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Again I ask: what's NOT to love here?

"Joss really gets women," [Eliza] said. "There's a woman somewhere deep inside of him!"
-- AfterEllen blog

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Doggone it

Jul. 15th, 2008 11:04 am
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1) These people are too darned cute: THE BROTHERS WHEDON!

(Jed's a writer on DOLLHOUSE...Zack used to work on David Milch shows and is now on FRINGE...squee.)

2) I shoulda-coulda-woulda watched DOC HORRIBLE first thing this morning -- cuz now the site is jammed and I cannot get on. Boooo. Laters.
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(Seriously how can you not love this guy?)

Q. Battlestar Galactica's Blonde Tomboy Space Girl (AKA Starbuck) is so clearly Wheadonian with her hot, hot fighting abilities and messianic visions... The BSG writers love you. When are you doing a cameo?

A. When Ron Moore stops admiring his shiny mane long enough to realize Starbuck could never love Lee as she would love pasty me.
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TCM's Sydney Pollack retrospective on June 2

Ausiello leaving TV Guide for Entertainment Weekly

The Cylons will fail because they run Windows

Interested in DOLLHOUSE arg madness? More here.

Interactive Map shows what's in season at the grocery store in every US state

For the fellow post-it maniacs out there: SHEER POST-ITS for borrowed materials

And this, which is massively great (even though it's for the Cylon mainframe Windows):

Meanwhile, it's pimp time for you BSG fans: have you voted in the poll? Are you readying any questions for my fanterview with BSG writer Mike Taylor?
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It is way too early in the am for this but...
IGN: I know you're a big Battlestar fan. Was it great for you to get to work with Tahmoh Penikett?

Joss Whedon: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and tell the truth – I've had a man-crush on Tahmoh since the first episode of Battlestar.

IGN: From the moment he stayed behind on Caprica?

Whedon: I had a feeling about him. I just had a feeling about him. I know, he gave up his seat to Baltar! Not bright, but cute! But no, he just has a presence. Tim Minear watched the dailies and he said, "I can't believe you found this guy. This guy is so hard to find. A leading man that has a real soulfulness and a real unique quality" and I just felt that from Battlestar, and he brought it completely [to Dollhouse]. When I spoke to him, he was the first person to mention Never Let Me Go, the novel, just from hearing the premise of Dollhouse. The beautiful sadness of that novel so suffuses what we're trying to do, and it was so beautiful when he brought it up that I just knew this guy [was right]. And it follows my rule with Nathan [Fillion]. Hire a Canadian! They're gentlemen and they're very tall.

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What the!?!  It's like someone turned on the Muggy-Crappy-Summer-In-New-York switch today...

Hope you all had a great weekend...I did lots of full on chillaxing, hanging out in Brooklyn eating at amazing restaurants and seeing bizarrely cool Steampunkery in action, going to the very enjoyable kinda-new Brooklyn Flea, and making "urban hikes" all over the place during perfect weather.  I avoided INDY (cuz, blech)...and didn't get to THE FALL quite yet.

Also, I had way, way too much fun helping everyone on Whedonesque get hooked on transmedia for new Fox shows.  F.T.W. !!!!   I highly recommend reading that thread all the way through if you're interested in the FRINGE and DOLLHOUSE transmedia - it's all Fox approved and the thread has become bloated with excellent research and links.  *glee*

Btw you may have heard that the great Sidney Pollack has passed away after fighting serious illness for some time now.  The guy is cinema royalty, go over here for a few samples of his whole scene.  He directed THE WAY WE WERE, THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR, TOOTSIE, and OUT OF AFRICA, and produced a zillion more things, just for starters.  I had just seen him this weekend in the terrific documentary STANLEY KUBRICK: A LIFE IN PICTURES, which I highly recommend to any cinephile out there or anyone considering dipping their toes into Kubrick's films.  Pollack has some great interview bits near the end when they are discussing EYES WIDE SHUT.  RIP, sir.
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I love her so much right now, it's embarassing.

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1.  DOLLHOUSE trailer!  *squee*

2. COLBERT DEFENDS O' his own special way


[ETA: you can DL #1 right here]
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I'm a tad behind on the movies in theaters front...but IRON MAN was really fun.

Did anyone see SPEED RACER?  It's on my list.

Meanwhile, from the small(er) screen...I'm actually sorry I missed LaBuff on SNL, he was funny!  I want an animated GIF icon of him as Doug Henning saying "Magic!" and flinging his hand like that.  Hilarious.

Lots of GeekTV news coming in the next wave of TV upfront buzz this weekend and today, that JJ Abrams new show FRINGE has been picked up and will most likely run this fall.  Whedon's DOLLHOUSE is a go for midseason.  Apparently SARAH CONNOR's season 2 will run with FRINGE this fall?  And Peter (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) Berg is going to direct Ron Moore/Michael Taylor's pilot for VIRTUALITY? W00t.

I am looking forward to this VHI series SEX: THE REVOLUTION.  Per PopCandy, looks like Sundance Channel will show the uncensored versions next week.
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FYI, for those of us now keeping tabs on all these upcoming Fox network sci-fi shows, I found this amazingly primitive, but informative blog on Fox's official site. 

Looks like they'll be aggregating materials about the new shows by Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams, Ron Moore, etc, as well as S2 of SARAH CONNOR. 

Kewl.  Blogroll could use some work.  But still kewl.
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Brilliant idea from Dollrific: 10 Faith-heavy BUFFY / ANGEL eps to watch as you mentally prepare yourself for DOLLHOUSE.  Umm....yes, I realize the show is like 9-10 months away.  *g*

Hee hee, rumor mill says that Paul "Billy" Campbell just auditioned for Joss Whedon's new show.  *joy*

Anyone who enjoys writers talking craft, peeking into the Large Sexy Brains of Joss Whedon or JJ Abrams, and/or CLOVERFIELD will definitely, definitely enjoy this recording of a recent Q&A session with Drew Goddard.  Goddard wrote CLOVERFIELD, is a current writer for LOST, and wrote for both BUFFY and ANGEL back in the day.  It's a long recording with lots of gems.  For me the best stuff begins around 50 minutes in, where DG starts answering tons of obsessive-compulsive type fan questions about CLOVERFIELD which lead to his expounding about ARG, viral marketing, and the nature of internet fandom.  I don't really agree with some of his opinions on these topics - but I imagine many, many creative types share his feelings.  A fascinating listen.  (Also note there are tons of other cool Q&A's on the blog, with Todd Haynes, Richard Kelley, Alfonso Cuaron, Diablo Cody, Aaron Sorkin, Michael Moore, etc.)

Meanwhile, let's keep our fingers crossed that this Buffy Reunion at the Paley Fest does indeed go to DVD, as rumored...
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In the LA Times...
Gary Newman, chairman of 20th Century Fox Television, said the studio's development staff was in touch with its writers. "We're not giving people hard-and-fast deadlines," he said. "We're just making them aware of the competitive advantage they'll get if they're able to turn their script in sooner rather than later."  Newman estimated that his studio had 50 to 60 pilot scripts in the works, including one from popular TV producer Joss Whedon, whose new Fox series, "Dollhouse," was ordered from a pitch two weeks before the strike began. Whedon is now busy writing both the pilot script and scenes for auditions.

Also for you fellow OZ fans out there - um, are you out there? - was this:
The abrupt shift into work mode this week has been jarring for all involved.  "I feel a little bit like we're all Rip Van Winkle or Snow White," said producer Tom Fontana, who returned to work this week on "The Philanthropist," a drama originally set to air on NBC this spring. "We've all been kind of sleeping, on both sides."
*joy*  ...  [via Whedonesque]

By the by...does anyone out there know how the heck to JOIN Whedonesque?  I hear they only offer new accounts during Samhain, or Christmas, or after the high school graduation of your first born daughter?  Anybody know for sure?
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Joss Whedon continues to blog up a storm...*glee*

Attention all fans who love TV, film, and the people who write that stuff: y'all know to go check out Fans4Writers, yes? And that there are forums for Joss Whedon fans? And Ron Moore/BSG fans? *bouncy*

Also there is this great site called Bring TV Back, that lists which net/studio honcho you should write to for each TV show...if you're into that sorta thing.
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Because I can't stop with the Joss Whedon news...or strike news…

Somebody (and I'm still trying to figure out if they actually have been hired by the production company, the network, or "Joss' People") has started a social net for Whedon's new show DOLLHOUSE.  Here they are on LJ.

Whedon has once and for all put the kibosh on the Serenity 2 rumors.

This guy has coined a hilarious term:
"Joss, ever one to sweeten what's already delicious, adds a cherry on top: Eliza Dushku (Faith the Vampire Slayer) is coming with him. The baddest B.K.* TV babe of my lifetime will star as "Nora" in the new series Dollhouse...[snip]

*B.K. (Before Katee Sackhoff) "

Meanwhile it's clear that there is a strike, that our boy supports it fully, and that apparently if it ends quickly DOLLHOUSE could be getting started as early as February 2008 (by that I mean, shooting eps).

I know you're getting tired of my mentioning it, but if you still need some clarity about the issues involved in the WGA strike, read thisAnd this, which I find even more fascinating, coming as it does from the general biz community rather than any entertainment biz source.

Not only that but: if you’d like to join the WGA members on the picket line, YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME DOWN. Ha.

Joss just posted on Whedonesque, which is always fun.  (And no, the fact that I know this does not make me a stalker.)

:: Goes off to make a dollhouse tag.  Strike be damned. ::


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