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I have been way, way remiss in commenting on summer shows. Let's fix that.

Stuff I'm watching now...

WEEDS... )

Interestingly, if you were to watch the above three shows, plus MAD MEN, plus the documentaries INSIDE DEEP THROAT and SEX: THE REVOLUTION, you would encapsulate the entire American sexual revolutionary experience, and white middle-class American feminism, for the past 40-50 years. Neat, huh?

[It looks like VH1 is about to rebroadcast SEX: THE REVOLUTION on July 24th, check it out!]

...and...Stuff on the way...

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(Seriously how can you not love this guy?)

Q. Battlestar Galactica's Blonde Tomboy Space Girl (AKA Starbuck) is so clearly Wheadonian with her hot, hot fighting abilities and messianic visions... The BSG writers love you. When are you doing a cameo?

A. When Ron Moore stops admiring his shiny mane long enough to realize Starbuck could never love Lee as she would love pasty me.
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Oddly, all the truly hawt photos of the TWILIGHT kids are...inside the issue?

This is good...this is much better... (HT mediocrechick)

So why go with the less sexy shot on the cover?  Toning it down or sumptin'?  Hmm.

I laughed, but was very interested, when I read this:
Because Edward is a vampire who has renounced sucking human blood (he and his coven feed on animals), he struggles to keep himself under control. Bella risks her life to be near him. "He has to hold back," says [TWILIGHT's director Catherine] Hardwicke. "That's the sexual tension, the thing that keeps people reading. Is he going to turn her into a vampire?" Time magazine's profile on the 34-year-old Meyer calls it "the erotics of abstinence."
Interested...mainly because the ideas of vampires and eros are so utterly, permanently entwined in my head, that this concepts of vampires and abstinence is...intriguing.
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The newest for TDK (hat tip to Cinematical)...

A Comic-Con special for DEXTER (hat tip to Seat42F)...

PS: You can send the WWK girls questions for the DEXTER panel because Kristin is the mod! See this post for info.
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Well it's confirmed...BSG 4.5 wrapped last night at 5:30AM on set...they are done shooting principal.



Thank goodness there is so much other stuff to latch onto in fandom now, and coming in the 08-09 season.  This is hitting me much harder than the end of even SEX AND THE CITY or DEADWOOD.  Probably cuz I'm all blogger now and such.  Probably cuz I have interacted so much with you guys here, and with creatives on this show.  A first for me.

You're a terrific fandom and I hope we can all keep it together moving forward to CAPRICA...VIRTUALITY...BSG 4.5 (in like almost A YEAR FROM NOW, SHOOT) least one BSG telefilm...and beyond.

[[[[[HUGS YOU]]]]]
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Truth be told, I am much more excited about the TV show TRUE BLOOD than about this movie (more on TB later)...but this is one hawt cover!

Tip O' The Hat to Anne Thompson, who in the same article says:

With Comic-Con around the corner (it's the last week of July in San Diego) Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, which doesn't open until December but is already on the cover of EW, is one of the movies sure to pop at the biggest movie launch platform I can think of right now. Is there one bigger?

Cannes is one thing. Sundance and Toronto another. But the impact of Comic-Con on the movie marketplace is huge.

Hallelujah, sister.  I have a lot more to say about Comic-Con...even though (DRAT) I cannot take time off to attend, there are tons of things that I will be covering obsessively for y'all.  Promise.


Jul. 10th, 2008 08:51 am
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Hmm, I see that WoW is finally up and running with lots of content. I stumbled on it because of this totally random BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER reference (from Gail Collins?!? *guffaw*)...but look what's on the front page this morning:

*goes off to poke around the site*

Oooh, they're showing off photos of...THEIR DESKS? The desk meme! LOL. Check out Jane Wagner's desk, I'm frakking jealous -

In related news: this person is starting an LJ comm for fangrrls over 30... [ profile] wisteria_ seems to be thinking the same thing... and LJ's front page just featured this comm for Gen-X'ers called [ profile] genx_xslacker. Let's party grrls!
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"What you don't want is the Bonus Five..."

[Life got you down? A shot of Jason Bateman always helps.]
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Via PopCritics:

"Thanks to my yearly notification of my Sunday NFL Ticket being renewed by Direct TV, I have some pretty great news for all you Friday Night Lights fans out there.

Slipped inside the NFL Ticket envelope was a sweet little advertisement for the NBC high school football series and its premiere date for of October 1st.

The only downside for you non-DTV viewers out there is that it will be shown on DTV channel “The 101″, which is a high-definition station and only available on Direct TV."


ETA: Ausiello is reporting that Smash and Street aren't going to have big parts in S3...BOOOO.  Actually, I was wondering what they would do with Jason, since he's quit coaching and all.  But maaaaaan will I miss the Smash.
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His review of WALL-E...a few excerpts below.

Let oil soar above $140 a barrel. Let layoffs and foreclosures proliferate like California’s fires. Let someone else worry about the stock market’s steepest June drop since the Great Depression. In our political culture, only one question mattered: What was Wesley Clark saying about John McCain and how loudly would every politician and bloviator in the land react?

Unable to take another minute of this din, I did what any sensible person might do and fled to the movies. More specifically, to an animated movie in the middle of a weekday afternoon. What escape could be more complete?


...Indeed, sitting among rapt children mostly under 12, I felt as if I’d stepped through a looking glass. This movie seemed more realistically in touch with what troubles America this year than either the substance or the players of the political food fight beyond the multiplex’s walls.

While the real-life grown-ups on TV were again rebooting Vietnam, the kids at “Wall-E” were in deep contemplation of a world in peril — and of the future that is theirs to make what they will of it. Compare any 10 minutes of the movie with 10 minutes of any cable-news channel, and you’ll soon be asking: Exactly who are the adults in our country and who are the cartoon characters?


One of the great things about art, including popular art, is that it can hit audiences at a profound level beyond words. That includes children. The kids at “Wall-E” were never restless, despite the movie’s often melancholy mood and few belly laughs. They seemed to instinctually understand what “Wall-E” was saying; they didn’t pepper their chaperones with questions along the way. At the end they clapped their small hands. What they applauded was not some banal cartoonish triumph of good over evil but a gentle, if unmistakable, summons to remake the world before time runs out.
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...Hat tip to Trek Movie

[for more stuff like this, check out other vids tagged "Ubiq'window"]
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In its honor, I give you...more vids!

...True Spirit (a tiny taste of most of the things that are great about JOHN ADAMS):

[Hat Tip to Logan for that one...and there's a JOHN ADAMS marathon on HBO this weekend, check it out.]

...Carlos Mencia discusses some of the things he loves most about America: including Sign Spinning Guys, Sassy Black Women, and Dirty Awesome Cougars!

And, for you American moderates and democrats in the hizzy, here is a rundown of Obama and McCain's record on Choice and Women's Issues, courtesy of [profile] obama_2008 . In case the whole thing ain't completely, utterly obvious by now.
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I have to post another one (courtesy [profile] dianora2)...LOL

(There are others out there, including a great one for CHUCK)

OK NBCU - where are the Tim Gunn and BSG ones? Hellboy and...Starbuck? Head Six? Adama?

No. Tigh. It's gotta be Tigh. Hehheheheh.
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I have seen these like 5 gazillion times over the past 2-3 years and they just never, ever get tired. Dang.

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As someone who is a tad obsessed with motion graphics, this site is so cool I almost died. Especially nice is that they are currently featuring two of my recent favorites on the home page: STRANGER THAN FICTION and IRON MAN. It's such a fine art, rarely discussed...think MAD MEN opening credits. Another one of my all-time favorites: the Marvel Films logo.

[HT to that wicked cool librarian in my previous post who cataloged all the TV marathons! Librarians FTW again]
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Hulu has David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY, as well as the classic MEN IN BLACK, up this week!

This guy has made a list of every friggin' TV marathon coming up in the USA! *impressed* (HT Mo Ryan)
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Thanks to my friend [personal profile] warriorpoet, I have a new fanvidder to idolize.  Let's start with his/her fantastic MULHOLLAND DRIVE vid below, which reminds me I am in dire need of a rewatch of this amazing, haunting film.


Jul. 1st, 2008 02:50 pm
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Hey everyone, I'm baaaaack...

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Hullo friends and netneighbors -- I have an bit of flaming fast wifi at the moment, up here in Maine on my vacation, and wanted to share a few vidcam frame grabs with you. I dumped them onto this flickr set with a few descriptive captions.

We were fogged in for a couple of days but yesterday and today have been gorgeous. Take it while you can and live for today! Hope you're all having a good excuse me while I go back out to sit on the deck, drink scotch and contemplate the Meaning of Life.


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