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Wow. Well. Let me just dive in:

- OMG YAY: A The Daily Show and The Colbert Report return with writers tonight
*happy dancing*

- HEROES writers are going back to work and, though there will not be any more eps this season, it’s very likely there will be MORE THAN 22 EPS NEXT SEASON.  Can I getta W00t?!

- Saturday Night Live will broadcast 4 new shows in a row beginning on Feb. 23: Tina Fey hosts week one, and Ellen Page week two.  Made of awesome.

- Showtime announced news today
The bad: CALIFORNICATION, which I very much enjoyed, won’t be back till late summer/early fall.
The good: WEEDS returns June 16, and new shows on the horizon include POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS directed by Tim Robbins, and THE UNITED STATES OF TARA, written by Diablo “JUNO” Cody and produced by Steven Spielberg.  Whoa.

- The NY Times has HBO show news: ENTOURAGE and BIG LOVE will have to premiere much later than usual due to the late start.  So the former comes in the fall, and the latter near the end of this year.

- Also from NYT piece: SAVING GRACE is 3 weeks behind schedule and will premiere later in June than originally planned.

- The supercool Paley Festival panels are getting going next month and here’s an LJ comm that’s going to track everything that comes out of them…

- Supersilliest news: Fox is really, truly making a USA version of this now infamous game show.  ZOMG.  You need to go watch that video btw.  It needs to be seen.  Just once.

- Leonard Frakking Nimoy is doing The Colbert Report on Thursday!?!? *dies*
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I am happy to say that I am now just 2 days away from my week-long Maine vacation.  Me and the family are heading up to Islesford, a tiny island off of Mt. Desert Island.  Can. Not. Wait. 

But I'll miss you kids, natch.

Before leaving, I'm aiming to drop a few more posts, so the time has come for me to do my Fall TV Grid. 

PS - Must give a shoutout to the latest iconartist I've found during my LJ travels: [profile] ch_photoshopped .  Go check out her amazing animated GIFs, they are walk on the beach icon is hers.  Cannot leave town without linking to this great new Katee Sackhoff scan - this one is from the latest SciFi Channel Magazine, apparently from RAZOR.  Thanks to dramaticgrl for scanning and [profile] canadiangirl_86  for sharing!  Oh Starbuck.  Sigh.  <3 <3 <3
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I’m sure there will be endless bits & pieces coming out of ComicCon this week that will make all us fannish types gleeful...especially seeing how The Power And Mystery That Is Fandom has entertainment-biz execs thinking of SDCC as something as important to their marketing plans as Cannes or Sundance.

As the Con wheel turns, life goes on. 
Now I’ll leave you with this amazing video, surveying 20th Century Art via morphing.  And made not with computers but with stop motion claymation.  *AWE*  [via VeryShortList]

PS – the title of this post is a fragment of SOUTHLAND TALES dialogue. Heh.
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It's summer, so it must be time to talk about new HBO shows (these are sort of spoilerish if you haven’t watched ‘em yet):

Complete change of subject for a Wow…Syfy Portal is reporting that James “Spike the Vamp” Marsters is joining the cast of Torchwood, the Dr. Who spinoff?  That’s about as meta as it gets in fangirldom, right? 


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