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Just bumped into this lovely fanvid on the webbynets.  Had to share.

Has anyone heard anything, anything at all, about the new webisodes?  *eager*

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Awesome news - season one of FARSCAPE is coming to the iTunes TV Store!  YAY.

Because the DVD license for season one had apparently expired, it's been a hard title to rent or buy...I had to borrow it from a friend for my powerwatch last year... (thanks again, [personal profile] sabaceanbabe !)
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These two have TOO. MUCH. CHEMISTRY.

Frelling awesome.
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Just finished FARSCAPE S3x06 "Eat Me"...

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So I’ve gotten to the end of Season 2 of FARSCAPE. *bounces in chair*  Really great stuff.  Another little picspam tribute is in order here!

Hope you Scapers out there are enjoying this walk down memory lane with your n00bie bud. *g*
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Just a little picspam from S2x15, Won't Get Fooled Again...which sort of blew my mind last night. *g*

I'm near the end of FARSCAPE season 2 now, and having a fraktastic time with it.  Over the top?  Sure it is.  But there is so much to love about the show.  Not the least of which, is Mr. Browder in leather pants.  Wow.

Can I take a moment to complain about the bizarre numbering on the S2 disks!  What was ADV thinking - they put 2 eps per disk...then on the "Look at the Princess" eps there's THREE ON A DISK - and I sent it back to Netflix without watching the 3rd ep on the disk!!!!  Now I have skipped that ep and have to go back and get the disk again.  Kerphlooey.  Meanwhile, if I didn't read the warnings from several nice Netflix users, I wouldn't know that the end of season disks are out of order.  When you get to the end of this season, watch out: eps 18 & 22 are on one disk, while eps 19-21 are on another!

Small complaints.  I am basically a very happy scifi camper right now!  After taking a look through the many amazing 'Scape icons by [profile] zibina77    (including the one above - WTF?!?), and taking a peek at the SciFi Channel's character page, I'm truly excited to see the other new characters coming up.

As a newly minted Farscape fan, I just found this fan news site that seems to be kept pretty up-to-date...anyone know of any other good sites?


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