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Before I start braindumping, can I just say...Wow. And, THANK GODS THAT IS OVER. Whew!

I just went a little crazy on Amazon and bought a Flip Video Mino and Metrokane V1 Vacuum be on the lookout for more drunken video posts from me this summer. :D

Now if I can just restrain myself from dropping another fortune over on this insanely cool movie-tee site, I'll get through the month. Seriously can I live without that USCSS NOSTROMO one? Or this one?

PopWatch is right: The Black Cab Sessions are the best thing anyone's going to show you today. (BTW if you liked those, you MUST take a gander at The Blogotheque Takeaway personal favorite is this one by The Arcade Fire.)

There is so much TV news pumping out involving great creative minds that it's a bit hard to keep track... let's see, we've got a Spielberg/Cody/Collette project... a Scorcese/Wahlberg/Winter project*... a bit more on the latest David Milch HBO project... Sundance Channel doing the first possibly-worth-my-time reality show... the GREY’S ANATOMY writers blog: you’ve been reading this all season haven’t you?... (finally) the debut of the green cable channel... ALL OF THE "TWIN PEAKS" TV SHOW NOW ONLINE FREE OF CHARGE...zowie!

[* So if you’re keeping track of that one, it involves the guys who brought you IN TREATMENT and ENTOURAGE, an excellent writer/director from THE SOPRANOS team…and Marty. Fucking. Scorcese. That is all.]

On to the first bit of my summer TV show watching…is anyone else going to give SWINGTOWN a try? I am intrigued. How the hell can they do 'ludes, partner-swapping and orgies on network TV?!?

Here’s the trailer under a cut…groovy baby… )
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Rejoice my fellow David Milch fans - for now is news that all those "Idea of The Writer" lectures Milch gave in LA last month HAVE BEEN POSTED ONLINE.  *joy*

Also, on a side strikenews note...The Colbert Report managed to be pretty darned hilarious even without his writers.  How the frak'd he do that? *g*  The Daily Show was fun too - but I am NOT sympathetic to Jon Stewart's whining about the WGA not making a deal with his production company.  He's a very smart guy - don't tell me he doesn't understand the reason Worldwide Pants gets a deal and he doesn't.  His company is owned by Viacom isn't it!

btw new friend [personal profile] warriorpoet - OMG! You're on TCR!!!! LOL (Hope you saw what I'm talking about!)
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Still digging BIONIC WOMAN. Yup. Now we have Jamie hacking herself maybe? Ha. And apparently Katims is running the writers room now? Well that's GOT TO BE a good thing. Nice script, Eick.

About PRIVATE PRACTICE: I haven't watched last night's yet, but can I say this show brought me to tears for 2 weeks in a row?! 1.1 during the mall-emergency scene (finding out what happened to her son), and 1.2 during the baby swapping scene (oh mommies!)...if they pull this off again...whoa.

I'm still slightly gleeful about last Saturday's SNL muppets sketch. *g* Maya Rudolph makes an awesome Janice!

Gods I'm gonna miss MAD MEN, which ends next week...Last week's ep was just incredible. Peggy's new assignment...Joan doing Roger's makeup...Betty doing the laundry (!!!)...Peggy's date (today's subject line quotes that wonderful scene)...and THE BOX.

Can't stop typing without bringing you today's braindump...
  • Fandom gets to vote on the US DVD cover for TORCHWOOD S1 starting 10/15! Cool.
  • Seth Green is coming to GREY’S ANATOMY. Me likey.
  • Interesting factoid: did you know that “the median income of women age 21 to 30 in New York who are employed full time was 17 percent higher than that of comparable men”?
  • 101 Cookbooks turned me on to these great links: the person who runs the cookbook section of the NY Public Library has a blog, and there is a great new site selling works of art for $20.
  • Can we talk for a sec about how James McAvoy is looking on this Esquire cover? *long sigh*
  • HBO has decided to respond to fandom’s collective AARRRRGGGGHHH over what DEADWOOD actors Ian McShane and W. Earl Brown have said publicly RE the dismantling of the DEADWOOD sets and the unlikelyhood of the TV movies ever being made. BigscreenLittlescreen collects up all the important links for us. A misguided ray of hope, or spin control?
  • This sucks - but I have no doubt it is related to the WGA talks. Hopefully it will be worked out soon. Blargh.
  • I suppose some of you have heard about this Warner Brothers scandal. (Yes, SCANDAL.  If it's true, not out of context, and not a joke.)  I'm on the fence - Nikki Finke is a bit of a shit-stirrer.  Yet it is quite compelling if three separate producers pointed it out independently of each other, and if Robinov wasn't joking.  Frustrating news, with a bizarre upside that it's causing a lot of great discussion about the bigger issue: women and their place as filmmakers and audience.

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Whitney you are a Goddess, what would I do without your news blips…such as...
  • I know many on my flist are getting excited about the new PJ Harvey album – well apparently you can preview the whole thing now on AOL.
  • Anyone who is excited about Wes Anderson’s new film THE DARJEELING LIMITED, which just opened last weekend to amazing attendance in New York City, should check out all the links Whitney found of clips and the short “prequel” Anderson made with Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman.
  • Whitney is so right: we should all be celebrating Banned Books Week, every week of the year. Dammit!
  • Ian McShane spoke to Cinematical about those fabled DEADWOOD films…and the news is superbly BAD, although my morning was made reading him say this:
"You feel cheated? Imagine how I feel!" McShane replied. "We all do. We all do. It was one of those one-off jobs that you do which has got an extraordinary creative brain behind it, and it kept getting better, and the actors were great. It was a fabulous place to be and work. It was a workshop cum theater cum film. It was an extraordinary time. But everything has to come to an end, babe."

And some utterly random goodness NOT via PopCandy:
  • NewTeeVee posts advice for the TV nets on how to further attract and keep your geek audiences in thrall to this year’s new shows. Really good ideas here – the movie studios should be listening too.
  • TVGuide talks about The Whedon Effect on this year’s new TV, and why NBC probably would never move BIONIC WOMAN to the Sci-Fi Channel (WARNING: you have to jump over some incredibly spoilery bits to scroll down to this stuff, especially if you’re staying unspoiled for FNL this Friday. Watch out!)...via Whedonesque.
  • The BLADE RUNNER: FINAL CUT media push has begun in earnest now, leading up to the December DVD release. This directors-cut-to-end-all-directors-cuts just screened at the NYFF and opens this Friday in theaters for a very limited (as in RUN-DON’T-WALK) run in NYC (The Zeigfeld! OMG) and LA.
  • Wired has a bunch of cool stuff this week: These two features about ROBOT CHICKEN, an interview with Ridley Scott and a nexus of all the cultural influences of BLADE RUNNER, and this incredibly disturbing yet sexy robot art. *wipes brow*
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It's very early on Sunday morning to find such things...but that is the power and magic of our internets, eh.

This is twisted and hilarious: the Deadwood sitcom.
Via The Bastard Machine.

Other goodies: Jack Bauer gets his hands on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, via National Lampoon,


John from WKRP in Cincinnati via Best Week Ever.
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Addendums to previous post:

Someone (hmmm who could it be) has created a site that is posting entire FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS eps...for freeeeeeee...

Someone at Variety agrees with me about the depth and breadth of JOHN FROM CINCINNATI...and more on Zack Whedon's (Joss' brother) involvement with DEADWOOD & JfC...

HBO has announced their next project with David Milch, a 1970s/Vietnam era cop show which sounds like it will have some anti-war undertones (or, knowing Milch, OVERTONES).
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It's been a while since I've said anything about all the summer TV.

Is anyone out there watching the summer cable dramas?  I'm good and hooked on a bunch of them, a few I'm hanging on to see how they go.  And WEEDS has just begun! Happy!

It goes without saying that everything below is spoiler-ridden, you have been warned.

Now I’ll leave you with a bit of dialogue between MAD MEN Don Draper and his boss Roger Sterling, played out near the end of last week’s ep (S1x04).  Bottom’s up.
Both men are sitting with their end-of-day whiskeys in hand.

Sterling: You don’t know how to drink, your whole generation.  You drink for the wrong reasons.  My generation, we drink because it’s good. Because it feels better than unbuttoning your collar. Because we deserve it. We drink because it’s what men do.

Draper: What about shaky hands? I see a lot of that too with you boys…

S: No joke! Your kind, with your gloomy thoughts and your worries – you’re all busy licking some imaginary wound.

D: Not all imaginary…

S: Yeah, boo hoo.

D: Maybe I’m not as comfortable being powerless as you are.


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