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Some very industrious fan smuggled a camera into this concert...Here it is on yt but I doubt it will stay up for long:

For those of you that don't know what this is: recently the casts of GREY'S ANATOMY and PRIVATE PRACTICE held this concert as a benefit for their crews to help recover from the strike.  Awwwww.  Here's some reportage from EW and Access Hollywood as well.  That is adorkable that they read fan letters and fan fiction in between musical numbers, love it!

Under here is the vidder's writeup, and the file DL'able...for posterity. )
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Every time I try to un-flist [community profile] ohnotheydidnt, they post something else like this.  And I have to friend them again.  Here's a sample; click to analyse:


Follow up

May. 23rd, 2007 05:50 pm
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A little more on a few previous posts...

SyFyPortal reports that it is Michael Hogan (YESSSSSSS! \o/) and Aaron Douglas who will be in BIONIC WOMAN this season.

The Fanlib discussion continues...and I am loving these pieces by Henry "Aca-Fan" Jenkins, and Cory "ProFic Writer" Doctorow, on the subject of fanfic.  *happiness*


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I've been following a couple of big conversations via [community profile] metafandom for a while now and wanted to put my hat in the ring.

The first of those discussions has been about fanfic and why women writers flock to it feeds a supposed inability for said women writers to become wealthy succesful writers...the so called "ghetto" of fanfic as a "trap" for women that supports keeping them from profiting from their work, etc.

Meanwhile the worm has turned and now the hivemind (of which I am proud to be a member) is focusing on the recently launched  I can certainly appreciate the turmoil this is causing.
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So I read this gorgeous little Lee/Kara ficlet by [personal profile] i_am_girlfriday this morning, which inspired me to this post on skiffy.  Thought I'd share wider.

Yeah like I said in the comments there on the LJ, this is the sort of hopeful and promising ending material that I am praying will seep into the show. Even if it's only right at the very end.

My dream ending to the entire series, as of today, would be a shot of Lee and Kara stepping off a raptor onto Earth in a grassy field. They laugh, spinning in the grass, thrilled with the open air and the trees and the blue sky and they have ARRIVED. Last shot is them wrestling under a tree, then sitting there together. Lee's head in Kara's lap. Ignoring for one minute, Adama's insistent comm request that they get their lazy butts over to the Washington DC meet-n-greet with the American politicians RIGHT FRAKKING NOW.


*sigh. a fangirl can dream, right?*


Let's hope we don't see that till Ep 05x22. Yay!

UPDATE: Kept digging back into
[personal profile] i_am_girlfriday 's journal and found this unbelievable Alanis Morrisette video (OK now she's MY hero too), which made me want to post this also amazing Pink video for Stupid Girl.  Ladies Ladies! You're Dah Kewlest!
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Spring has sprung here in New York City! I love plants!

To any crossover ficwriters out fic!prompt of the day is:

Yay: the HAIRSPRAY movie trailer! I am looking forward to this!
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Some great advice from our buddy Sam Stareagle on writing in character:

I read that in a great book on screenwriting that you can never go too far in trying to get inside the characters heads. Trying to talk like them is a really fun way to do that.

For instance...

Adama has sort of a hushed growl to his voice. He almost never raises it, and he almost never has to.

Kara's wonderfully bouncy, but also sarcastic. She sounds like she's thinking out loud half of the time.

Lee's always trying to control himself, so he has the same sort of hushed tone as his dad, but more often than not an impatient desperate quality to it. Angry Lee is ALWAYS fun to do. It's a sort of "I'm gonna' kick your azz, but I'm not gonna' make a big deal about it" quality.

Tigh sounds like a man who's seen way too much in his life to give a FRAK anymore about what anybody else thinks.

Roslin has an air of classic refinement to it, but that doesn't mean that she can't break out into a laugh at times.

Dee's just polite. And quiet. ALL the time. It's sort of an angry glare hidden by a smile.

And because she's got my favorite distinctive voice, I've gotta mention Racetrack... She always sounds like a ticked off surfer chick to me.

[Original skiffy post here]
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So there is a bunch of us K/L shippers who have been bonding (very, very seriously bonding) during S3, over on the BSG Forum. We've been talking a lot this past week about how to spend our long-ass hiatus till January 2008. Oy!

The solution: [ profile] bsg_lk_shprs, a "Hiatus From Hell Self Help Group"...which is forming now and will be here on LJ, rather than on the skiffy board - no censorship, and no sudden thread deletions! YAY!

We plan on making this a place where we can pursue our hiatus projects: watching TV shows, movies, reading some books, etc etc...while we keep posting over on the skiffy boards about our favorite ship.

If you would like to join please come on over - tell em ProgGrrl sent you.


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