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Thanks to my friend [personal profile] warriorpoet, I have a new fanvidder to idolize.  Let's start with his/her fantastic MULHOLLAND DRIVE vid below, which reminds me I am in dire need of a rewatch of this amazing, haunting film.

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Happy Monday everyone.  Just wanted to pass along some advice to any cinephiles, tech geeks, and David Lynch fans in the hizzy: the INLAND EMPIRE dvd includes a "Set Picture" extra that is really something. 

In it, there is a text explaining that most TVs, out of the box, are set way too bright for regular home use (they are set to make an impact in a showroom with bright lights and lots of other TVs).  The feature then offers ways for you to recalibrate your TV's brightness, contrast, and color levels for optimum home viewing of feature films.

It definitely prepared my TV for the onslaught of low-con, disturbing images of INLAND EMPIRE, that's for sure.  My TV now seems to be as ready as it will ever be to screen LOST HIGHWAY - something I figured was a lost cause due to all the low-con, low-light images.  Haunting, dark, and beautiful shots I figured would NEVER work on a television screen.  We'll see.

Meanwhile - did you know that Lynch has published this wonderful book about creativity and transcendental meditation, and he is partnering with Donovan to open a TM center in Berlin Germany? Wow...


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