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I have seen these like 5 gazillion times over the past 2-3 years and they just never, ever get tired. Dang.

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Thanks to my friend [personal profile] warriorpoet, I have a new fanvidder to idolize.  Let's start with his/her fantastic MULHOLLAND DRIVE vid below, which reminds me I am in dire need of a rewatch of this amazing, haunting film.

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BUT - Jennifer at Watch With Kristin is messing with the blog while her boss is away and posting zillions of awesome LOST fanvids.

This is my favorite:

Second favorite: LOST credits done BUFFY style FTW

That "Die Another Day" one is pretty awesome too...
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The cast and crew of the upcoming "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" were just a few weeks into filming in Vancouver when Frank Spotnitz, the co-writer and co-producer with creator-director Chris Carter, called star David Duchovny over to a laptop computer to watch a fan-made video on YouTube. It was a montage of scenes from the old "X-Files" show set to Sarah McLachlan's forlorn "When She Loved Me."

"It was intensely romantic and it almost brought tears to my eyes," Duchovny recalled. "It really did. And it reminded me that we have at the core of 'The X-Files' this very powerful relationship. We have to honor that and not shy away from the sentimentality of the fans or of the relationship itself. When we were doing the show, Gillian [Anderson] and I had got tired of it. And we wanted to be ourselves outside of it. I remember struggling. But now I think, 'God, what a great love affair.' "

Los Angeles Times, 5/4/08

So...they all sat around on set, getting teary-eyed over shipper fanvids?  Oh, it's just too, too much.  :)

Also, DD is 47?  Dang he looks fiiiiiiine.


Mar. 9th, 2008 09:28 am
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My favorite K/L fanvid from back when I first fell in love with this couple popped up last night in a random BSG video search.

After seeing "Unfinished Business" in Dec 2006, for the first, second, and tenth time, I got absolutely hooked on this frakked-up 'ship, and dove into fandom and fanvids to get a bigger fix.  It was Lee's puppy-dog hopefulness and ballsy drunken bravado that pulled me in - and Kara's deliciously frustrating push-me-pull-you (along with rumors of her imminent demise and/or transformation) that rewired my brain stem into dedicated fannishness. 

This video, though the middle is a bit slow, seems almost perfect to me still.  Especially the last shot.  Oh Kara.  Oh, angsty, angsty pilots (pilawyers).

Meanwhile I eagerly await the longer cut of UB coming to DVD, only weeks away...while savoring the fact that this is the episode RDM & Co. felt needed a director's cut.  Sweeeeet.

[The perfect song? "Surrender" by Billy Talent]
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[My new favorite phrase: "curling one out"]
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Some very industrious fan smuggled a camera into this concert...Here it is on yt but I doubt it will stay up for long:

For those of you that don't know what this is: recently the casts of GREY'S ANATOMY and PRIVATE PRACTICE held this concert as a benefit for their crews to help recover from the strike.  Awwwww.  Here's some reportage from EW and Access Hollywood as well.  That is adorkable that they read fan letters and fan fiction in between musical numbers, love it!

Under here is the vidder's writeup, and the file DL'able...for posterity. )
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OK I cannot even believe I'm typing this...but Danny Noriega is so androgynous, "dragalicious" and ftw that I may have to actually watch that show.  *disbelief*

Or, maybe I'll just YT the good bits.  Heh.

But seriously! "ISH."

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Just bumped into this lovely fanvid on the webbynets.  Had to share.

Has anyone heard anything, anything at all, about the new webisodes?  *eager*

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Hat tip to boingboing for the fanvid. Awesome. Best part is 0:12.

Hat tip to io9 for the subject line.  Even though i don't agree with them that Scifi film is just BETTER, PERIOD, they most certainly have a point about making your dough in a single opening weekend (film) vs. trying to sustain a good audience level for an entire season (TV).
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For Dylan and I'M NOT THERE and La Blanchett.  By [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl

This vid reminds me again of two of my favorite shots in the film: the machine guns, and the birds eye shot of him at his typewriter.

Well done miss thang!
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Bunch of random stuff I sucked up from thetubes this morning...

Jon Robin Baitz has posted again regarding his being ousted from the creative team of BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and moving back East.  Sigh.  I'm not so sure my dedication to this lovely matriarchal soap opera can weather any more of his missives.  Then again, with only 2 more pre-strike eps left to air, guess it's a moot point.

LOL!  Keith Olberman wades into the madness over at DailyKos!  (1500 comments. Oy.)

This is completely insane.  And probably a viral marketing trick.  I don't care.  (Also have you seen this?  Jesus gods.)

An Obama-Bloomberg ticket?  That's an awesome idea..."post-partisan"...I could get behind that.

This MTV video about the music scene in Brooklyn introduces several cool bands, for any of you locals or music fiends out there.  As a current (relocated) Manhattan resident who loved and misses the 1990s Lower East Side club scene, I can certainly corroborate that Manhattan is an ugly forsaken shell of its former lively, creative self: rich bitches have pushed everything of worth out to Brooklyn.  All that's left here in Manhattan now are wage slaves, rent controlled antiques, and shopping malls.  *Is suddenly reconsidering the wisdom of Obama-Bloomberg...*

This is exciting: an unsubstantiated rumor that the Coachella Festival of SoCal might be planning an East Coast event...*joy*

A movie is being made about girls rollerderby.  That in and of itself is FTW.  But apparently Drew Barrymore will direct...and Ellen (JUNO) Page might star? *glee*  ETA: a day later, Variety has confirmed it: Page is in. *more glee*

Scarlett Johansson is releasing an album full of Tom Waits cover songs.  Who knew?

MAD MEN, which will be in reruns of its first season again on AMC starting Sunday Jan 20th, is being shopped to the networks as strike fodder to air in reruns in the Big Leagues!  Very good news.  Hope they don't have to edit it too much. 
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Wow, [ profile] cesperanza noticed that a fanvidder got a feature piece in New York Magazine. Kindof gives me chills!

WGA Strike mention o' the evening: this is both funny and sad. Saaaaaad.


Nov. 4th, 2007 10:22 am
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This is the most valuable Lifehacker piece I've seen in a while: the top 10 free video ripper/encoder/converters.

I cannot seem to get viddownloader to work for me (mac w/firefox)...but the comments section of the Lifehacker post directed me to zamzar.  This site DID work - I was able to have it convert, then email me, two .mov files yanked from these two youtube vids that I think many of you would enjoy (thanks gdg & folks HURRY to see, as I'm sure they'll be yanked shortly). They play great on iTunes.

Wow.  Let's hope zamzar is not also installing gods-know-what spyware/hackingcodes/etc on my computer...*nervous...paranoid?*
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Glen & Gary & Glen & Ross


[courtesy Thompson on Hollywood]
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Whoo boy friends, there is a LOT on the internet this week I’d love to tell you all about.  Work has been awful busy lately, so my posting has been quite lax.  Miss me?  Here are a few things I must share RIGHT. FRAKKING. NOW.

1.   Stephen Colbert has removed his wrist cast, and is auctioning it off for charity.

2.   For any of your STAR TREK (ORIGINAL SERIES) fans out there – I was practically moved to tears this morning by the excellence of this brand-new Fan/Pro hybrid episode, “World Enough and Time" (free stream).  Pros in Hollywood saw what a group of East Coast fans had been doing with their STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES episodes, and decided to collaborate on this new ep.  It was written by two former ST:TNG writers, one of whom stepped up to direct as well, and features George Takei as an aged Sulu, with cameos by TOS actors Majel Barrett Roddenberry and Grace Lee Whitney.  What fun!  Thanks to modern technology, this has an almost identical look and feel to the original – on a shoe-string budget.  If you can get past the new actors (and a pretty awful accent on Scotty), it’s a wonderful thing. 

3.   The New Pornographers record came out this week.  I saw them play a gig here in NYC the other night.  Luuurves them so.  Their entire new album is streaming on their MySpace page
<3  <3  <3

4.  Tell any of your friends who haven’t kept up with the super-awesome show MAD MEN, that AMC will be marathoning it next weekend!

5.   Most excellent trailers this week:  the first one for Todd Haynes' I’M NOT THERE, and a “red band” (R rated) one for The Coen Brothers' NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.  The IGN posting of the former offers the best quality, though you can get it on youtubeThe official site of the latter requires you sign in with an official US ID name, birthdate and zip code to prove you are 17 or older.  IT’S WORTH IT.  (Make sure you enable pop-ups for the NO COUNTRY site.)

6.   Apparently the Battlestar Galactica sketch is going to be on ROBOT CHICKEN this weekend (as soon as tonight on the web site)...voiced by Katee S. & others.  W00t!  And for added extra-awesome flava, Joss will voice something in this ep too.  *glee*

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Friday braindump time!

Ahahaha [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl – they made a tee shirt of it!

GLOBAL ECONOMIC WOES: The chaos in the markets confuses me, because I'm terrible with that sort of stuff.  I read this New York mag piece by Jim Cramer last week and it made me nervous for my 401K & IRA.  This Salon piece may explain it better...but I don't feel any better for reading it.  I always thought those subprime housebuying loans and refinance deals were ridiculous - if you don't have enough money to buy all the bright shiny stuff - DON'T BUY IT.  Pretty simple I thought; though if you need $$$ fast for a medical procedure or other emergency, I can see how this would come in handy.  This is a moment in time where my lack of owning a home seems like a good thing.  Ack.
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Wow...[personal profile] brokenmnemonic just made an incredible BSG vid to a NIN song:


This is a vid I can use to get my BSG fix on the days I really miss it.  Sweet job, brokenm!  *runs off to post it on the Sitrep*

You can go tell him what you think of it over here.


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