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I just updated my comments about BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's "Revelations" with some more coherent thoughts, and would love to hear what you guys have to say, if you feel like jumping back a few posts to re-read. There's also a cool frame grab...

Gods that was great TV. For various reasons, it makes we want to post these two quotes:

“I want the audience to work. I ask them to see the film from the beginning and devote their full attention to it, treating it with the same respect they would give a painting, a symphony or any other work of art.
I treat them with the same respect by inviting them to search for their own meanings instead of insulting their intelligence with obvious explanations.”
– Michelangelo Antonioni

"Unless you are educated in metaphor, you are not safe
to be let loose in the world."
-- Robert Frost, Education By Poetry

PS: I can haz SHOWGIRLS iconage! ... [profile] wisteria_ & friends made these incredible BSG viewing party eats
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So my friend has this hobby site AdamaForPresident and makes these adorkable tee shirts in the Obama campaign fonts.

Since recent events involving Leeland Adama have transpired, and Obama has locked the nom, we decided it was time to try to get some of these babies to the BSG set in Vancouver.  We succeeded this week.

Today my pal who makes the shirts got a message on his Facebook:

XXXXXX sent you a message.

Subject: Adama '08 shirt

"I just thought you'd like to know that I work on Battlestar and this morning at breakfast Jamie Bamber was wearing the Adama '08 shirt.  So I guess your care package is being enjoyed!"

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Incredibly cool find by my Sitrep bud Logan...apparently it's in the UK somewhere.  ETA: Though see [profile] airings 's comment below; she has a point that it may be fake.

Photo by digressive [much larger versions here]
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Was this HI-larious picspam of LOST/BSG goodness by [profile] ack_attack.  Who is brilliant, as usual.


Consider this early celebration of actually being able to watch BOTH THESE SHOWS AT ONCE later this spring. *joy*
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"If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself, tell yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches."

-- Rainer Maria Rilke (snerched from my latest feed: [profile] motivationquote)

Lots of great stuff on the nettywebbage today - it’s actually hard to keep up!

This is brilliant: the LOST showrunners answering fannish questions from…THE CAST.  Great idea, guys.  BSG, plscopyit kthxbai.  (Why does it not surprise me that the best questions are from the guy who plays Desmond?)  Also in the LOST Fun Department…I am now addicted to these:
  • Ack_attack’s picspam recaps
  • The Many Faces of Jack Shephard - the most-maligned EmoGuy on TV today (even more than – gasp – Lee Adama)!
  • The Some Other LOST Screens blog…which I am sure is Bad Robot owned and operated, but I have no proof.  Regardless, it's chockful o' nerdtastic details, that lead to burning questions, that lead to nerdtastic details, until my head explodes!

[community profile] ohnotheydidnt is well worth sifting through the endless Lilo, Britbrit and American Idol posts for gems like these:  Robert Downey Jr. in the most dangerous role of his lifetime…Wow.  And, you just knew that those LiLo Marilyn Monroe shots were not gonna go…unanswered.  Right?  Ouch, MY EYES!

E!Online made a nice list of when the strike-shot TV shows will be coming back on air this season.

For those unafraid of spoilers on the BUFFY comic books, this one is a doosey…see how it comes around?  BUFFY inspires the makers of TORCHWOOD, and then…etc.  It's that - or maybe Drew G. & Joss have been reading too much slashy fanfiction?   ;-)

Some random products of bizarre and wondrous minds:
A Balloon Panzer
A Booze-carrying Bra
A Store That Sells Whatever The Guy Feels Like

“I’m very fond of telling people when they say that they would like regime change, for example, in Washington, that what we really need is species change. That the species itself is so impossible and so deeply degraded that one could well do with something else for a change.”

-- documentarian Errol Morris, from this wonderful transcript of a moderated conversation with filmmaker Werner Herzog

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Whoa, Spirit Awards - why do you not mike Glen Hansard's guitar!?!  Why do you make your winners walk an endless boring gauntlet before they even make it to your bizarre endless staircase?  And why do you still do that lame not-really-very-funny song for each Best Picture nominee.  Grrrr.  *gets over it*  So the two live song performances, by Hansard/Marketa Irglova and The Moldy Peaches, were awesome.  I guess Kimya Dawson was so nervous she had to keep her eyes closed the whole time?  Rainn Wilson was pretty great, the "audition vids" were beautiful - and the more he ratcheted up the slash jokes, the better he got.  "We got a deal there!" - Javier Bardem.  What a slut.  Heh.

ATTENTION X-FILES FANS!  You must click this.  And read the comments, really fun stuff down there from a witness.

I was considering teaching myself to make some animated icons in the near future...and by the by, lookie what I found?  Some great tutorials!
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What is it about this couple that gets to me, so far down and so deep?  Is it that the woman is a grown-up, a super-heroine, a world-class frak-up with a heart of gold, the best pilot in the 'verse, and utterly doomed?  Is it that the man - a hero himself, and a complex one at that - is so completely and utterly INTO HER that he cannot let go?  Is it knowing that it will be well-nigh impossible for them to just BE together?  Frisson over Happily Ever After? 

Hard to say.  All I know is - when I saw this BSG promo shot earlier, it all flooded back.  Something ran up my spine, straight into my Animal Brain.  And now, once again, I'm hooked.

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If you are looking to refresh your LJ icons, or just appreciate great iconartists for several major TV fandoms, make sure you stop over at this comm, [profile] besticonmaker, which just closed voting on several contests.  There are sooooo many great things there by talented people.

Most of my favorite Battlestar Galactica iconers are here in their poll for BSG - except [profile] starpollo, natch.  FNL and HEROES are also there.

Great tut

Jan. 29th, 2008 06:50 pm
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A fantastic icon tutorial from [ profile] grrliz_icons...for those of us still stuck on the basics like cropping, coloration, sharpening and smoothing.
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THE NEW "LAST SUPPER" SCANS! ZOMG!  Intense nerdgasms from that.

TGIF.  Duh.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS returns tonight! *squee*

TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES pilot ep will be available tonight on Yahoo.

Every single LOST episode through S3 is now posted at in HIGH DEFINITION stream.  Apparently only till Jan 31 – so run don’t walk.

Alton Brown's GOOD EATS has been renewed again! YAY.

These two posts from The No Fact Zone.

This fun strike vid.

This hilarious BATMAN animagif (be patient!)

These two career related meta posts from Penelope Trunk:  Bad Career Advice: "Do what you love" & How Much Money Do You Need To Be Happy?

This list of TIME’s 50 best web sites.  Hours of time suck on one tiny little post…

A new Variety column from Anne Thompson with nifty (unspoilery) details about how CLOVERFIELD was created.  And also this news about the Reel 13 Project which sounds like fun for us NY-area cinephiles.

Gregg Araki’s new movie SMILEY FACE playing at New York’s IFC Center…hopefully going this weekend.  (And hopefully coming to a Netflix envelope near you later this year…)  I'm a ginormous fan of Araki's NOWHERE and MYSTERIOUS SKIN.  Sexy, snarky, profound.

Cute Overload’s teh best of teh best of teh cute 2007.  Awwwwwww.

David Letterman’s first post-strike-deal Top Ten List. YAY for writers!

A delightful Battlestar Galactica Pilots Alphabet by [personal profile] brokenmnemonic...sorry Ed I just noticed this brilliant thing now, coming late to the party.

The incredible, incredible Battlestar Galactica iconage on display over here at the voting for the latest starttheclock challenge! Go! Vote! WOW!  Nice job iconers.

PS - Making me sad today:  Jon Robin Baitz ousted from BROTHERS & SISTERS?!?  Frak.  Well at least he's still blogging.
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Time to linkspam y’all…it’s been WAY too long.

This is a wonderful meme for the holiday season that I'm preparing to do…and so is this one if I can figure out how to set up this type of poll.  Anybody?

Apparently the co-founder of Greenpeace is now in favor of nuclear energy as the only viable solution to our energy and carbon emission woes.

The NY Times discusses the idea of humanity’s need to create and enjoy art being a favored evolutionary trait.

Wired interviews the country’s top sexologists about the latest in female orgasm research.

I hope you all are getting out to see NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, a fantastic film.  Very powerful, deceptively simple, and the most badass badguy you will ever meet.  I have more to say on it – but for now let me leave you with this link (spoiler warning), which explores some other opinions and in particular the film’s unusual ending. 

This is really cool, that Fox is doing a fan poster contest for THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES…but this detail from the contest rules really sucks: “Entrant may NOT use his/her own original illustrations, photographs or other images, fonts, text copy, and drawings and may NOT use 3rd party elements.”  Boooo Fox.  Boooo.  (btw if you want to participate, hurry up the deadline is only a few weeks away…)

This NY Sun piece features very nasty comments on the films, but is nevertheless my great reminder that WB just released DVDs of two of my childhood 70s SF faves, LOGAN’S RUN and SOYLENT GREEN.  Ahhhh <3  <3  <3

I have been turned on to two exciting music web sites I want to highly recommend: VSL showed me this new NPR music site, which I’ll have to explore soon.  And BSG actress Nicki (“Cally”) Clyne’s blog introduced me to Pandora, which is just incredible so far…I’ve only scratched its surface, creating a single channel inspired by The New Pornographers.  Fun stuff.

I am a latecomer to the magic that is HEROES Exec Producer Greg Beeman’s blog.  It’s never too late!  I am entranced at the moment by these mysterious SLUSHO pics (go down the post a bit and you'll find em)...How do these relate to CLOVERFIELD?  Anyone understand this glorious, mystifying mashup?  Slusho cups have made an appearance on HEROES for 2 weeks now…and Beeman says it's all "don't ask/don't tell" for now, but "their cultural significance will become clear in the coming months so pay attention!"  I'm geekably fascinated.  Meanwhile, I’m still a tad joyfilled that gothamist has called out CLOVERFIELD as “NYC Destruction Porn.”  Yeah, I’m a longtime fan of that (ARMAGEDDON anyone? Heh.)

Always helpful [profile] mediocrechick has supplied us with yet another great set of scans – this time of People’s Sexiest Men Alive issue.  Don't know about you girls - but most of my TV faves are here. *dies*  But why is Taylor Kitsch wearing so much clothing…and what is with the bizarre (over)retouching on Nathan Fillion?  At least Milo has accepted and owned up fully to his utter sexiness.  Must be why Beeman is always photographing him shirtless (see above)?  *g*

I am incredibly pleased to hear that BBCA has decided to run S2 of TORCHWOOD so quickly…I am loving this show, and would have hated to wait a frakking year!

Two very engrossing (and depressing) new posts on the Writers Guild strike: this one is about the less-publicized, and highly dangerous, anti-union practices involving reality TV.  And this one is written by a lawyer in digital media, entertainment and technology law – discussing just how much the AMPTP are so NOT GETTING THIS in a basic way.

[profile] ch_photoshopped has more of her gorgeous flickering light icons – this time with a wintery theme. *snuggles closer to the fire *
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For anyone else who's still vibrating with happy over how good HEROES was this week: show some love.  Icons by [profile] lidi and here.

And just found these...

   (by lexigeek)            (artist unknown)
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Very cool icons of support, from Lexigeek.

ETA: Also some terrific ones by crazyvictoria:

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Whitney you are a Goddess, what would I do without your news blips…such as...
  • I know many on my flist are getting excited about the new PJ Harvey album – well apparently you can preview the whole thing now on AOL.
  • Anyone who is excited about Wes Anderson’s new film THE DARJEELING LIMITED, which just opened last weekend to amazing attendance in New York City, should check out all the links Whitney found of clips and the short “prequel” Anderson made with Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman.
  • Whitney is so right: we should all be celebrating Banned Books Week, every week of the year. Dammit!
  • Ian McShane spoke to Cinematical about those fabled DEADWOOD films…and the news is superbly BAD, although my morning was made reading him say this:
"You feel cheated? Imagine how I feel!" McShane replied. "We all do. We all do. It was one of those one-off jobs that you do which has got an extraordinary creative brain behind it, and it kept getting better, and the actors were great. It was a fabulous place to be and work. It was a workshop cum theater cum film. It was an extraordinary time. But everything has to come to an end, babe."

And some utterly random goodness NOT via PopCandy:
  • NewTeeVee posts advice for the TV nets on how to further attract and keep your geek audiences in thrall to this year’s new shows. Really good ideas here – the movie studios should be listening too.
  • TVGuide talks about The Whedon Effect on this year’s new TV, and why NBC probably would never move BIONIC WOMAN to the Sci-Fi Channel (WARNING: you have to jump over some incredibly spoilery bits to scroll down to this stuff, especially if you’re staying unspoiled for FNL this Friday. Watch out!)...via Whedonesque.
  • The BLADE RUNNER: FINAL CUT media push has begun in earnest now, leading up to the December DVD release. This directors-cut-to-end-all-directors-cuts just screened at the NYFF and opens this Friday in theaters for a very limited (as in RUN-DON’T-WALK) run in NYC (The Zeigfeld! OMG) and LA.
  • Wired has a bunch of cool stuff this week: These two features about ROBOT CHICKEN, an interview with Ridley Scott and a nexus of all the cultural influences of BLADE RUNNER, and this incredibly disturbing yet sexy robot art. *wipes brow*
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I am happy to say that I am now just 2 days away from my week-long Maine vacation.  Me and the family are heading up to Islesford, a tiny island off of Mt. Desert Island.  Can. Not. Wait. 

But I'll miss you kids, natch.

Before leaving, I'm aiming to drop a few more posts, so the time has come for me to do my Fall TV Grid. 

PS - Must give a shoutout to the latest iconartist I've found during my LJ travels: [profile] ch_photoshopped .  Go check out her amazing animated GIFs, they are walk on the beach icon is hers.  Cannot leave town without linking to this great new Katee Sackhoff scan - this one is from the latest SciFi Channel Magazine, apparently from RAZOR.  Thanks to dramaticgrl for scanning and [profile] canadiangirl_86  for sharing!  Oh Starbuck.  Sigh.  <3 <3 <3
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Just a little picspam from S2x15, Won't Get Fooled Again...which sort of blew my mind last night. *g*

I'm near the end of FARSCAPE season 2 now, and having a fraktastic time with it.  Over the top?  Sure it is.  But there is so much to love about the show.  Not the least of which, is Mr. Browder in leather pants.  Wow.

Can I take a moment to complain about the bizarre numbering on the S2 disks!  What was ADV thinking - they put 2 eps per disk...then on the "Look at the Princess" eps there's THREE ON A DISK - and I sent it back to Netflix without watching the 3rd ep on the disk!!!!  Now I have skipped that ep and have to go back and get the disk again.  Kerphlooey.  Meanwhile, if I didn't read the warnings from several nice Netflix users, I wouldn't know that the end of season disks are out of order.  When you get to the end of this season, watch out: eps 18 & 22 are on one disk, while eps 19-21 are on another!

Small complaints.  I am basically a very happy scifi camper right now!  After taking a look through the many amazing 'Scape icons by [profile] zibina77    (including the one above - WTF?!?), and taking a peek at the SciFi Channel's character page, I'm truly excited to see the other new characters coming up.

As a newly minted Farscape fan, I just found this fan news site that seems to be kept pretty up-to-date...anyone know of any other good sites?

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It's raining cats and dogs here in New York...and I'm amusing myself with "thread bombs." Several extremely twisted and talented souls over on the SciFi board have been working hard all week making, well, SCRILLIONS OF THEM. If you want a laugh, come over and take a look. There's a couple of 300/Trek ones in there too that made me spit coffee all over my desk yesterday with the laffing.

I turned one of them into my skiffy signature banner:

If you sign on and post in that thread: THEY TAKE REQUESTS.

Another side note for all you artistes out there: someone has apparently posted HD screencaps of the entire series (w00t), find 'em here.


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