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Oddly, all the truly hawt photos of the TWILIGHT kids are...inside the issue?

This is good...this is much better... (HT mediocrechick)

So why go with the less sexy shot on the cover?  Toning it down or sumptin'?  Hmm.

I laughed, but was very interested, when I read this:
Because Edward is a vampire who has renounced sucking human blood (he and his coven feed on animals), he struggles to keep himself under control. Bella risks her life to be near him. "He has to hold back," says [TWILIGHT's director Catherine] Hardwicke. "That's the sexual tension, the thing that keeps people reading. Is he going to turn her into a vampire?" Time magazine's profile on the 34-year-old Meyer calls it "the erotics of abstinence."
Interested...mainly because the ideas of vampires and eros are so utterly, permanently entwined in my head, that this concepts of vampires and abstinence is...intriguing.
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The newest for TDK (hat tip to Cinematical)...

A Comic-Con special for DEXTER (hat tip to Seat42F)...

PS: You can send the WWK girls questions for the DEXTER panel because Kristin is the mod! See this post for info.
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Truth be told, I am much more excited about the TV show TRUE BLOOD than about this movie (more on TB later)...but this is one hawt cover!

Tip O' The Hat to Anne Thompson, who in the same article says:

With Comic-Con around the corner (it's the last week of July in San Diego) Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, which doesn't open until December but is already on the cover of EW, is one of the movies sure to pop at the biggest movie launch platform I can think of right now. Is there one bigger?

Cannes is one thing. Sundance and Toronto another. But the impact of Comic-Con on the movie marketplace is huge.

Hallelujah, sister.  I have a lot more to say about Comic-Con...even though (DRAT) I cannot take time off to attend, there are tons of things that I will be covering obsessively for y'all.  Promise.


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