF.  Duh.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS returns tonight! *squee*

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES pilot ep will be available tonight on Yahoo.

Every single LOST episode through S3 is now posted at in HIGH DEFINITION stream.  Apparently only till Jan 31 – so run don’t walk.

Alton Brown's GOOD EATS has been renewed again! YAY.

These two posts from The No Fact Zone.

This fun strike vid.

This hilarious BATMAN animagif (be patient!)

These two career related meta posts from Penelope Trunk:  Bad Career Advice: "Do what you love" & How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy?

This list of TIME’s 50 best web sites.  Hours of time suck on one tiny little post…

A new Variety column from Anne Thompson with nifty (unspoilery) details about how CLOVERFIELD was created.  And also this news about the Reel 13 Project which sounds like fun for us NY-area cinephiles.

Gregg Araki’s new movie SMILEY FACE playing at New York’s IFC Center…hopefully going this weekend.  (And hopefully coming to a Netflix envelope near you later this year…)  I'm a ginormous fan of Araki's NOWHERE and MYSTERIOUS SKIN.  Sexy, snarky, profound.

Cute Overload’s teh best of teh best of teh cute 2007.  Awwwwwww.

David Letterman’s first post-strike-deal Top Ten List. YAY for writers!

A delightful Battlestar Galactica Pilots Alphabet by [personal profile] brokenmnemonic...sorry Ed I just noticed this brilliant thing now, coming late to the party.

The incredible, incredible Battlestar Galactica iconage on display over here at the voting for the latest starttheclock challenge! Go! Vote! WOW!  Nice job iconers.

PS - Making me sad today:  Jon Robin Baitz ousted from BROTHERS & SISTERS?!?  Frak.  Well at least he's still blogging.
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Can I take a break this morning to say that ALL my TV is pwning me right now.

I'm talking last week's 30 ROCK, GREY'S ANATOMY, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. This past weekend's TORCHWOOD (and really, all the eps for the past month); a profound (and profoundly BI) show. The season finales of CALIFORNICATION and TELL ME YOU LOVE ME.

BSG: RAZOR. You know how I feel.

And most especially this and last week's HEROES. Wow.

Almost totally makes up for complete abscence of DAILY SHOW, COLBERT REPORT...and the news that 30 ROCK has shut down, HEROES is probably ending for the season in 3 weeks...and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA season 4 is going dark this week till further notice.


Meanwhile, I am collecting a bunch of things for us to do if everything completely shuts down for months and months. Most of it will be movie-related. We're not there yet. Hopefully the Hollywood agents will broker a deal before things get super duper ugly.

How's everyone doing? Work pwnd ME last night, so no RAZOR screening for me...did anyone go?


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