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The writers of Star Trek Into Darkness, which I enjoyed immensely, have opened up about all the trekkie easter eggs in the movie.

A few spoilery comments down here. )

One other generalized comment that is Cumberbatch related - though I'm sad he's so EVIL here, it was amazingly fun to see him be such a killer BADASS. MORE PLEASE.

Did you see the movie yet? What did you think? LLAP
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Act One of Joss Whedon's DOCTOR HORRIBLE SING-ALONG BLOG went up this morning and is streaming free till Sunday. I see their iTunes page is also live, you can buy the entire show for $3.99 after Acts Two and Three get posted later this week.

You can submit questions to TV Squad to ask at the BSG panel at Comic-Con...but only till THIS hurry up!
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Well it's confirmed...BSG 4.5 wrapped last night at 5:30AM on set...they are done shooting principal.



Thank goodness there is so much other stuff to latch onto in fandom now, and coming in the 08-09 season.  This is hitting me much harder than the end of even SEX AND THE CITY or DEADWOOD.  Probably cuz I'm all blogger now and such.  Probably cuz I have interacted so much with you guys here, and with creatives on this show.  A first for me.

You're a terrific fandom and I hope we can all keep it together moving forward to CAPRICA...VIRTUALITY...BSG 4.5 (in like almost A YEAR FROM NOW, SHOOT) least one BSG telefilm...and beyond.

[[[[[HUGS YOU]]]]]
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...while their BtVS hands are still tied by the SAG/AFTRA negotiations...NIIIICE...
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I just updated my comments about BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's "Revelations" with some more coherent thoughts, and would love to hear what you guys have to say, if you feel like jumping back a few posts to re-read. There's also a cool frame grab...

Gods that was great TV. For various reasons, it makes we want to post these two quotes:

“I want the audience to work. I ask them to see the film from the beginning and devote their full attention to it, treating it with the same respect they would give a painting, a symphony or any other work of art.
I treat them with the same respect by inviting them to search for their own meanings instead of insulting their intelligence with obvious explanations.”
– Michelangelo Antonioni

"Unless you are educated in metaphor, you are not safe
to be let loose in the world."
-- Robert Frost, Education By Poetry

PS: I can haz SHOWGIRLS iconage! ... [profile] wisteria_ & friends made these incredible BSG viewing party eats
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So my friend has this hobby site AdamaForPresident and makes these adorkable tee shirts in the Obama campaign fonts.

Since recent events involving Leeland Adama have transpired, and Obama has locked the nom, we decided it was time to try to get some of these babies to the BSG set in Vancouver.  We succeeded this week.

Today my pal who makes the shirts got a message on his Facebook:

XXXXXX sent you a message.

Subject: Adama '08 shirt

"I just thought you'd like to know that I work on Battlestar and this morning at breakfast Jamie Bamber was wearing the Adama '08 shirt.  So I guess your care package is being enjoyed!"

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The cast and crew of the upcoming "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" were just a few weeks into filming in Vancouver when Frank Spotnitz, the co-writer and co-producer with creator-director Chris Carter, called star David Duchovny over to a laptop computer to watch a fan-made video on YouTube. It was a montage of scenes from the old "X-Files" show set to Sarah McLachlan's forlorn "When She Loved Me."

"It was intensely romantic and it almost brought tears to my eyes," Duchovny recalled. "It really did. And it reminded me that we have at the core of 'The X-Files' this very powerful relationship. We have to honor that and not shy away from the sentimentality of the fans or of the relationship itself. When we were doing the show, Gillian [Anderson] and I had got tired of it. And we wanted to be ourselves outside of it. I remember struggling. But now I think, 'God, what a great love affair.' "

Los Angeles Times, 5/4/08

So...they all sat around on set, getting teary-eyed over shipper fanvids?  Oh, it's just too, too much.  :)

Also, DD is 47?  Dang he looks fiiiiiiine.
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...but I can still enjoy it vicariously through the cell phone/digital camera/MP3 recorder-ing masses.

Ladies and gents I give you, PRINCE COVERING RADIOHEAD:

Youtube while it lasts:

...and MP4 video to download here.

(hat tip to OHNOTHEYDIDNT)

PS...did anyone check out the live video stream from AT&T's Blue Room? Did it work? Last time I tried to watch one of those streams a few years ago, I could never get logged on...server breakdown or PC-ist (ie, racist against Mac users) or some such.
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FYI, for those of us now keeping tabs on all these upcoming Fox network sci-fi shows, I found this amazingly primitive, but informative blog on Fox's official site. 

Looks like they'll be aggregating materials about the new shows by Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams, Ron Moore, etc, as well as S2 of SARAH CONNOR. 

Kewl.  Blogroll could use some work.  But still kewl.
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I've put up the entire BSG panel over on Sitrep.  Good times.
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For my own sanity I decided to make a list of what I'd like to try to see this weekend at NYCC and...gulp...

Erm, this is not helping my stress levels - how the heck could I see all this stuff?!?  Let's leave the rest to serendipity (or any luck I have begging for a fansite press pass tomorrow morning, heh)...

Anyhoo, if you're going to NYCC this weekend, let's try to find each other...see my twitter feed or ping me at proggrrl at yahoo dotcom.

7:30-8pm/IGN Theater – X Files preview with Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
Alternate: Girls Who Kick Ass panel with Jenna Jameson (Rm 1E15)...actually, the more I hear from Jenna and her zombie flick, the more the X Files panel may be my alternate tonight...

8-10pm/IGNT – Doctor Who/Battlestar screening

12-1pm/IGNT - Battlestar Galactica panel

2-3PM / IGNT – Wanted & Hellboy panels with Mark Millar, Tiimur Bekmambetov; Guillermo del Toro, Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones & Luke Goss.

3-4PM/Rm 1E16 – The Future of The Future (Sci Fi authors discuss the genre)

4-5PM/Rm 1E07 – Rest preview with Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundriff
Alternates: The Spirit preview with Frank Miller and Eva Mendes (IGNT); Eli Stone panel (Rm 1E12); Venture Bros. panel (Rm 1E15)

5-6PM/Rm 1E07 – Robot Chicken panel with Seth Green and Matthew Senrich
Alt: Zack & Miri Make a Porno preview (Rm 1E16)

6-7PM/Rm 1E15 – Dark Horse Comics panel
Alt: Starship Troopers 3 preview (6:30/Rm 1E12)

7-8PM/Rm 1E16 – Bill Plympton panel

12:30-1:15PM/IGNT – Harold & Kumar panel with Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, John Cho, Kal Penn and Neil Patrick Harris

3-5PM/IGNT: Screening of Special

Whew.  Party on.
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I'm gonna try out this newfangled TWITTER THING starting now through this weekend during the New York Comic Con. Apparently the BSG guests have changed to Michael Trucco, Michael Hogan (*JUMPS AROUND WITH THE HAPPY*) and Rekha Sharma - three of the final four - so that's gonna be a good time!

We'll see how far I get through the Con doors with my camera and/or video camera in tow... *g*

So please twitter with me if you are so inclined...let me know if you have a different user name over there.

Big Spec

Apr. 10th, 2008 09:15 am
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This is really fun BSG speculation...and probably means zero.  But it's cool and I'd never noticed the doll before.  Make sure you follow the links in that post to the fan's question and Ron Moore's answer.
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I have mentioned before that I used to work in the independent music business, and now work in film marketing…and have been eagerly awaiting the digital transformation of the film business that we have experienced with music over the past decade.

So wasn’t I gleeful today to read this Stream Feed piece (not to mention the links to other pieces within it).  It is no surprise to hear that revolution will not be televised: as usual in the film world, it will be the indies - mainly micro-street-indies, natch - that drag us kicking and screaming into the future.  Aka  “Indiewood 3.0”…Exciting stuff to be sure, egged on by the WGA strike no doubt.

But riddle me this: if it all goes digital, and possibly even “Free Economy,” where does the money to make the films come from?  Product placement?  Advertisers?  Donations?  Monetizing Free is the key issue here, with film & TV makers/distributors working it out through trial and error like the music business had to.

Nowadays, free song files and legal streams can result in immense, sold-out live tours, huge profits from official merchandise, live-show CDs and DVDs, and brand-building value for individual artists.  Film and television will need their own equivalents – not a big step, but an area where innovation is definitely needed. 
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Interesting fannish conversations happening on the LJ this week...

Wherein a few BSG fans wonder if The LA Times is full of crap, or if Sackhoff & Penikett are on crack have a too-twisted view of their fans...or if the BSG fandom just had another Shatner/"Get a life!" moment?  (My thoughts here and here.)

The word "fangirl" - adjective, insult, or badge of pride?
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Was this HI-larious picspam of LOST/BSG goodness by [profile] ack_attack.  Who is brilliant, as usual.


Consider this early celebration of actually being able to watch BOTH THESE SHOWS AT ONCE later this spring. *joy*
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[My new favorite phrase: "curling one out"]
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This is a very Battlestar-centric post, so...



Mar. 6th, 2008 09:44 am
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Nikki Finke broke last night, and Ausiello and Kristin's sources are confirming, that FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS may soon be saved by a partnership deal between NBC and DirecTV.  W00t!!!!

Meanwhile fandom, a few things to remember this morning:

...You have till March 10th to submit questions for the cast & crew attending the Paley Center event on March 19th.

...There is an auction of FNL (30 Rock, HEROES) stuff at NBC's online shop, to benefit the United Way...PANTHER JACKETS!  Closing March 12th.


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